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May 30/06 10:36 am - Canada Cup XC #2 Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/06

Canada Cup XC #2 Mont Tremblant QC, May 27th
Courtesy FQSC

Elite Men
1. Max Plaxton (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)1:50:44
2. Andrew Watson (Team R.A.C.E. com)at 2:21
3. Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)3:11
4. Neal Kindree (Kona)4:59
5. Tim Heemskerk (Indépendant)5:12
6. Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)5:24
7. Roddi Lega (Norco Factory Team)6:55
8. Kris Sneddon (Kona)7:35
9. Matt Hadley (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)9:42
10. Stefan Widmer (Sugoi/Giant Bicycles)10:13
11. Evan Sherman (United Cycles)10:29
12. Mark Batty (Team R.A.C.E.)11:47
13. Brendan MacIntosh (Trek/Rider s Cycles)12:08
14. David Gagnon (Sportif Bromont)12:43
15. Troy Misseghers (Mountain Bike City)12:53
16. Peter Glassford (Hb Racing inc)13:14
17. Daniel Sessford (Team Schwalbe)16:05
18. Georges-Édouard Duquette (Ind)16:35
19. Mike Northcott (Taupo MTB Club)16:37
20. Matthew Cottrell (On the Edge)16:42
21. Jonathan Boulanger (Specialized)16:54
22. Matthew Greend(Rocky Mountain Business Objects)17:09
23. Bruno Lafontaine (Specialized(Equipe)17:15
24. Craig Richey (Giant/Sugoi)17:33
25. Thomas Skinner (Sugoi/Giant Bicycles)17:56
26. Marc-Andre Daigle (Equipe Record)19:30
27. Ben Dawson (Team Ontario)20:06
28. Jeremy Trudel (Le Yéti)20:18
29. Alexandre Frappier (Biogen Idec)20:55
30. Louis-Remy Marier (SOS Veloski)20:59
31. Alexandre Fortier (IGA Lambert/ACDA)21:53
32. Cory Wallace (Bicisport)22:02
33. Frederic Bussieres (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects)22:32
34. Sébastien Tremblay (Cyclone D'Alma)22:55
35. Léni Gélinas Trudel (Le Yéti)23:54
36. Jean-Francois Vennes24:30
37. Christian Pare (Équipe Xprezo)24:54
38. Karl Tessier (Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)25:01
39. Timothy Carleton (Sport Swap Racing)25:14
40. Cameron Jette (HB Cycling Club)25:20
41. Ismael Dufour Simard (Charlevoix)26:30
42. Thierry Laliberte (Sportif Bromont)28:54
43. Julien Veilleux (Vélo Chambly/ACQ)29:02
44. Vincent Meunier (Lessard Bicycles)30:03
45. Ian McAvity (Bikes and beans)30:03
46. Michael Garrigan (HB Cycling Club)30:29
47. Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing)31:10
48. Jason Duffy (Barrie Cycling Club)31:28
49. Jon Burgess (Kona/Cycles Smith)31:33
50. Éric Morneau33:19
51. Neil Schiemann (Ottawa bicycle club)37:31
52. Steve Lachance (S.O.S. Vélo)2:32:05
53. Paul Ignatiuk (Martin Swiss Cycles)2:34:21
DNF. Etienne Pfeiffer (Martin Swiss C.C.)
DNF. Luc Proulx (Xprezo)
DNF. Justin Price (RNR Sport)
DNF. Ricky Federau (Team R.A.C.E. com)
DNF. Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects)
DNF. Andy Willing (JoJ/tabasco)
DNF. Ian Carbonneau (Indépendant)
DNF. Benoît Simard (Specialized)
DNF. Karl St-Amand (Vélo 2 Max (St-Félicien)
DNF. Sylvain Jean (espresso Sports)
DNF. Jonathan Pageau (CVM Subway-Génétik)
DNF. Jason Rody (arrow racing)
DNF. Adam Morka (Team Ontario)
DNF. Matt Martindill (Cove Factory Team)
DNF. Luc Doiron (Le Pédalier)
Junior Expert Men
1. Alex Harvey (Devinci)1:40:07
2. Francis Morin (Devinci)at 1:13
3. Cody Canning (ERTC/Redbike)3:24
4. Maxime Laflamme (Devinci)4:33
5. Jon Kinsie (Team Ontario)6:49
6. David Fournier (Lessard Bicycles)8:57
7. Zachary Winn (Impala Cycle)10:25
8. Haydn Boucher (Team Ontario)10:47
9. Cory Hancock (Ind)10:48
10. Paul Benson (Alter Ego/Trek)11:42
11. Mathieu Heroux (Indépendant)16:07
12. Marc-Olivier Bouchard (Brunet - La Vie Sportive)16:42
13. Michael Mitchnick (Team Ontario)17:30
14. Olivier Martineau (espresso Sports)19:14
15. Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette22:20
16. Simon Niding-Payette (Académie Lafontaine )22:37
17. Joëël Brais (IGA Lambert/ACDA)27:51
18. Hugo Poirier (SPINOMAX)28:40
19. Benjamin Simard (Beauport)29:19
20. Justin Roy (Accro Vélo)34:03
21. Félix Côté (CVM Val-David)47:33
22. Tim Lavoie (CVM Val-David)47:35
DNF. Jean Philippe Thibault-Roberge (CCS/Dalbix)
DNF. Benoit Faucher (Élite Cycle Outaouais)
DNF. Jacob McClelland (Team Ontario)
DNF. Jasmin Bourque (CVM Val-David)
Elite Women
1. Catharine Pendrel (Norco Factory Team)1:48:50
2. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing Racing/Trek)at 1:30
3. Karen Dewolfe (Cannondale)5:17
4. Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)5:59
5. Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)6:18
6. Julie Sanders (Équipe Xprezo)11:16
7. Meghan Kindree (Rocky Mountain Bicycles)15:22
8. Sue Trimble-Havland (Havy's Bike Shop)17:11
9. Caroline Villeneuve (Brunet-La Vie Sportive)17:31
10. Catherine Vipond (Team Ontario)17:47
11. Sophie Fortin (La Cordée Plein Air)17:56
12. Elsie Torresan (Specialized(Equipe)18:13
13. Kylie Case (Team Ontario)19:44
14. Mathilde Hupin-Debeurme (Norco Pearl Izumi)19:45
15. Anne-Marie Jobin (Xcluziv)21:22
16. Heather Morrissey (3 Rox Racing)22:30
17. Kate Scallion (The cycle Ry)26:17
18. Meagan Stewart (Indépendant)26:21
19. Kathleen Villeneuve (La Cordée Plein Air)26:21
20. Christine Misseghers (Mountain Bike City)26:41
21. Marie Allaire (BioGen Idec)28:37
22. Christy Love (Sugoi Factory Team/Giant Bicycles)28:48
23. Isabelle Jacques (Brunet-La Vie Sportive)29:57
24. Karine Travaillaud (Les Francs Coureurs)32:26
25. Monilee Lloy (Fresh Air Experience)32:41
26. Tricia Spooner (Cycle Logik Racing Team)36:38
27. Julie Melanson (Indépendant)47:33
DNF. Michelle Bellamy (Jamis)
DNF. charlotte klein
DNF. Sarah Coney (Sereno/Cyclelogik)


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