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June 16/06 4:56 am - Tour de Beauce: Stage 4a

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/06

Tour de Beauce Quebec

Photos part one, Part two from this morning's ITT

As expected, Navigators recovered from the momentary lapse of attention which saw them lose the yellow jersey on Wednesday at the Tour de Beauce to regain the top position in the 15 kilometre time trial stage this morning. Danny Pate (TIAA-CREF) continues to impress with a strong win in the stage, but Valeriy Kobzarenko's second place, 16 seconds behind Pate, was enough to move him back into the lead, after Stefan Parinussa (Sparkasse), the former leader, could manage no better than 23rd. Pate's excellent ride moved him up to second overall, 16 seconds behind Kobzarenko.

The weather continues to be "un-Beauce-like", meaning sunny and warm - regular attendees are used to cold, wet conditions. However, the gusting wind and rolling climbs made this a tough course. "It was hard on the way out" admitted Pate. "The uphill and the headwind meant you had to fight the whole way. And then, the tailwind on the way back meant that everyone was at top speed on the downhills, so there wasn't much chance to make up time there. I had a good ride, just balancing it so you never go too hard and blow up."

Kobzarenko agreed with this analysis: "The wind was a problem on the way out, for sure. I only went 90% on the first hill because I wasn't sure if I could keep it up at 100% the whole way after being in the front for so long yesterday. Afterwards I thought that I could maybe have gone faster, but you don't know at the time."

Kobzarenko's team mate Sergey Lagutin finished third, 33 seconds behind Pate, with Canadian national time trial champion Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) 4th; a bare six-hundredths in front of Glen Chadwick (Navigators). Tuft has been struggling up until this point, taking antibiotics for a respiratory infection picked up in El Salvador, and just off a plane from the Pan Am cycling championships in Brazil. However, he is finally starting to regain the form which saw him finish second to Nathan O'Neill last year at Beauce.

"The doctor told me that I could expect to see an improvement after seven days (of antibiotics), and today is the seventh day! It is starting to come around, and I'm happy with fourth - I was fed up with feeling so terrible. When I got on the bike this morning I rode hard to the start, and felt like I had gas in the tank."

Beauce still has two hard circuit races (plus a criterium which doesn't count towards GC this evening), so does Pate think he might have a chance to erase his 16 second deficit? "I would have to have a really good last couple of days. Anything's possible, but they have a strong team, so it will be a tall order to do it."

Race Notes

- Navigators currently holds all jerseys except the Young Rider (Brent Bookwalter - Priority Health), plus has a commanding eight minute lead over Tecos Trek VH in the team standings. No one at the race organization can remember that last time one team was so dominant.

- The David O'Loughlin (Navigators) "did he abandon or was he disqualified?" story from stage 3 has been somewhat resolved. According to team manager Ed Beamon, he was told by the chief commissaire during the stage that "either he (O'Loughlin) is out or you (Beamon) are" for admittedly blatant drafting and assistance. Beamon pulled O'Loughlin, but admitted afterwards he should have left the rider in and gone to the Race Jury afterwards. "Once he stopped riding that was it, there was nothing we could do." A member of the Commission said "From our perspective, the rider abandoned the race, so there is nothing to discuss", while Beamon was muttering darkly about "Commissaire mafiosi tactics." Stay tuned for another installment of As the Wheel Turns...

- Svein Tuft said that knowing the course certainly helped (he finished second to O'Neill on the same time trial circuit last year), but a bigger factor in doing well was having a powermeter to measure effort. "With a short time trial like 15 kilometres there is no conserving, you've just got to give 'er. Powermeters come in very handy, so you can make sure you are always on pace - I know some guys went out too hard on the outward section and blew up. Even on the descents (coming back) you've got to push it, and a meter can make sure you do that."

Tuft says that the team has abandoned hopes of a high GC result (highest placed is Christian Meier in 33rd, 11 minutes back) and "we're going for stages now."

Stage 4a: Saint-Jean-De-La-Lande ITT, 15Km
1. Danny Pate (USA) TIAA-CREF20:40
2. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigatorsat 0:16
3. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators0:33
4. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics0:36
5. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigatorss.t.
6. Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health0:51
7. Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity1:02
8. Brent Bookwalter (USA) Priority Health1:08
9. Phillip Cortes (Can) Garneau - Optik1:09
10. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH
11. Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifruttaboth s.t.
12. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity1:14
13. Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National Teams.t.
14. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators1:15
15. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators1:18
16. Russel Downing (GBr) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed1:20
17. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigatorss.t.
18. Bryan Smith (USA) TIAA-CREF1:23
19. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasions.t.
20. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH1:26
21. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion1:28
22. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics
23. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Sparkasseboth s.t.
24. Edward King (USA) Priority Health1:31
25. David Veilleux (Can) Garneau - Optik1:32
26. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravellos.t.
27. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH1:44
28. Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity1:46
29. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion1:49
30. Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau - Optik
31. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.1:52
32. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Can) Calyon-Litespeed1:54
33. Brian Sheedy (USA) Priority Health2:03
34. Tony Mann (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello2:04
35. Bruno Langlois (Can) Canadian National Teams.t.
36. Jairo Salas Atehortua (Col) Colombia Es Pasion2:07
37. Thorben Wieditz (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.2:08
38. Derek McMaster (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.2:11
39. Hector Rangel Zimarron (Mex) Tecos Trek VH2:13
40. Peter Sanowar (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.2:15
41. Peter Dawson (Aus) South - AIS2:18
42. Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Canadian National Team2:19
43. Greg Reain (Can) Canadian National Team2:20
44. Kevin Miller (Can) Fiordifrutta2:24
45. Christopher Rozdilsky (USA) Fiordifrutta2:25
46. Brendan Brooks (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello2:28
47. Peter John Herzig (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello2:31
48. Michael Ford (Aus) South - AIS2:32
49. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics2:33
50. Sean Finning (Aus) South - AIS2:35
51. Dan Timmerman (USA) Fiordifruttas.t.
52. Darren Shea (NZl) New Zealand national team2:36
53. David Harrigan (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed2:39
54. Francois Parisien (Can) TIAA-CREF2:42
55. Zachary Garland (Can) Équipe Du Québec2:49
56. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Calyon-Litespeed2:50
57. Raphaël Tremblay (Can) Volkswagen Trek2:52
58. Cameron Jennings (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed2:53
59. Simon Kelly (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn2:54
60. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetricss.t.
61. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon-Litespeed2:55
62. Condor Murphy (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyns.t.
63. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH2:56
64. Morgan Fox (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn3:00
65. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) South - AIS3:03
66. Jamie Lamb (Can) Garneau - Optik3:05
67. Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen Trek3:06
68. Mitsuteru Tanaka (Jpn) Aisan Racing Teams.t.
69. Diego Montoya (Col) Colombia Es Pasion3:13
70. Tom Flammang (Lux) Sparkasse3:14
71. David O'Brien (Can) Équipe Du Québec3:15
72. Cody Stevenson (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello3:18
73. Jean-Sébastien Beland (Can) Volkswagen Trek3:20
74. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Équipe Du Québec3:21
75. Timo Honstein (Ger) Sparkasse3:22
76. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH3:24
77. Bernie Sulzberger (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed3:28
78. Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Altipowers.t.
79. Niek Asbroek (Ned) Altipower3:29
80. Richard Faltus (Cze) Sparkasses.t.
81. William Frischkorn (USA) TIAA-CREF3:31
82. Kane Oakley (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeeds.t.
83. Daniel Maggiacomo (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.3:32
84. Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team3:35
85. Derek Burke (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn3:36
86. Christian Lademann (Ger) Sparkasse3:37
87. Sebastian Frey (Ger) Sparkasse3:38
88. Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen Trek3:46
89. Ian Macgregor (USA) TIAA-CREF3:47
90. Satoshi Hirose (Jpn) Aisan Racing Teams.t.
91. Matthew White (USA) Fiordifrutta3:52
92. Alexi Richer (Can) Équipe Du Québec3:55
93. Philippe Abbott (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.3:58
94. Jacob P. Erker (Can) Symmetricss.t.
95. Miles Olman (Aus) South - AIS3:59
96. Koki Simbo (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team4:06
97. Ger Soepenberg (Ned) Altipowers.t.
98. Thijs Poelstra (Ned) Altipower4:08
99. Alexandre Lavallée (Can) Garneau - Optik4:14
100. Ken Akita (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team4:16
101. Martin Lazarski (Can) Canadian National Team4:17
102. Brandon Crichton (Can) Symmetrics4:18
103. Joshua Gewirtz (USA) Fiordifrutta4:30
104. Pim Van Den Berg (Ned) Altipower4:31
105. Neil Shirley (USA) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravitys.t.
106. Stefan Loffler (Ger) Sparkasse4:45
107. Ryan MacKenzie (Can) Volkswagen Trek4:52
108. Alexis Rojas Dias (Col) Colombia Es Pasion5:11
109. Frank Wierstra (Ned) Altipower5:39
1. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators12:41:49
2. Danny Pate (USA) TIAA-CREFat 0:16
3. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators0:22
4. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Sparkasse0:40
5. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH1:47
6. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH2:48
7. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators3:13
8. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH3:59
9. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion4:06
10. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion4:32
11. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.4:47
12. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion5:04
13. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity5:16
14. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators5:51
15. Brent Bookwalter (USA) Priority Health6:11
16. Jairo Salas Atehortua (Col) Colombia Es Pasion6:37
17. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators6:48
18. Edward King (USA) Priority Health7:05
19. Russel Downing (GBr) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed7:07
20. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH7:25
21. Brendan Brooks (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello7:40
22. Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta9:13
23. Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Canadian National Team9:15
24. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Équipe Du Québec9:22
25. Phillip Cortes (Can) Garneau - Optik9:36
26. Cameron Jennings (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed10:09
27. Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau - Optik10:19
28. Diego Montoya (Col) Colombia Es Pasion10:27
29. David Veilleux (Can) Garneau - Optik10:28
30. Bernie Sulzberger (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed10:36
31. Zachary Garland (Can) Équipe Du Québec10:41
32. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) South - AIS10:49
33. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics10:58
34. Jamie Lamb (Can) Garneau - Optik10:59
35. Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity11:09
36. Derek McMaster (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.11:19
37. William Frischkorn (USA) TIAA-CREF11:35
38. Francois Parisien (Can) TIAA-CREF11:36
39. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello13:30
40. Simon Kelly (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn13:34
41. David Harrigan (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed13:58
42. Bryan Smith (USA) TIAA-CREF14:15
43. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH15:11
44. Miles Olman (Aus) South - AIS15:44
45. Bruno Langlois (Can) Canadian National Team15:52
46. Kevin Miller (Can) Fiordifrutta16:05
47. Mitsuteru Tanaka (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team16:19
48. Kane Oakley (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed16:24
49. Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National Team17:07
50. Ger Soepenberg (Ned) Altipower18:16
51. Richard Faltus (Cze) Sparkasse18:24
52. Ian Macgregor (USA) TIAA-CREF19:13
53. Dan Timmerman (USA) Fiordifrutta19:32
54. Peter Dawson (Aus) South - AIS20:24
55. Satoshi Hirose (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team20:26
56. Hector Rangel Zimarron (Mex) Tecos Trek VH20:49
57. Jacob P. Erker (Can) Symmetrics20:58
58. Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity21:06
59. Brian Sheedy (USA) Priority Health21:07
60. Takeaki Ayabe (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team21:08
61. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics21:17
62. Koki Simbo (Jpn) Aisan Racing Team21:25
63. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics21:45
64. Michael Ford (Aus) South - AIS22:40
65. Peter John Herzig (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello24:15
66. Raphaël Tremblay (Can) Volkswagen Trek24:43
67. Thorben Wieditz (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.24:54
68. Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Altipower26:14
69. Timo Honstein (Ger) Sparkasse26:26
70. Niek Asbroek (Ned) Altipower29:14
71. Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health30:12
72. Tony Mann (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello30:34
73. Matthew White (USA) Fiordifrutta30:57
74. Greg Reain (Can) Canadian National Team31:51
75. Jean-Sébastien Beland (Can) Volkswagen Trek32:25
76. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Calyon-Litespeed34:07
77. Philippe Abbott (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.35:30
78. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators40:24
79. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics40:25
80. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Can) Calyon-Litespeed41:18
81. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon-Litespeed41:18
82. Sebastian Frey (Ger) Sparkasse42:59
83. Cody Stevenson (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello43:48
84. Tom Flammang (Lux) Sparkasse45:44
85. David O'Brien (Can) Équipe Du Québec48:38
86. Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen Trek50:37
87. Thijs Poelstra (Ned) Altipower51:29
88. Darren Shea (NZl) New Zealand national team52:39
89. Christian Lademann (Ger) Sparkasse53:42
90. Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen Trek54:45
91. Christopher Rozdilsky (USA) Fiordifrutta56:38
92. Peter Sanowar (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.59:03
93. Condor Murphy (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn59:47
94. Alexi Richer (Can) Équipe Du Québec1:00:43
95. Sean Finning (Aus) South - AIS1:03:50
96. Derek Burke (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn1:03:56
97. Daniel Maggiacomo (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.1:10:23
98. Morgan Fox (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn1:11:02
Points GC
1. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators54 pts
2. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators53
3. Danny Pate (USA) TIAA-CREF46
4. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Sparkasse41
5. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH31
6. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH29
7. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion23
8. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators21
9. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH18
10. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion16
11. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity14
12. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.13
13. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators13
14. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics12
15. Jairo Salas Atehortua (Col) Colombia Es Pasion11
16. Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health10
17. Brent Bookwalter (USA) Priority Health9
18. Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity9
19. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion8
20. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators8
21. Sebastian Frey (Ger) Sparkasse7
22. Phillip Cortes (Can) Garneau - Optik7
23. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Équipe Du Québec5
24. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators5
25. Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta5
26. Edward King (USA) Priority Health4
27. Russel Downing (GBr) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed3
28. Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National Team3
29. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH2
30. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics2
31. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH2
32. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) South - AIS1
33. Kevin Miller (Can) Fiordifrutta1
34. Richard Faltus (Cze) Sparkasse1
Mountains GC
1. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators55 pts
2. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion35
3. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH29
4. Danny Pate (USA) TIAA-CREF29
5. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators27
6. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello25
7. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators21
8. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Sparkasse18
9. William Frischkorn (USA) TIAA-CREF15
10. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH9
11. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion9
12. Hector Rangel Zimarron (Mex) Tecos Trek VH8
13. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Can) Calyon-Litespeed8
14. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators7
15. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion7
16. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH6
17. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.6
18. Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Altipower6
19. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators6
20. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity4
21. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH4
22. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators3
23. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH3
24. Peter John Herzig (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello2
25. Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health2
Team GC
1. Navigators Insurance38:06:19
2. Tecos Trek VHat 8:07
3. Colombia es Pasion12:12
4. Team TIAA-CREF19:10
5. DFL-Cyclingnews-Litespeed24:57
6. FRF Couriers - Caravello25:14
7. Garneau - Optik26:52
8. Priority Health Cycling32:19
9. Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.32:56
10. Symmetrics35:41
11. Jittery Joe's - Pb Zero Gravity36:39
12. Canadian National Team39:20
13. Fiordifrutta43:26
14. South Australia.Com-AIS44:10
15. Team Sparkasse44:21
16. Aisan Racing Team51:26
17. Altipower1:07:46
18. Équipe Du Québec1:07:49
19. Volkswagen Trek1:43:16
20. Calyon-Litespeed1:44:08
21. Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn2:15:49


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