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December 11/12 17:20 pm - Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide - Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 12/11/12

Last year's Gift Guide was extremely well received (see 2011 Gift Guide), so it is time for the 2012 edition, with two weeks left before the big day.

We are going to start off where we finished last year, with a donation or membership to IMBA Canada. For those unfamiliar with IMBA, it is the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and IMBA Canada is our national representative.

IMBA is the organization that works tirelessly on behalf of trail access and education across Canada and around the world. They have full time Trail Care Crews that travel from town to town teaching clinics on trail building and maintenance and working with local groups to improve access to riding areas for all cyclists.

IMBA Canada has Individual and Family memberships, plus Club, Retailer and Corporate versions. They also have various Trail Funds you can donate to, and an Online Store with all sorts of great stuff.





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