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August 24/09 11:59 am - BC Cup XC #7 results

Posted by Editoress on 08/24/09

Results from the BC Cup XC #7 on August 22/23 in Sun Peaks, B.C

Junior Women (15-18) - 10.2 km
1 Lauren Rosser (Squamish /BC) Team Squamish 00:59:03
2 Jessica Marquis (Sechelt /BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling 01:06:30
3 Kristin Drygas (Squamish /BC) team squamish 01:06:37
4 Maia Kilby (Brackendale /BC) Team Squamish 01:15:52
Junior Men (17-18) - 20.4 km
1 Sebastian Sleep (Gibsons /BC) Rocky Mountain -Different Bikes 01:31:35
2 Jesse Melamed (Whistler /BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path 01:56:31
DNF Jarrad Wilhelm (Brackendale /BC)
DNF Andrew Spahr (Canmore /AB) RMCC/Couloir
DNS Dillon Mennie (Roberts Creek /BC) Sunshine Coast Cycling
Elite Women - 20.4km
1 Sandra Walter (Coquitlam /BC) LOCAL RIDEWOMEN'SMTB 01:38:38
2 Joele Guynup (Victoria /BC) island racing club 01:59:29
3 Christine Lynch (Sechelt /BC) sunshine coast cycling 02:26:24
Elite Men - 25.5 km
1 Sullivan Reed (Prince George /BC) Cycle Logic 01:51:33
2 Drew Mackenzie (Victoria /BC) island racing club 01:55:15
3 Ruedi Schnyder (Gibsons /BC) Kona Bikes 01:55:59
4 Kevin Calhoun (North Vancouver/BC) Rocky Mountain-Different Bikes 01:57:37
5 Seth Wells (Burnaby /BC) Caps Original 01:59:32
6 Andy Traslin (North Vancouver/BC) Steed Cycles 02:01:01
7 Mike Traslin (North Vancouver /BC) Steed Cycles 02:14:48
DNF Thomas Skinner (Victoria /BC) Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized
DNF Coline Kerr (Bowen Island /BC) Rocky Mountain
DNF Michael Jordan (Victoria /BC) Ind
DNS Dwayne Kress (Garibaldi/BC) Ind

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