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June 30/11 19:03 pm - Road National Championships: Para Tandem ITT full results

Posted by Editoress on 06/30/11

Results from today's Para Tandem ITT championships in Belfountain ON<

Para Tandem B Women, 21.5 km (AS 39.9 kmph) Time Diff
1 Robbi Weldon (B)/Lyne Bessette (Ontario / Quebec) 0:32:19
2 Genevieve Ouellette (B)/Emilie Roy (Equipe du Quebec) 0:33:20 1:01.15
3 Melissa Boisvert (B)/Audrey Sarrazin (Equipe du Quebec) 0:33:35 1:15.83
Para Tandem B Men, 21.5 km (AS 47.4 kmph)
1 Daniel Chalifour (B)/Alexandre Cloutier ( Equipe du Quebec) 0:27:12
2 Alexandre Carrier (B)/Luc Dionne (Equipe du Quebec) 0:28:17 1:05.29
3 Brian Cowie (B)/Ed Veal (BC Blind Sports/La Biccicletta) 0:28:58 1:46.06
4 Stephane Cote (B)/Pierre-olivier Boly (Equipe du Quebec) 0:31:26 4:14.05
5 Jean-francois Crepault (B)/Pierre Boilard (Independent) 0:31:32 4:20.14



Results from the first starts of the morning ITT




Tricycle - T1 and T2, men and women   
1    Marie-eve Croteau (Equipe du Quebec) PWT.2
2    Shelley Gautier (Team Ontario) PWT.1
3    Dominik Maslanka (Bicisport) PMT.2
Handbike - H1, H2, H3 combined   
1    Mark Ledo (Team Ontario) PMH.3
2    Rico Morneau (Equipe du Quebec) PMH.2
3    Robert Labbe (Equipe du Quebec) PMH.1
Standard Bike, C4, men and women   
1    Marie-claude Molnar (Equipe du Quebec) PWC.4
2    Eric Bourgault (Equipe du Quebec) PMC.4
3    Peter King (Independent) PMC.4



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