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December 10/12 12:55 pm - 2012 Canadian Cyclist of the Year Awards - Vote Now

Posted by Editoress on 12/10/12

Welcome to the 16th annual Canadian Cyclist of the Year Awards! Once again, it is time for our readers to cast their votes in our three usual categories, plus one new category:

Canadian Cyclist of the Year - Female
Canadian Cyclist of the Year - Male
Best Individual Performance
Bike Shops of the Year

The rider voting procedure reflects the fact that it can be difficult to select just one athlete to vote for. Instead, you will be able to rank your preferences, with the top rank receiving 5 points, the second receiving 4 points, etc. The athlete (and performance) receiving the highest average "grade" wins.

This year there were so many individual performances by Canadian Cyclists worthy of inclusion (10), that we have decided to present CC Awards to the top three performances, as selected by our readers.

The Canadian Cyclist Bike Shops of the Year allow our readers to nominate their favourite shops. From your votes we will select the top bike shops from across Canada.

Place your vote now!


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