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December 6/12 8:59 am - Canadian Cycling History Project Launched

Posted by Editoress on 12/6/12

Kris Westwood, a former member of the national team and now cycling journalist is working on a Canadian cycling history project. On his website, Kris says:

Canada has a big place in the history of cycling but it can be hard to find any information about it.

A few books have been published over the years - Freewheeling: The Story of Bicycling in Canada by William Humber; Old Roads and New by J.B. Wadley; Six Days of Madness by Ted Harper. But the most recent of these was published in 1993, and they’re all out of print.

There are other resources out there, but little of it is available online, and that’s what I’m trying to change with this project.

There are three types of information I’m looking for: Race results, personal stories and contemporary accounts.

So far, I’ve put together a section for race results, and I’ve gathered some newspaper articles on Ottawa’s only 6-day race in 1936. But there’s no way I can gather everything by myself.

If you have race results for any major Canadian events - including provincial championships - please send them to me at, ideally as a spreadsheet, though I’ll take any format.

Visit his website for more information.


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