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September 19/10 12:06 pm - Queen's Park Grand Prix: Women's results

Posted by Editoress on 09/19/10

Joelle Numainville (Webcor Builders) wins the Queen's Park Grand Prix held in Toronto on teh Queen's Park circuit. A crash just before the finish line relegated the first rider to cross the line ( Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta Elite Team) and Numainville was awarded 1st place


Women, 60 km
1 Joelle Numainville (Webcor Builders) 1:30:53
2 Leah Guloien (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
3 Suzie Brown (P-K Express/ Hnz Strategy)
4 Michelle Gauthier (7thgroove.Com/Reform Body Clin)
5 Aimee Lynne (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)
6 Claire Michel (Gears & Grinds Kingston)
7 Shelly Mckee (Mazurcoaching/Wheels Of Bloor)
8 Cynthia Nelson (7thgroove.Com/Reform Body Clin)
9 Kaitlin Michener (Team Nanoblur-Gears)
10 Jamie Gilgen (Beaches Cycling Club (Bcc))
11 Tara Kabatoff (Darkhorse Flyers)
12 Cheryl Rondeau (Mazurcoaching/Wheels Of Bloor)
13 Carolyn Cheng (Mazurcoaching/Wheels Of Bloor)
14 Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing)
15 Veronique Labonte (Team Nanoblur-Gears)
16 Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta Elite Team) all s.t.
17 Leigh Hobson (Team Nanoblur-Gears) 0:40
18 Jaonie Caron (Team Nanoblur-Gears) 0:46
19 Krystal Jeffs (Team Nanoblur-Gears) 0:50
20 Anne Guzman (Team Nanoblur-Gears) 0:50


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