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June 17/06 7:57 am - Tour de Beauce: Stage 5 Report & Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/17/06

After a day like yesterday, when everything was almost perfect for Navigators at the Tour de Beauce, today's race saw two members of the team involved in a potentially serious accident with a car that wandered onto the course. Mark Walters and Glen Chadwick were at the front of the peloton setting tempo on the third lap to keep a six rider breakaway in check, when a car ignored traffic cones and swerved out beside them. Chadwick managed to avoid going down, but Walters was sandwiched between Chadwick and the car and had nowhere to go. The Blue Jersey holder (Top Canadian) went down, bruising his tailbone. Although Walters was able to complete the shortened race when it was restarted, he could not stay with the front group, and lost his jersey to Christian Meier (Symmetrics). Russell Downing (DFL-Cyclingnews) won the shortened stage, but there were no changes to the top GC positions.

The ten lap, 12.5 kilometre circuit race through Quebec City featured a steep climb on each lap, and strong headwinds on the upper portion of the course. The first two laps saw the field all together, but early in the third lap a group of eight riders managed to break free - Richard Faltus (Sparkasse), Ian McGreggor (TIAA-Cref), Tony Mann (FRF), Svein Tuft (Symmetrics), Andrew Randell (Symmetrics), Michael Ford (, Eric Boily (Volkswagen Trek) and Jarley Hernandez (Colombia Es Pasion). The only rider of concern to Navigators was Hernandez, 4:32 back.

By the end of the lap the gap was 35 seconds, and the group was down to six - Randell and last night's criterium winner Faltus had been dropped. The rest of the group seemed to be working well together, and it appeared Navigators was happy to let the break dangle off the front. However, it was just before the descent that the car came onto the course, leading to the race stoppage.

"Glen and I were at the front, setting tempo" explained Walters. "We were happy to let the break get a minute or two. Then the car came out beside us and I was caught between Glen and the car. I guess I touched Glen's back wheel or something as I was getting squeezed and went down hard, hitting my tailbone."

The rest was delayed while riders discussed their concerns about the course with the organizers - particularly a section of the Grand Allee boulevard where the racers headed in both directions, separated only by traffic cones, which the riders successfully campaigned to have removed.

"It was too narrow there" said second overall Danny Pate, "people were getting squeezed out into the cones and banging into each other. After they were removed it was much better."

The officials restarted the race for five laps, with the original break of six sent off 40 seconds in front of the field. The break worked steadily, taking the lead up to over a minute, but it began to drop in the final lap and a half, under pressure from attacks by the Mexican Tecos Trek Vh and Colombia es Pasion teams, which forced Navigators to chase.

"They must have been going hard behind us" commented Tuft, "because we were all working in front. It seemed pretty steady until right at the bottom of the final climb, when I turned around and saw the peloton for the first time."

Pate confirmed this: "There were a lot of guys attacking; it was pretty aggressive. Navigators did a good job, but sometimes they started to come apart - Tecos almost blew Navigators up at one point, with only (Cesar) Grajales up there with Lagutin and Kobzarenko. I was going to try and get away with anyone I could, but it just didn't happen."

The chase had splintered the field, and with two laps to go there were approximately 25 riders left in the front chase group, including all the top riders and jersey holders - with the exception of Walters.

"After we started again I didn't have it on the climb, so I couldn't stay with the front group when it split up. I didn't know who was ahead of me, but I just felt bad enough that it didn't really matter anymore."

Meier was there, and only 5:07 behind Walters, however, he hadn't thought about the Blue Jersey. "I wasn't thinking about the jersey at all, because I was pretty far down on the classification. But I made the split (in the field) and Mark didn't, so after the stage we just sat and watched the clock tick down. Obviously, it is good to have the jersey, but we definitely didn't want to benefit from Mark's misfortune."

Hernandez took the KoM points in the break group, enough to take the Climber's jersey from Sergey Lagutin (Navigators), leaving Navigator's the Yellow and Points (Lagutin) jerseys, losing the Climber and Blue jerseys overnight.

In the final climb, after the break was caught, Kobzarenko, Pate, Lagutin, Stefan Parinussa (Sparkasse) and various Colombian riders launched attacks, splintering the group over the steepest sections. As the remnants came back together on the top for the final run into the finish, Russell Downing launched a well timed attack with 400 metres to go, catching everyone by surprise and managing to hold on long enough to pip Lagutin and Peter Hatton (Jittery Joe's p/b Zero Gravity) at the line.

"Today was perfect, really" said Downing. "Pate attacked the Yellow, who countered and it broke things up. I rode within myself on the steep sections and then got back on over the top. It suits me to have 20-30 guys in the sprint - guys that can climb - because I can get over the climb and sprint as well. It was a downhill sprint, so I knew you had to get a gap, and once I had the momentum they weren't coming by me."

Race Notes

- Tomorrow's final stage will keep the pressure on Navigators, who lost David O'Loughlin on stage 3 , and now look like they may have lost the services of Mark Walters. The stage is a circuit race through the host town of St Georges - an 11 kilometre circuit covered 12 times, with a 2.8 kilometre climb that averages out to between 9% and 10%.

- Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics) was the top Canadian on the stage, in fourth. "Our week keeps getting better and better. I just tried to go as hard as i could on the climb. There were the two Navigators (Kobzarenko and Lagutin) away with Parinussa, and I rode the waves of riders that were going up the climb. Downing jumped just before the rise and the downhill to the finish and got the momentum, so no one was able to get on his wheel. What he did was perfect.

- Lagutin moves ahead of Pate into second in the general classification after time bonuses are counted. Lagutin is 15 seconds behind his team mate Kobzarenko, with Pate at 18 seconds.

Stage 5: Québec City Circuit, 125 km
1. Russel Downing (GBr) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed2:33:08
2. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance
3. Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity
4. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics
5. Miles Olman (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS
6. Danny Patte (USA) TIAA-CREF
7. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH
8. Brent Bookwalter (USA) Priority Health Cycling
9. David Harrigan (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed
10. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS
11. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH
12. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion
13. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity
14. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators Insurance
15. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Team Sparkasse
16. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators Insurance
17. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH
18. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics
19. Cameron Jennings (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed
20. Brian Sheedy (USA) Priority Health Cyclingall s.t.
21. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion0:08
22. Ian Macgregor (USA) TIAA-CREFs.t.
23. Michael Ford (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS0:14
24. Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta0:20
25. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion
26. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH
27. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.all s.t.
28. Brendan Brooks (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello0:22
29. Tony Mann (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello0:48
30. Satoshi Hirose (Jap) Aisan Racing Team
31. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance
32. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators Insuranceall s.t.
33. Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen Trek0:51
34. Tom Flammang (Lux) Team Sparkasse
35. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetricsboth s.t.
36. Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity1:43
37. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH4:21
38. Peter Dawson (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS5:57
39. Hector Rangel Zimarron (Mex) Tecos Trek VHs.t.
40. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello12:09
41. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Insurance
42. Kevin Miller (Can) Fiordifrutta
43. Mitsuteru Tanaka (Jap) Aisan Racing Team
44. Philippe Abbott (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.
45. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Calyon-Litespeed
46. Niek Asbroek (Ned) Altipower
47. David Veilleux (Can) Garneau - Optik
48. Jamie Lamb (Can) Garneau - Optik
49. Francois Parisien (Can) TIAA-CREF
50. Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen Trek
51. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Équipe Du Québec
52. Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau - Optik
53. Peter John Herzig (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello
54. Diego Montoya (Col) Colombia Es Pasion
55. Jairo Salas Atehortua (Col) Colombia Es Pasion
56. Simon Kelly (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn
57. Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health Cycling
58. Edward King (USA) Priority Health Cycling
59. Matthew White (USA) Fiordifrutta
60. Peter Sanowar (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.
61. Phillip Cortes (Can) Garneau - Optik
62. Raphaël Tremblay (Can) Volkswagen Trek
63. Bryan Smith (USA) TIAA-CREF
64. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Can) Calyon-Litespeed
65. Derek McMaster (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.
66. Jacob P. Erker (Can) Symmetrics
67. Bruno Langlois (Can) Canadian National Team
68. Thorben Wieditz (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.
69. Richard Faltus (Cze) Team Sparkasse
70. Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Canadian National Team
71. Timo Honstein (Ger) Team Sparkasse
72. Greg Reain (Can) Canadian National Team
73. Morgan Fox (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn
74. Ger Soepenberg (Ned) Altipower
75. Condor Murphy (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn
76. Cody Stevenson (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello
77. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics
78. Kane Oakley (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed
79. Bernie Sulzberger (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed
80. David O'Brien (Can) Équipe Du Québec
81. Sean Finning (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS
82. Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National Team
83. Jean-Sébastien Beland (Can) Volkswagen Trek
84. William Frischkorn (USA) TIAA-CREF
85. Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Altipowerall s.t.
86. Thijs Poelstra (Ned) Altipower12:17
DNF. Sebastian Frey (Ger) Team Sparkasse
DNF. Christian Lademann (Ger) Team Sparkasse
DNF. Derek Burke (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn
DNF. Koki Simbo (Jap) Aisan Racing Team
DNF. Takeaki Ayabe (Jap) Aisan Racing Team
DNF. Maxime Vives (Can) Calyon-Litespeed
DNF. Daniel Maggiacomo (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.
DNF. Alexi Richer (Can) Équipe Du Québec
DNF. Zachary Garland (Can) Équipe Du Québec
DNF. Christopher Rozdilsky (USA) Fiordifrutta
DNF. Dan Timmerman (USA) Fiordifrutta
1. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators Insurance16:29:21
2. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insuranceat 0:15
3. Danny Patte (USA) TIAA-CREF0:18
4. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Team Sparkasse0:42
5. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH1:49
6. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH2:50
7. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH4:01
8. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance4:03
9. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion4:08
10. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion4:51
11. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.5:09
12. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion5:14
13. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity5:18
14. Brent Bookwalter (USA) Priority Health Cycling6:13
15. Russel Downing (GBr) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed6:59
16. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators Insurance7:38
17. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH7:47
18. Brendan Brooks (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello8:04
19. Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta9:35
20. Cameron Jennings (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed10:11
21. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS10:51
22. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics11:00
23. Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity12:54
24. David Harrigan (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed14:00
25. Miles Olman (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS15:46
26. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Insurance18:02
27. Jairo Salas Atehortua (Col) Colombia Es Pasion18:48
28. Edward King (USA) Priority Health Cycling19:16
29. Ian Macgregor (USA) TIAA-CREF19:23
30. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH19:34
31. Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity21:04
32. Brian Sheedy (USA) Priority Health Cycling21:09
33. Satoshi Hirose (Jap) Aisan Racing Team21:16
34. Dustin MacBurnie (Can) Canadian National Team21:26
35. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Équipe Du Québec21:33
36. Phillip Cortes (Can) Garneau - Optik21:47
37. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics21:47
38. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics22:08
39. Mathieu Roy (Can) Garneau - Optik22:30
40. Diego Montoya (Col) Colombia Es Pasion22:38
41. David Veilleux (Can) Garneau - Optik22:39
42. Bernie Sulzberger (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed22:47
43. Michael Ford (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS22:56
44. Jamie Lamb (Can) Garneau - Optik23:10
45. Derek McMaster (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.23:30
46. William Frischkorn (USA) TIAA-CREF23:46
47. Francois Parisien (Can) TIAA-CREF23:47
48. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello25:41
49. Simon Kelly (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn25:45
50. Peter Dawson (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS26:23
51. Bryan Smith (USA) TIAA-CREF26:26
52. Hector Rangel Zimarron (Mex) Tecos Trek VH26:48
53. Bruno Langlois (Can) Canadian National Team28:03
54. Kevin Miller (Can) Fiordifrutta28:16
55. Mitsuteru Tanaka (Jap) Aisan Racing Team28:30
56. Kane Oakley (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed28:35
57. Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National Team29:18
58. Ger Soepenberg (Ned) Altipower30:27
59. Richard Faltus (Cze) Team Sparkasse30:35
60. Tony Mann (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello31:23
61. Jacob P. Erker (Can) Symmetrics33:09
62. Peter John Herzig (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello36:26
63. Raphaël Tremblay (Can) Volkswagen Trek36:54
64. Thorben Wieditz (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.37:05
65. Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Altipower38:25
66. Timo Honstein (Ger) Team Sparkasse38:37
67. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators Insurance40:26
68. Niek Asbroek (Ned) Altipower41:25
69. Tom Zirbel (USA) Priority Health Cycling42:23
70. Matthew White (USA) Fiordifrutta43:08
71. Greg Reain (Can) Canadian National Team44:02
72. Jean-Sébastien Beland (Can) Volkswagen Trek44:36
73. Joel Dion-Poitras (Can) Calyon-Litespeed46:18
74. Tom Flammang (Lux) Team Sparkasse46:37
75. Philippe Abbott (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.47:41
76. Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen Trek51:29
77. Andrew Randell (Can) Symmetrics52:36
78. Jean-Sebastien Perron (Can) Calyon-Litespeed53:29
79. Cody Stevenson (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello55:59
80. David O'brien (Can) Équipe Du Québec0:49
81. Thijs Poelstra (Ned) Altipower3:48
82. Clovis Auger (Can) Volkswagen Trek6:56
83. Peter Sanowar (Can) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.11:14
84. Condor Murphy (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn11:58
85. Sean Finning (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS16:01
86. Morgan Fox (Irl) Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn23:13
Points GC
1. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance67 pts
2. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators Insurance56
3. Danny Patte (USA) TIAA-CREF56
4. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Team Sparkasse54
5. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH40
6. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH34
7. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance28
8. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity28
9. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion27
10. Russel Downing (GBr) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed26
11. Peter Hatton (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity22
12. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS21
13. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH18
14. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Insurance18
15. Brent Bookwalter (USA) Priority Health Cycling17
16. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators Insurance17
17. Richard Faltus (Cze) Team Sparkasse16
18. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion16
19. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.13
20. Miles Olman (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS13
21. Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symmetrics12
22. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics12
23. Jairo Salas Atehortua (Col) Colombia Es Pasion11
24. Jacob P. Erker (Can) Symmetrics10
25. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello9
26. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion8
27. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators Insurance8
28. Phillip Cortes (Can) Garneau - Optik7
29. David Harrigan (Aus) DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed7
30. Peter Dawson (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS6
31. Jean-Sébastien Maheu (Can) Équipe Du Québec5
32. Joshua Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta5
33. Austin King (USA) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity5
34. Edward King (USA) Priority Health Cycling4
35. Ryan Roth (Can) Canadian National Team3
36. Ger Soepenberg (Ned) Altipower3
37. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH2
38. Christian Meier (Can) Symmetrics2
39. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH2
40. Kevin Miller (Can) Fiordifrutta1
Climbers GC
1. Jarley Colorado Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion65pts
2. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance59
3. Danny Patte (USA) TIAA-CREF29
4. Gregorio Ladino Vega (Col) Tecos Trek VH29
5. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr) Navigators Insurance28
6. Peter McDonald (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello25
7. Glen Alan Chadwick (Aus) Navigators Insurance21
8. Eric Boily (Can) Volkswagen Trek19
9. Stefan Parinussa (Ger) Team Sparkasse18
10. Michael Ford (Aus) South Australia.Com - AIS17
11. William Frischkorn (USA) TIAA-CREF15
12. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics13
13. Tony Mann (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello12
14. Ian Macgregor (USA) TIAA-CREF11
15. John Fredy Parra Calada (Col) Tecos Trek VH9
16. Yovanny Torres Castro (Col) Colombia Es Pasion9
17. Hector Rangel Zimarron (Mex) Tecos Trek VH8
18. Ciaran Power (Irl) Navigators Insurance7
19. Jairo Hernandez (Col) Colombia Es Pasion7
20. Cesar Augusto Grajales (Col) Navigators Insurance7
21. Fausto Esparza Munoz (Mex) Tecos Trek VH6
22. Cameron Hughes (Aus) Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.6
23. Peter Woestenberg (Ned) Altipower6
24. Richard Faltus (Cze) Team Sparkasse6
25. Trent Wilson (Aus) Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity4
26. Francisco Matamoros Navarro (Mex) Tecos Trek VH4
27. Mark Walters (Can) Navigators Insurance3
28. Rodolfo Lopez (Mex) Tecos Trek VH3
29. Peter John Herzig (Aus) FRF Couriers - Caravello2
Team GC
1. Navigators Insurance49:29:01
2. Tecos Trek VH8:07
3. Colombia Es Pasion12:40
4. DFL - Cyclingnews - Litespeed24:57
5. TIAA-CREF31:27
6. Symmetrics36:32
7. Jittery Joe's pb Zero Gravity38:22
8. FRF Couriers - Caravello38:33
9. South Australia.Com - AIS44:24
10. Priority Health Cycling44:28
11. Team Sparkasse57:21
12. Italpasta - Transport Belmire C.C.57:34
13. Garneau - Optik3:19
14. Fiordifrutta8:04
15. Canadian National Team15:47
16. Altipower44:13
17. Volkswagen Trek8:25
18. Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn52:16


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