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December 19/12 10:12 am - Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide - Day 9

Posted by Editoress on 12/19/12

For Day 9 of the Canadian Cyclist Christmas Gift Guide we want you to give a gift that isn't going to cost you a penny:  Donate your old cycling gear.

Anyone who has been in the sport for a while has almost certainly built up a collection of older equipment that they have replaced with new stuff.  Wheels, tires, shoes, components, cycle-computer, tools, even bikes ... we all have this stuff sitting in the basement gathering dust.

There are groups all across Canada that can make use of it.  They use it to rebuild working bikes for kids, to send abroad where it becomes used to create primary forms of transportation and, in the case of some high end stuff, even to build up a bike for an aspiring young racer.

I know:  it is difficult to let this stuff go, it's yours; maybe you rode it in your first race.  But really, that pair of handlebars that have been sitting in the basement for three years?  C'mon!

Here at Canadian Cyclist we receive numerous samples and test products that the companies don't want back after we have used them (that doesn't include bikes, by the way...).  Tracy, the Editoress, makes a point of bundling them up on a regular basis and turning them over to a group that goes to Cuba every year to build and refurbish bikes.

Check with your local community services groups and your local bike shop; you will be surprised at how many good uses your two year old tires can be put to.

• Toronto - Bikes for Cuba 
• Ottawa - Cycle Salvation 
• Ottawa - re-Cycles 
• Winnipeg - Community Bike Shops 
• Kingston -  Yellow Bike Action 
Assorted Community programs across Canada   some are already listed above



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