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September 18/11 14:48 pm - Charm City `Cross: Day 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 09/18/11

Results from Day 1 of Charm City `Cross at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday September 17th

Elite Women
1 Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Racing)
2 Laura Van Gilder (C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes)
3 Joyce Vanderbeken (Cycling Team Vermeeren)
4 Arley Kemmerer (C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes)
5 Gabriella Day (Team Scott Contessa)
6 Nicole Thiemann (Team CF)
7 Kristin Gavin (Team Cystic Fibrosis)
8 Carolyn Popovic (Team CF)
9 Erin Silliman (Alan N. America Cycling Team)
10 Patty Buerkle (Va Asset Group p/b Artemis/Trek)
11 Stacey Barbossa (Elite Endurance Training Systems)
12 Katrina Dowidchuk (Team Tbb/Deep Blue)
13 Allyson Tufano (Whcc/Sportif Coaching Group)
14 Emily Shields (Smartstop/Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley)
15 Katherine Shields (Smartstop/Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley)
16 Rebecca Frederick (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lsv)
17 Erin Mascelli (Elite Endurance Training Systems)
18 Brittlee Bowman ( p/b Jra Cycles)
19 Michelle Bishop (Cannondale Cadence Women’S Racing)
20 Elizabeth Harlow (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)
21 Kathleen Wulfkuhle (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)
22 Jennifer Pope (Vanderkitten Racing)
23 Kimberly Dubeck (Trestle Bridge Racing)
24 Kristy Scheffenacker (C3- Athletes Serving Athletes)
25 Angelina Stevens (Garneau Custom p/b Powerbar)
26 Laurel Larsen (November Bicycles CX Experience)
27 Molly Hurford (Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles)
Elite Men
1 Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles)
2 Tom Van Den Bosch (Aa Drink/Leontien.Nl)
3 Mike Garrigan (Lapierre Canada)
4 Eric Brungger (Philadelphia Cyclocross School U19)
5 Tim Van Nuffel (DCM-GB Vorselaar)
6 Bryan Fawley (Orbea USA)
7 Andrew Wulfkuhle (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)
8 Weston Schempf (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes p/b Twenty20 Cycling)
9 Ryan Knapp (Bob’s Red Mill Cyclocross)
10 Travis Livermon (Smart Stop-Mock Orange p/b Ridley)
11 Greg Wittwer (Alan N. America Cycling Team)
12 Lukas Winterberg (Philadelphia Cyclocross School U19)
13 Lukas Muller (Philadelphia Cyclocross School U19)
14 Michael Mihalik (Freddie FU Cycling Team)
15 Josh Johnson (
16 Stephen Cummings (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)
17 Shaun Adamson (Cycle-Smart)
18 Patrick Blair (Adventures For The Cure)
19 Jon Hamblen (Smartstop/Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley)
20 Adam Driscoll (Adventures For The Cure)
21 Nathanael Wyatt (Carolina Fatz Cycling Center Pb Industry Nine)
22 Patrick Bradley (Philadelphia Cyclocross School U19)
23 Alex Ryan (Champion-System/Cannondale)
24 Gerald Adasavage (Bicycle Therapy/Melitta)
25 Steven Ordons (Human Zoom)
26 Noah Niwinski (Carroll Composites Factory)
27 Christopher Consorto (Bikeline)
28 Zachary Semian (Van Dessel Factory Team)
29 Charlie Storm (Storm Racing Team)
30 Thomas Mackay (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)
31 Katriel Statman (Van Dessel Factory Team/West End Bikes)
32 Collin Becker (Race Pace Bike Shop)
33 Gunnar Bergey (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)
Daniel Gerow (Wolverines/ -2 laps
Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/Foundation) -3 laps
Jordan Kahlenberg (Adventures For The Cure/Giant Bicycles) -3 laps
Andrew Shaw (Ncvc / Unitedhealthcare) -4 laps
Gregg Shanefelt (Bob’s Red Mill) -4 laps


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