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August 21/10 21:33 pm - Canadian National and Bromont Open: 4X results and photos

Posted by Editoress on 08/21/10

Results from tonight's Canadian National Championships and Bromont Open 4X in Bromont QC


Photos by Martin Moreau 


Canadian 4X National Championships

1 Anne Laporte (Can)

1 Benoit Rioux (Can)
2 SebasDen Oneil (Can)
3 Harold Woolnough (Can)
4 Kye Walstrom (Can)
5 John Starcevic (Can)
6 Philippe Blanchard (Can)
7 Drew Paulter (Can)
8 Max Zdriluk (Can)
9 James Jeannet (Can)
10 Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)
11 Yann Gauvin (Can)
12 David Dupont (Can)
13 Jeff Faulds (Can)
14 James Frost (Can)
15 Samael Piche (Can)
16 Brandon Cassell (Can)
17 Marc Fontaine (Can)
18 Paul-Andre Tasse (Can)
19 Jordan Lapointe (Can)
20 Frederic Marois (Can)
21 Guibert Onellette (Can)
22 Peter-John Wegrynowski (Can)
23 Jared Riven (Can)
24 Billy Bezeau (Can)
25 Vincent Poliseno (Can)
DSQ Hans Lambert (Can)
DNS Fred Belanger (Can)
DNS Mike Riddell (Can)

Bromont Open 4X

1 Sarsha Huntington (Aus)
2 Anne Laporte (Can)

1 Randal Huntignton (Aus)
2 Benoit Rioux (Can)
3 SebasIen Oneil (Can)
4 Harold Woolnough (Can)
5 Kye Walstrom (Can)
6 John Starcevic (Can)
7 Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Can)
8 Drew Paulter (Can)
9 Max Zdriluk (Can)
10 James Jeannet (Can)
11 Sidney Slotegraaf (Can)
12 Yann Gauvin (Can)
13 David Dupont (Can)
14 Jeff Faulds (Can)
15 James Frost (Can)
16 Samael Piche (Can)
17 Brandon Cassell (Can)
18 Marc Fontaine (Can)
19 Paul-Andre Tasse (Can)
20 Jordan Lapointe (Can)
21 Frederic Marois (Can)
22 Guibert Onellette (Can)
23 Peter-John Wegrynowski (Can)
24 Jared Riven (Can)
25 Billy Bezeau (Can)
26 Vincent Poliseno (Can)
DSQ Hans Lambert (Can)
DNS Fred Belanger (Can)
DNS Mike Riddell (Can)


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