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July 17/11 19:59 pm - Canadian Open DH: Report and full results, Smith wins, Buchar 2nd

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/11

Vancouver Island’s Steve Smith Wins Canadian Open Downhill at Kokanee Crankworx

Rachel Atherton Finishes Fastest For The Pro Women

Sunday Vancouver Island’s Steve Smith kept the Canadian Open Downhill title on home soil by dominating the notoriously technical course to take first place with a time of 3:00.01. Rachel Atherton (GBR) had the fastest time for the women with a time of 3:34.45.

“The Canadian Open DH is my favourite event at Kokanee Crankworx. After getting a flat on the course last year I was ready to go hard this year,” says Smith. “This track suits my style; it is rough and technical, and one of my favourite trails to ride in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.”

Many thought defending champion Gee Atherton (GBR) would hold onto the title and he felt good in practice but a spill near Heckler’s Rock kept him off the podium. The Canadian Open track was described by many racers as greasy due to rain at the top end of the race, and everyone had something to say about the sea of flesh at Heckler’s Rock where no shirts are the rule and the crowd gets loud and rowdy.

“I went over the bars and I knew it was game over. In a course like this, as soon as you make a mistake, the race is over,” says Gee Atherton.

His sibling Rachel Atherton had better luck and took first. “I am happy to get the race over with,” she said. “It is a gnarly track.”

In the Pro Men category Steve Smith (CAD) took first place with 3:00.01, Andrew Neethling (RSA) with a time of 3:01.52 came in second and Troy Brosnan (AUS) took third with 3:02.68.

In the Pro Women category Rachel Atherton (GBR) took first with 3:34.45; Whistler local Claire Buchar (CAD) came in second with 3:38.75; and Squamish resident Miranda Miller (CAD) got third with 3:38.75.

All of the action lives on

Monday the athletes of Kokanee Crankworx will take a breather with a freeride day but the village-wide expo and demo zone will be hopping. Download the Official Kokanee Crankworx App to stay in the know as all the action goes down.

The next live webcast powered by will be the Garbanzo DH from 3pm-6pm PDT here. Keep up to date on all things Kokanee Crankworx through, and make to follow @crankworx on Twitter.

Crankworx press release



Pro Women Time Diff
1 Rachel Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal 3:34.45 0
2 Claire Buchar (Can) Kovarik Racing 3:38.75 4.30
3 Miranda Miller (Can) SRAM/Santa Cruz 3:50.75 16.30
4 Danielle Beecroft (Aus) Craftworks Bikes 4:12.87 38.42
5 Adrienne Schneider (USA) Troy Lee Designs 4:51.52 1:17.07
6 Manon Carpenter (GBr) Madison Saracen 5:11.21 1:36.76
DNS Holly Feniak (Can) Cove Bikes, Sram
DNS Micayla Gatto (Can) Team Young Guns
DNS Katherine Short (Can) Cove Bikes/Sombri
DNS Sarah Leishman (Can) WMBP Race Team
Pro Men
1 Steve Smith (Can) Devinci 3:00.01 0
2 Andrew Neethling (RSA) Giant Factory 3:01.52 1.51
3 Troy Brosnan (Aus) Monster Specialize 3:02.68 2.67
4 Cameron Cole (NZl) Team Lapierre 3:06.29 6.28
5 Danny Hart (GBr) Giant 3:06.68 6.67
6 Mitch Ropelato (USA) SPS North America 3:08.18 8.17
7 Marcel Gutierrez Villegas (Col) CG Racing Brigade 3:08.40 8.39
8 Jack Reading (GBr) Ellsworth/Oneal 3:10.41 10.40
9 Ben Reid (Irl) Dirt Norco 3:10.75 10.74
10 Sam Blenkinsop (NZl) Team Lapierre 3:11.30 11.29
11 Connor Fearon (Aus) Kona Factory Team 3:11.89 11.88
12 Brendan Fairclough (GBr) Monster Specialize 3:12.40 12.39
13 Dean Tennant (Can) Dunbar Cycles 3:12.60 12.59
14 Eliot Jackson (USA) Yeti/Fox 3:12.72 12.71
15 Kirk Mcdowall (Can) Secret Cycles 3:13.26 13.25
16 Michael Daniels (USA) Royal, Marzocchi 3:13.32 13.31
17 Dan Stanbridge (GBr) Dirt Norco 3:13.70 13.69
18 Curtis Keene (USA) Specialized 3:13.84 13.83
19 Brian Buell (USA) Banshee Bikes 3:14.69 14.68
20 George Brannigan (NZl) Devinci 3:14.90 14.89
21 Cody Warren (USA) DRD/X Fusion 3:15.26 15.25
22 Kevin Aiello (USA) KHS Bicycles 3:15.91 15.90
23 Tim Bentley (RSA) Morewood 3:16.17 16.16
24 Logan Binggeli (USA) KHS Bicycles 3:16.36 16.35
25 Kyle Sangers (Can) Devinci 3:16.43 16.42
26 Bernardo Cruz (Can) Santa Cruz Brazil 3:16.44 16.43
27 Remi Gauvin (Can) PerformX 3:16.94 16.93
28 Duncan Riffle (USA) Giant Factory 3:17.03 17.02
29 Dan Sims (NZl) Dunbar 3:17.52 17.51
30 Chris Kovarik (Aus) Kovarik Racing 3:18.05 18.04
31 Chris Del Bosco (Can) Cove Bikes 3:18.08 18.07
32 Mikey Sylvestri (USA) Specialized 3:18.21 18.20
33 Kenny Smith (Can) Specialized 3:18.46 18.45
34 Tyler Allison (Can) Marzocchi GoPro 3:18.48 18.47
35 Jason Memmelaar (USA) X-Fusion,Intense 3:18.49 18.48
36 Ryan Vanderham (Can) Rocky Mountain 3:19.01 19.00
37 Berend Boer (Aus) WMBP Team/Dakin 3:19.29 19.28
38 Mario Jarrin (Ecu) Zenith bicycles 3:19.34 19.33
39 James Dodds (NZl) Zerode Bikes 3:19.38 19.37
40 Andrew Mitchell (Can) Dunbar, Devinci 3:19.64 19.63
41 Luke Stevens (Can) Ind 3:19.67 19.66
42 Tim Eaton (Aus) Onya Bike 3:19.69 19.68
43 Ryan De La Rue (Can) Ind 3:19.83 19.82
44 Bernard Kerr (GBr) Pivot 3:20.04 20.03
45 Ralph Jones (GBr) Ind 3:20.37 20.36
46 Adriano Digiacinto (Can) Bryson Racing 3:22.06 22.05
47 Bryson Martin Jr (USA) Oakley, Marzocchi 3:23.36 23.35
48 Charlton Durie (Aus) Ind 3:23.76 23.75
49 James McSkimming (Can) WMBP Race Team 3:24.81 24.80
50 Bobby Jr Langin (USA) Borderline Bar 3:25.43 25.42
51 Robert Venables (Can) Dunbar Cycles 3:26.85 26.84
52 Brian Serneels (Can) Cove, Sombrio 3:27.79 27.78
53 Brett Hornfelt (Can) Blackfoot Direct 3:30.04 30.03
54 Gee Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal 3:30.05 30.04
55 Daniel Anderson (Can) Cove Bikes, S/10 3:32.09 32.08
56 Tim Windshuttle (Aus) Thredbo Bike Park 3:33.40 33.39
57 Taehyeok Kang (Can) Ind 3:36.97 36.96
58 Erik Nelson (USA) Commencal 3:38.36 38.35
59 Bryce Stirling (Aus) Barties 3:38.56 38.55
60 Hyun Kang Seok (Can) Ind 3:41.21 41.20
61 Kristian Atkins (USA) Ind 3:46.84 46.83
62 Ken Faubert (Can) Dunbar Cycles 3:54.72 54.71
63 Jerry Knight (USA) Big Tree Bikes 4:19.61 19.60
64 Andre Bretas (Bra) Bike Trilha 4:26.58 26.57
DNF Kim Bishop (Aus) Cognition Bicycles
DNS Luke Garnham (Aus) Ind
DNS Robert Williams (GBr) Team skene
DNS Rhys Willemse (Aus) Giant Australia
DNS Lear Miller (USA) Team Geronimo
DNS Kent Hamilton (Aus) Ogio, Deft, ODI
DNS James Frost (Can) SRAM Trek
DNS Ronny Renke (Bra) Woohoo Riders
DNS Harry Molloy (GBr) Madison Saracen
DNS Mick Hannah (USA) GT Bicycles
DNS Brad Benedict (USA) Specialized
DNS Kevin Bartkowski (Can) Ind
DNS Mikey Haderer (USA) Corsair
DNS Jeff Hunter (Can) Chromag
DNS Kyle Strait (USA) Pivot
DNS Dan Atherton (GBr) Animal Commencal

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