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Spec Roubaix C4W2 Sept 13

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March 14/10 12:47 pm - Madera County Stage Race: Stage 2, Ash 2nd

Posted by Editoress on 03/14/10

Results from the Madera Criterium on March 13th


1/2 Women
1 Lauren Hecht (Webcor/Alto Velo) 40:38
2 Mary Ellen Ash (Los Gatos)
3 Emily Kachorek (Wells Fargo Racing Team)
4 Karla Kingsley (Third Pillar)
5 Gina Lowe (Touchstone Climbing)
6 Jane Despas (Yahoo Cycling Team)
7 Amy McGuire (Wheelworks Racing)
8 Amanda Seigle (Metromint Cycling)
9 Carol Irving (Touchstone Climbing)
10 Catherine Robertson-Goodkin (Contra Costa Cycling Club)
11 Brianna Hand (Metromint Cycling)
12 Kimberly White (Dolce Vita Cycling)
13 Vanessa Drigo (Touchstone Climbing)
14 Jane Robertson (Metromint Cycling)
15 Laurie Furman (Team iPass)
16 Maura Kinsella (Webcor/Alto Velo)
17 Jennifer Van Muckey (Los Gatos)
18 Heather Pryor (Touchstone Climbing)
19 Beverly Chaney (Team Roaring Mouse)
20 Kimberly Fong (Los Gatos)
21 Kristina Seley (Touchstone Climbing)
22 Anny Henry (Metromint Cycling)
23 Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)
24 Marissa Axell (Touchstone Climbing)
25 Annie Malouin (Wells Fargo Racing Team)
26 Anne Fulton (Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club)
27 Shoshauna Laxson (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic)
28 Janelle Kellman (Dolce Vita Cycling)
29 Kate Ligler (Dolce Vita Cycling)
30 Tracie Nelson (Dolce Vita Cycling)
31 Cody Graf (Wells Fargo Racing Team)
32 Ryan Hostetter (Metromint Cycling)
33 Kim Wik (Team iPass)
34 Susannah Breen (Wells Fargo Racing Team) all s.t.
Pro/1/2 Men
1 Philip Mooney (Yahoo Cycling Team) 1:04:52
2 Ryan Parnes (Yahoo Cycling Team)
3 Patrick Briggs (Yahoo Cycling Team)
4 Ben Jacques-Maynes (BISSELL Pro Cycling)
5 Brian Bosch (Yahoo Cycling Team)
6 Phillip Snodgrass (Wells Fargo Racing Team)
7 James Wingert (Echelon Gran Fondo/Zteam)
8 Mitchell Trux (Metromint Cycling)
9 Filip Vanacht (Yahoo Cycling Team)
10 Unknown
11 Jeremy Vennell (BISSELL Pro Cycling)
12 Maxim Jenkins (Ind)
13 Jesse Moore (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
14 Chris Stastny (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
15 Samuel Pickman (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
16 Charlie Avis (Trek Livestrong U23 Team)
17 Tyler Brandt (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
18 Vincent Owens (Yahoo Cycling Team)
19 Osvaldo Olmos (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized)
20 Paul Mach (Bissell Pro Cycling)
21 Rob Britton (BISSELL pro cycling)
22 Justin Laue (Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM) all s.t.
23 Brandon Trafton (California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized) 0:06
24 Austin Allison (Dogfish Racing Team) 0:45
25 Michael Margraf (Webcor/Alto Velo) 1:12
26 Taylor Bertrand-Barrett (Team NorCal Bike Sport) s.t.
27 John Wilk (Yahoo Cycling Team) 1:17
28 Lawrence Nolan (Team Specialized Racing Masters) 1:19
29 Keith Hillier (Davis Bike Club Race Team) 1:22
30 Frank Marrs (Davis Bike Club Race Team) 1:23
31 Kris Lunning (Above Category Racing)
32 Ian Boswell (Ind)
33 Charles Alexander (Davis Bike Club)
34 Eric Kimbles (ThirstyBear Cycling)
35 Nathaniel English (Echelon Gran Fondo/Zteam)
36 Ethan Atkins (Metromint Cycling) all s.t.
37 James LaBerge (Team Specialized Racing Juniors) 2:06
38 Eamon Lucas (Team Specialized Racing Juniors)
39 Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO)
40 Joshua Carling (Williams Cycling) all s.t.
41 Michael Jasinski (Chico Corsa Cycling Club) 2:11
42 Gregory White (Davis Bike Club Race Team)
43 Kevin Klein (Yahoo Cycling Team)
44 Miles LaMon ( Horse Wines)
45 Christopher Lyman (Team Specialized Racing Masters) all s.t.
46 Katheryn Mattis (Webcor Builders) 2:18
47 Nic Hamilton (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
48 Raffi Jilizian (Form Fitness)
49 Jeffrey Galland (CHICO CORSA/SIERRA NEVADA) all s.t.
50 Nathanael Christensen (Williams Cycling) 2:24
51 Connor Spencer (Metromint Cycling) s.t.
52 Robert MacNeill (Webcor/Alto Velo) 3:44
53 Tim Farnham (BISSELL Pro Cycling) 4:09
54 Alex Brookhouse (Lake Washington Velo) 4:43
55 Peter Taylor (Team Specialized Racing Juniors) 4:49
56 Jason King (Davis Bike Club) 6:44
57 Craig Roemer (Team Specialized Racing Masters) 7:01
58 Alison Starnes (Team Tibco II) 7:08
59 Paul Famiglietti (Prolong Energy) 9:26
60 Megan Guarnier (Team TIBCO) 13:53
61 William (Billy) Crane (Webcor/Alto Velo) 19:03
62 Michael Cordova (Chico Corsa Cycling Club) 22:34
63 Olivia Dillon (Ind) 23:33


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