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June 4/06 6:51 am - Cnada Cup XC #3: Elite Men & Women and Junior Expert Men & Women Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/4/06

Canada Cup #3

Sport Swap Canada Cup at Hardwood Hills

Elite Women (36km)
1. Marie-Helene Premont (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)1:53:05
2. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing)at 2:32
3. Kiara Bisaro (Team R.A.C.E.)3:18
4. Catharine Pendrel (Norco Factory Team)5:57
5. Jaqueline Maurao (Federacao do Brasil)9:45
6. Jean Ann Mckirdy (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)10:56
7. Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)13:07
8. Catherine Vipond (Urban Athlete/ Sportswap)16:12
9. Julie Sanders (Equipe du Quebec - Xprezo)17:29
10. Sue Trimble-Haviland (KHS Bicycles Canada)18:32
11. Kylie Case (Urban Athlete/ Sportswap)18:47
12. Meghan Kindree (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)19:09
13. Heather Morrissey (3 Rox Racing)19:22
14. Kate Scallion (The Cyclery)19:23
15. Caroline Villeneuve (EquipeQuebec-brunet/la viespor)19:49
16. Sophie Fortin (Xcluziv)21:22
17. Anne-Marie Jobin (Sportif Bromont)23:53
18. M. Hupin (Specialized)24:18
19. Elsie Torreson ( / Ted Velikonja)25:16
20. Heather Gray (Mountain Bike City)25:41
21. Christine Misseghers (CYCLDELIA)26:38
22. Andrea Bunnin (Jamis NZL)27:06
23. Brenda Clapp (Nelson MTB Club)28:08
24. Michelle Bellamy (SteedCyclesNSA)31:10
25. K.J. Sadler (UtopiaOptics)34:01
26. Isabelle Jacques (EquipeQuebecBrunet/LaVieSp)36:46
27. Charlotte Klein (Corsa Cycles)37:36
28. Sarah Coney (Serono/Cyclelogik)41:28
D N S. Karen DeWolfe
DNF. Monilee Lloy (Fresh Air Experience)
DNF. Melanie McQuaid (Orbea/Saucony/Natures)
DNF. Tricia Spooner (Serono Cyclelogik Racing)
DNF. Susan Stephens (Caboto Velo Club)
DNF. Meagan Stewart (Auckland MTB Club)
Elite Men (45km)
1. Ricky Federau (Team R.A.C.E.)2:04:26
2. Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)at 1:34
3. Derek Zandstra (Scott / 3 Rox Racing)1:40
4. Neal Kindree (Team Squamish)2:00
5. Mike Garrigan (HB C.C./Hardwood Hills)2:17
6. Andrew Watson (Team R.A.C.E.)2:34
7. Raphael Gagne (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)3:43
8. Matthew Hadley (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)4:10
9. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle Racing)4:41
10. Kris Sneddon (Kona Les Gets Factory Team)5:06
11. Mark Batty (Team R.A.C.E.)5:06
12. Matt Martindill (cove factory racing)5:07
13. Eric Drower (Te Awamutu Sports Club NZ)5:51
14. Eric Batty 6:17
15. Adam Morka (Urban Athlete/ Sportswap)6:22
16. Stefan Widmer (Sugoi/Giant Bicycles)6:32
17. Roddi Lega (Norco Factory Team)6:51
18. Troy Misseghers (Mountain Bike City)7:24
19. Frederic Bussieres (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)8:19
20. Brendan MacIntosh (Trek/Rider's Cycles/Kenda/LX)9:00
21. Michael Northcott (Taupo MTB Club)9:23
22. Benoit Simard (Equipe Quebec / Specialized)9:36
23. Peter Glassford (HB Cycling Club)10:12
24. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)10:25
25. Leni Trudel (Le Yeti)10:27
26. Bruno Lafontaine (Specialized)10:32
27. Tristan Galbraith (Dropmachine/Commencal)12:32
28. Matthew Green (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)13:38
29. Ian Mcavity (Bikes and Beans)13:55
30. Jonathan Boulanger (Specialized)15:27
31. David Gagnon (EquipeQuebec,Sportif Bromont)15:51
32. Cameron Jette (HB Cycling Club)16:07
33. Danny Souter (Cycle
34. Timothy Carleton (Sport Swap Racing)16:41
35. Tim Madgwick (Serotta, Smith)17:06
36. Graydon Raymer (CCHCHRIS.CATEDVELIKONJA)17:18
37. G-Edouard Duquette (Equipe Quebec-Cannondale/Base)17:36
38. Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing)17:36
39. Marc-Andre Daigle (xclusiv)17:43
40. Jason Duffy (Barrie Cycling Club)17:51
41. Alexandre Fortier (IGA Lambert)18:08
42. Alexandre Frappier (Biogen Idec)18:32
43. Stuart Alp (Caboto Velo Club)18:54
44. Ryan Edwards (Team Squamish)18:58
45. Shane Hollingshead (Barrie Cycling Club)18:59
46. Michael Dennis (Speed
47. Ben Dawson (Impala Bicycles)20:46
48. Matthew Cottrell (ON THE EDGE RACE CLUB)21:02
49. Daniel Sessford (Icycle Sport, Schwalbe Tires)21:59
50. John vanArragon (Hub Bicycle Club)22:21
51. Matthew Fawcett (Race / Momentum)22:30
52. Neil Schiemann (Ottawa Bicycle Club)24:21
53. Cory Wallace (Bicisport)25:13
54. Robert Pinet 26:17
55. Wai-Ben Wong (Frank's Red Hot Racing)27:11
56. Timur Maltaric 28:13
57. Dustin Gordon (Team Whistler/Nature's Path)28:35
58. Justin Hines (St.Catharines Cycling Club)29:08
DNF. Allan Bennetto (Reynold / Trek)
DNF. Jonathan Burgess (KONA/CYCLESMITH.CA)
DNF. Doug Devine (Reynold / Trek)
DNF. Luc Mahler (Wallace Precision cycles)
D N S. Dan Marshall (Cyclepath Markham)
DNF. Jason Rody (Arrow Racing)
DNF. Jerome Samson (Sweet Pete`s)
DNF. Thomas Skinner (SugoiFact.Team/GiantBicycles)
DNF. Sebastien Tremblay (SPECIALIZED (Equipe))
DNF. Andrew Willing (J & J Cycle / Tabasco)
DNF. Adam Lucas (Sweet Pete's)
DNF. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo)
DNF. Scott Holmes (HB Cycling Club)
DNF. Robert Halpin (Bikeface)
Junior Expert Women (27km)
1. Emily Batty (Gears Bike Shop Club)1:33:20
2. Kaitlin Michener (Arrow Racing/Team Ontario)at 2:39
3. Alex Hamelin Gelinas (Equipe Quebec/Cycle Outaouais)6:15
4. Emilie Beaumont (Equipe du Quebec)8:09
5. Mikaela Kofman ( / Ted Velikonja)8:09
6. Marie-C. Surprenant (Drop Machine Commençal)8:28
7. Kylie Morin (TeamSask/Bruce'sCycleWorks)24:57
8. Kelsey Dool (Blacksheep MTB)28:18
DNF. Laura Cazzola (Sporting Life)
DNF. Meghan Dixon (3Rox Racing)
Junior Expert Men (36km)
1. Francis Morin (Equipe du Québec - Devinci)1:48:39
2. Paul Benson (Manitoba/ Alter Ego/ Trek)at 3:51
3. Michael Mitchnick (Urban Athlete/ Sportswap)3:55
4. Cody Canning (ERTC/Redbike)4:18
5. Zac Winn (Impala Bicycles)5:00
6. Maxime Laflamme (Devinci)5:36
7. Andrew Thomas (Lumsden Bike Club)5:46
8. David Fournier (Quebec/club Lessard bicycles)7:15
9. Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing)9:46
10. Jon Kinsie (Arrow Racing)10:24
11. Haydn Boucher (3 Rox Racing)10:33
12. Matthew McCartney (J & J Cycle / Tabasco)11:43
13. J-P Thibault-Roberge (EquipeQuebec CCS/Dalbix)12:23
14. Len Valjas (Coach Chris)14:51
15. Davey Wright 15:25
16. Jacob McClelland (Team Hardwood)17:19
17. William Urton (Rock &Roads Cycling)19:37
18. Dave Sokolowski 20:30
19. Joseph Cox 21:39
20. Felix Cote (Val-David)27:17
21. Iain Mackenzie 29:27
22. Kyle Fry (Team Hardwood)35:53
23. Marc St. John (Maple leaf)38:06
DNF. Michael Somppi (Blacksheep)
D N S. Timothy Crosby ( Ted Velikonja)
DNF. Matthias Purdon (Arrow Racing)
DNF. Matthew Stein (Caboto Velo Club)


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