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December 22/12 15:45 pm - Cycling BC President Resigns

Posted by Editoress on 12/22/12

Wayne Pomario has confirmed to Canadian Cyclist that he resigned his position as President of Cycling BC last week.  Cycling BC has been through a tumultuous few months recently, with provincial coach Richard Wooles filing suit against the Association, CEO Keith Ryan taking a leave of absence, the Association facing a substantial deficit from the BMX World Cup this year, and a slate of new Directors being elected to the Board at the recent Annual General Meeting.

Pomario, who still had a year remaining on his term, indicated that it was clear that the new Board was looking to move in a new policy direction and that it was likely to be difficult to work with the new members due to trust issues they had with the previous Board.

At this point, the Board can appoint a new President to serve out the remainder of Pomario's term (the Association Bylaw's call for the VP of Road and Track to move into the position as the most senior member of the Board) or call a special general meeting to elect a new President.




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