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January 14/12 19:46 pm - Gore Cable Recall

Posted by Editoress on 01/14/12

An issue has been identified at our supplier which leads us to request that you immediately stop the use of any of Gore's Low Friction Brake or Professional Brake Cables which were installed in a brake lever using the Campagnolo style termination. When the affected cables are installed in a brake lever using the Campagnolo style termination, it is possible that the termination end of the cable may detach from the cable.

We have received only one report of such detachment and no injuries have been reported. However, because the safety and quality of our products is paramount, we are halting sales and initiating a voluntary recall of all affected cables Please note that if the cables were installed using the Shimano/SRAM style termination ends, they are not affected by this recall.

This recall only affects cables sold under the GORE RIDE ON brand and designed to work with Campagnolo group-sets. The recall does not include cable sets manufactured by Campagnolo or any other manufacturer. This recall does not include cables sets sold under the SRAM RED brand or SRAM ALL PRO Brake products.

Please review the following pictures and questions to determine if your brake cables are affected. If you determine your cables are affected, Gore will provide free replacement cables to you.


Does this Recall affect GORE RIDE ON Shift Cable systems?

No - This recall DOES NOT AFFECT ANY of Gore's SHIFT (or DERAILLEUR) CABLES. All of Gore's Sealed Shift Cables, Low Friction Shift Cables, Professional Shift cables, Ultra Light Shift Cables and Extra Long shift cables are NOT included in the Recall.

Does this Recall affect ALL of GORE RIDE ON Brake Cables systems?

No - This recall DOES NOT AFFECT ANY of Gore's SEALED BRAKE CABLES or Gore's EXTRA LONG SEALED BRAKE CABLES. These are not included in the recall.

Does this recall affect the cables on a SRAM RED System?

NO! Gore does not provide brake cables on a SRAM RED System.

What if you do not know which termination was used when a brake cable was installed on your bicycle?

If you do not know which termination was used or if you believe the brake cables were installed using the Campagnolo termination, you should immediately stop using this bicycle and register Here. Gore will provide return and replacement instructions for this cable in the near future.

Can I identify the affected Brake Cables by the packaging?

YES! The Low Friction Brake Cables are in a Black Box and the Profession Brake Cables are in a White box. Here are the affected part numbers:


Note: Retailer recall information can be found Here.


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