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May 22/11 20:20 pm - Canada Cup DH #1 Full Results UPDATED

Posted by Editoress on 05/22/11

Canada Cup Mont-Tremblant DH #1


Sunday May 22nd in Mont-Tremblant QC the first downhill race of the 2011 Canada Cup Series was held, with Andrew Mitchell and Lauren Rosser taking the victory in their respective gender categories. The treacherous 2.3-km course at Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians is a test of rider and machine, and a perfect season opener.

Andrew Mitchell won the men’s race with a time of 4:08.060, while Dean Tennant came second and Yann Gauvin took the third spot.

“The race went well, today's track was tough and gruelling, maybe one of the hardest I've done. I'm hoping to do the rest of the Canada Cup races permitting me as I will be traveling overseas to compete at the remaining World Cups this year,” said Andrew Mitchell, the 2010 Canadian Champion in downhill. “My next race will be the US Open. I am looking forward to this as the competition in this race gets ramped up! With lots if big names...”

In the women’s race, Lauren Rosser sped down the technical course and crossed the line with a time of 4:51.966 for the top spot. Miranda Millar placed second, while Danice Uyseugi took the third position.

“I had a solid run, got through clean and am really happy with getting the win,” said Lauren Rosser, the 2010 Junior World Champion.

In doing so, both winners take the lead of the Downhill Canada Cup series. In total, athletes will fight for the ultimate championship title in three races throughout the season. The Canada Cup Champions will be crowned at the last event of the season in Panorama, BC.

The next Canada Cup race will be held in Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec on May 29, 2011, the second Cross-country race (XCO) of the national series.

Report courtesy CCA


All Women
1 Lauren Rosser*  (Can) BC Provincial Team 4:51.966
2 Miranda Miller (Can) Cycling BC 5:00.938
3 Vaea Verbeeck (Can) indépendant 5:08.189
4 Kristen Courtney (Can) Team AdrenalineRacer/ToWheels 5:17.996
5 Danice Uyesugi (Can) 5:18.174
6 Anne Laplante (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO 5:38.225
7 Jaime Hill (Can) Cycles Lambert 5:45.614
8 Alexandra Lacroix (Can) Lessard Bicycles 6:09.237
9 Genevieve Gagnon (Can) indépendant 6:13.502
10 Claudia Paquin (Can) indépendant 6:46.789
11 Audrée Vaillancourt (Can) indépendant 6:51.438
DNF Margaret Gregory (Can) Bikes, Jett MTB, Maxxis, Fluid Nutrition,Optics
DNS Katherine Short (Can) cove bikes/sombrio
All Men
1 Andrew Mitchell (Can) Dunbar 4:08.060
2 Dean Tennant (Can) Dunbar/Devinci/Elka 4:09.060
3 Yann Gauvin (Can) Lama Cycles 4:10.225
4 Matthew Beer (Can) Freeride MS 4:10.437
5 Hans Lambert (Can) Primary-Trek 4:11.977
6 Rob Fraser (Can) Primary SRAM/TREK 4:12.466
7 Jeffery Bryson (Can) 4:14.101
8 Chris Del Bosco (Can) Cove bikes/Oakley 4:14.524
9 Kyle Sangers* (Can) PerformX/Devinci 4:15.528
10 Remi Gauvin* (Can) PerfromX/Devinci/TroyLee/Spank/ 4:15.752
11 Gavin Vaughan (USA) RM East/Sugarbush/Smith 4:16.631
12 Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory 4:18.267
13 Andy Thibodeau (Can) Gravité Sports / Vélo Chambly 4:18.837
14 Harold Woolnough (Can) Cove Bikes/ Loaded Precision 4:19.361
15 Sidney Slotegraaf (Can) Lapierre Canada 4:19.494
16 Ken Faubert (Can) Dunbar Cycles 4:21.249
17 Chris Barlin (Aus) Renegade cycle/trek bike 4:21.292
18 Riley Suhan* (Can) CyclingBC, Devinci 4:21.304
19 Mathieu Lagrange (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 4:21.750
20 Max Horner* (Can) Cycling BC 4:22.484
21 Adam Morse (USA) RM East/Sugarbush/Smith 4:22.495
22 Bryden Rigets (Can) CCN, SuspensionWerx 4:22.513
23 Jordan Hodder* (Can) SPS/Freeride 4:22.853
24 Kyle Hickey (USA) indépendant 4:22.947
25 Matt Zdriluk (Can) primary/sram/trek 4:23.847
26 Harrison Duxbury-Sleep* (Can) BC Provincial Team 4:25.494
27 Nick Grimm* (Can) 4:26.695
28 Matthew Woods (Can) Gearheads - Specialized 4:27.720
29 Julien Laramée (Can) Cycle Néron /Specialized 4:27.731
30 Charles-Alexandre Dubé (Can) On the edge Canada 4:28.025
31 Tyler Allison* (Can) Marzocchi/Go Pro 4:28.091
32 Franck Kirscher (Fra) Lama Cycles 4:28.361
33 Benoit Rioux (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO 4:28.533
34 Cody Ratte* (Can) Bryson Racing Clan 4:28.676
35 Simon Poirier Giroux (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 4:29.466
36 Jonathan Allard (Can) XPREZO - BORSAO 4:30.167
37 Sheldon Smith* (Can) Freeride Mountain Sports 4:30.288
38 James Jeannet (Can) Transcend Orange 4:30.582
39 Olivier Laprade (Can) Opus/OGC 4:31.103
40 Vincent Tremblay (Can) Devinci 4:31.600
41 Alexandre Conlon (Can) indépendant 4:31.665
42 Benoit Labelle (Can) Lama Cycles 4:33.294
43 William Viens (Can) Sports aux Puces Longueuil 4:33.959
44 Samuel Vallée (Can) Lessard Bicycles 4:34.043
45 Forrest Riesco* (Can) Cycling BC 4:35.018
46 Adam Kral* (Can) Cycling BC 4:35.907
47 Marc Poirier (Can) Sports aux Puces St-Hubert 4:36.021
48 Kip Shortreed* (Can) Cycling BC 4:36.266
49 Guillaume Labrie* (Can) On the edge Canada 4:36.618
50 Félix-Antoine Lessard (Can) Cycle Néron /Specialized 4:37.184
51 Jonathan Lefrançois (Can) Cycle Neron/Specialized 4:37.201
52 Dylan Morley (Can) J&J cycles 4:37.247
53 Samuel Lagrange (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 4:39.567
54 Brad Zdriluk* (Can) Adrenaline Racer/ To Wheels 4:39.620
55 Taylor Rowlands (Can) lapierre 4:39.625
56 Guillaume Laramée (Can) Cycle Néron /Specialized 4:40.388
57 Justin Macknish (Can) Lama Cycles 4:40.398
58 Philippe Ricard* (Can) indépendant 4:40.709
59 Francis Gagnon-Paquin (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ProCycle 4:41.027
60 Matt Nielsen (Can) indépendant 4:41.527
61 Jordan Lapointe* (Can) Sports aux Puces St-Hubert 4:41.548
62 Patrick Paré-Martin* (Can) indépendant 4:41.766
63 Guillaume Lafleur-Smith (Can) indépendant 4:41.925
64 Tyler Paksi (Can) Cyclepath Calgary/ Giant Canada 4:42.075
65 Olivier Bourdeau (Can) indépendant 4:42.203
66 Lachlan McKillop (Aus) Renegade cycle/trek 4:42.545
67 Dominic Toupin (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ 4:42.606
68 Maxime Fortin Faubert (Can) On the edge Canada 4:43.213
69 Michael Hermanovsky (Can) SILENT NORCO RACING 4:43.681
70 Nicolas Konow (Can) Dirt Camp 4:44.619
71 Louis Brochu Marier* (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles/ 4:45.240
72 Adam Finlayson (Can) primary/sram/trek 4:45.423
73 Vincent Poliseno (Can) Sports aux Puces St-Hubert 4:45.627
74 Hugo Rhéaume Lalumière (Can) indépendant 4:45.860
75 Colin Prévost-Lemire (Can) indépendant 4:46.831
76 Philippe Morin* (Can) le yéti 4:48.435
77 Justin Loiselle (Can) On the edge Canada 4:48.866
78 Anthony Evans (Can) Lavan Apparel 4:48.886
79 Jeff Faulds (Can) SILENT NORCO RACING 4:49.158
80 Lawrence Day* (Can) Dirt Camp 4:49.202
81 Dylan Forbes (Can) Freeride MS 4:49.713
82 Bas van Steenbergen* (Can) indépendant 4:50.844
83 Graeme Duff *(Can) Primary/Trek 4:51.832
84 Pierre-Luc Lalonde (Can) Cycle Néron LaPrairie-RMB 4:52.289
85 Terry Leimonis (Can) Cycle Solutions-Angry Johnnys Racing 4:54.780
86 James Frost (Can) Primary SRAM Trek Sweet Petes 4:55.246
87 Kevin Norris (Can) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnnys Racing 4:55.705
88 David Fontaine* (Can) CCS/Dalbix 4:56.283
89 Vincent Lacombe* (Can) Passion Vélos TR 4:57.340
90 William Biname* (Can) Dirt Camp 4:58.079
91 Alex Beaupied* (Can) indépendant 5:02.803
92 Eric Tabah* (Can) 5:05.094
93 Louis-Philippe Mclean* (Can) indépendant 5:05.434
94 Xavier Choquette-Corbeil* (Can) indépendant 5:05.600
95 Alexandre Carbonneau* (Can) indépendant 5:07.151
96 Billy Bezeau-Tremblay* (Can) Sports aux Puces St-Hubert 5:08.773
97 Vincent Ready (Can) Primay SRAM-Trek 5:14.447
98 Benoît Bessette* (Can) indépendant 5:19.091
99 James Samborski* (Can) Dirt Camp 5:19.301
100 Jordan Whicler *(Can) BMC Kamikaze 5:30.757
101 Tarek Ghaleb-Delbello* (Can) 5:33.176
102 Samuel Lepage (Can) indépendant 5:33.414
103 Alexandre Vogel-Robert (Can) indépendant 5:40.763
104 Bretton Thurston* (Can) indépendant 5:52.733
DNF Alistair Pimlott (Can) SILENT NORCO RACING
DNF Steven Gauci (Can) Cycle Solutions
DNF Philippe Bergeron (Can) Cycle Performance
DNF Pierre-Olivier Girardot* (Can) indépendant
DNF Samuel Thibault (Can) Cycles Performance
DNF Cam Hilts* (Can) Oakley/Commencal
DNF Kristofer Evoy* (Can) Cycle Solutions
DNF Jordan Gosteli *(Can) Cycling BC
DNF Sky Gustin* (Can) Cycling BC
DNS Danny Frey* (Can) indépendant



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