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January 1/12 12:26 pm - New Year's Eve 'Cross (ON) UPDATED full results

Posted by Editoress on 01/1/12

New Year's Eve `Cross, presented by Midweek Cycling Club, held at King's Mill Park in Toronto on December 31st



Photos by Jon Safka,


Full results

11:15 race – 45 minutes, icy

1 Owen Watson (Sound Solutions)

1 Aly Armstrong (Team CF)
2 Christina Bouchard (Ind)
3 Shannon Ford-Smith (Wild Betty's)
4 Christina Maynell (Beaches CC)

1 Tim Marshall (Ind)
2 David Moore (Darkhorse Flyers)
3 Bret Waghorne (ZM Cycle & Fitness)
4 Kevin Higgins (Morning Glory CC)
5 Chris White (
6 Neil Armstrong (Team CF)
7 James Cook (Canadian Cycling Magazine)
8 Ron Spencer (Velocity Cycle)
9 Ian Gartley (Ind)
10 Nathan Poulton (Ind)
11 Bill Packham (Lapdogs)
12 Tony Whetham (Impala)
13 Alex East (Espoir Laval)
14 Tom Mackay (Ind)
15 Sean Wheldrake (OPUS)
16 David Grose (Bikesports-Pfaff)
17 Bob Haufler (Midweek CC)
DNF Rob Givens (Chain Reaction)
DNF Issac Smith (Darkhorse Flyers)
DNF Ian Merman (Ind)

12:30 race – 60 minutes, muddy

1 Leslie Greene

1 Peter Mogg (Stevens Racing)
2 Derek Hardinge (Nine2fivepro)
3 Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions)
4 Alan Reain (Lapdogs)
5 J.R. Marion (Croix de Fer)
6 Mark Pagell (Team WORC)
7 James Clarke (Caledon Hills Cycling)
8 Mike Peshko (WOB)
9 Rob Givens (Chain Reaction)
10 Niles Vaivars (Ind)
11 Jimmy Bongard (Sound Solutions)
12 Tony Whetham (Impala)
DNF Tommy Waldeck (Short Hills CC)
DNF Jeff Moote (Cyclocrossracing)


12:30 pm Men's start - Jon Safka



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