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June 30/06 8:17 am - Road National Championships ITT: Masters, CP, Hand Cycling, Amputee, Tandem

Posted by Editoress on 06/30/06

Road Nationals ITT

1. Jean- Quevillon (QC) Équipe du Québec13:480
2. Ryan Arbuckle (BC)15:351:47
3. Sébastien Bouchard (QC) Élicycle15:492:01
4. Braydon McDougall (AB) Alberta16:352:47
5. Benoit Vaillancourt (QC)16:523:04
6. Gord Toneguzzo (ON)22:068:18
7. Stephane Chaput (QC)28:4114:53
Hand cycling
1. Mark Beggs (QC) Équipe du Québec16:340
2. Rico Morneau (QC) Équipe du Québec17:581:24
3. Shauna Whyte (AB) Vicous Cycle18:392:05
4. Asquith Gibson (BC)19:433:09
5. Serge Raymond (QC) Équipe du Québec22:416:07
6. Sébastien Fortier (QC)23:417:07
7. Robert Labbé (QC) Équipe du Québec26:3910:05
8. Alain Baillargeon (QC) Équipe du Québec27:0610:32
1. Mark Breton (QC) Lactic Acid Racing13:170
2. Éric Bourgeault (QC) Équipe du Québec13:590:42
3. Lisa Stowe (AB) Bicisport16:092:52
4. Bruce Penner (NS) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur16:393:22
5. Jeff Dickson (ON) Sudbury Cycling Club17:023:45
1. Gene De La Siega (BC) Team Saskatchewan18:380
2. Brian Cowie (BC) BC Blind Sports19:310:53
3. Stéphane Côté (QC) Équipe du Québec19:411:03
4. Daniel Chalifour (QC) Équipe du Québec19:461:08
Master E Women (30-39)
1. Kelly Murray (NB) Radical Edge Fredericton23:490
2. Heidi King (NB) Radical Edge23:560:07
3. Jane Mckeown (NB) Radical Edge24:100:21
4. Lisa Dorian (BC) Dizzy Chicks24:360:47
Master F Women (40+)
1. Carolyn Soules (AB) Calgary Crankmasters24:010
2. Barb Zimich (BC) Team Costal24:110:01
3. Gail Wozny (AB) Juventus24:160:15
4. Danielle Plante (QC) Espoirs Laval24:390:38
5. Samera Fares (ON)26:132:12
6. Susan Fenzl (NB) Team OSB27:133:12
7. Louise Lacelle (QC) Espoirs de Laval27:243:23
Master A Men
1. Michel Brazeau (QC) VCOM27:390
2. Warren MacDonald (ON) Ride with Rendall27:520:13
3. Brian Mckeown (NB) Radical Edge28:160:37
4. Daniel Martin (CA) Safeway / G.A. Communications 28:330:54
5. Rhys Spencer (ON) La Bicicletta / J Lindeberg29:101:31
6. Dominique Faure (QC)29:121:33
7. Martin Gauthier (QC) Club Cycliste Amos29:151:36
8. Paolo Eugeni (ON) Hooters Cycling Team29:171:38
9. David Albert (QC) Martin Swiss Cycles29:251:46
10. Lorne Anderson (ON)29:25s.t.
11. Cary Moretti (ON)29:341:55
12. Geoff Macdonald (PE) Dalvay / Taylor's 29:371:58
13. Marc Flayeole (QC) La Cabosse d'or29:381:59
14. Garth Logan (ON) Brampton Cycling Club29:442:05
15. David May (QC) VCOM30:032:24
16. Joe Wessel (BC) Fresh Air Experience30:082:29
17. Mark Grimmett (PE) Dalvay / Taylor's 30:212:42
18. Stéphane Tremblay (QC) Équipe Périgny30:453:06
19. Mark Davies (ON) Project Freeride31:013:22
20. Patrick Reglain (QC)31:303:51
21. Antoine Richer (QC) VCM Cycles-Régis31:504:11
22. Patrick Allaire (QC) Rocky Mountain32:084:29
23. Sylvain Lagrange (QC) Rocky Mountain / Pro-Cycle32:304:51
Master B Men
1. John Tolkamp (BC) Escape Velocity27:570
2. William Ralph FOG Cycling Team / Bikes & Beyo28:000:03
3. Michel Cyr (QC) Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais28:010:04
4. Geoff Banner (ON) Jet Fuel Coffee28:230:26
5. James Ferguson (QC) Ottawa Bicycle Club28:400:43
6. Kevin Rokosh (AB) Edmonton Road & Track Club / red28:410:44
7. Provost Éric (QC) OPUS28:490:52
8. Stéphane Le Beau (QC) OPUS28:530:56
9. David Jack (ON) St. Catharines Cycling Club29:231:26
10. François Faust (ON) Jet Fuel Coffe29:331:36
11. Garnett Abbey (ON) D'Ornellas/Delta Graphics29:491:52
12. Thomas Stevens (ON) Serono Cyclelogik30:012:04
13. David Dunnison (BC) Team Coastal30:072:10
14. Richard Pelletier (QC) OPUS30:112:14
15. Sylvain Thibeault (QC) Gagnon Freres30:122:15
16. Paul Goobie (NB) Mike's Bike Shop30:222:25
17. Tim Best (ON)30:332:36
18. Robert Morin (QC) Rocky Mountain Procycle30:482:51
19. Guy Demers (QC) Sainte-Foy-Québec Métro30:562:59
20. Mark Roundell (ON) Serono Cycle Logic Racing31:003:03
21. Malcolm Eade (ON) D'Ornellas / Delta Graphics Racing31:073:10
22. Réjean Carignan (QC) Club cycliste genpharm inc31:153:18
23. Gregory Wellman (ON) Project Freeride31:213:24
24. Blair Scott (BC) Mighty Riders31:223:25
25. Norman Siebrasse (NB) Radical Edge Fredericton31:483:51
26. Andrew Arsenault (NB) Radical Edge31:493:52
27. Martel Robert (QC) Ste-Foy32:214:24
28. Pierre Pigeon (QC) Pl. Montrusco Bolton33:045:07
29. Michel Larose (QC) La Cabosse d'or34:136:16
Master C Men
1. Dave Viney (ON) Team Hardwood20:400
2. Olav Stana (BC)21:320:52
3. Willem Vandenberg (ON) / Ted Velikonja21:330:53
4. Charlie Squires (ON)21:481:08
5. Rick Sudac (ON) Ride With Rendall22:001:20
6. Denys Mantha (QC) VCOM22:011:21
7. Don Fox (AB) Juventus22:061:26
8. Peter Kofman (ON) Coach Chris22:141:34
9. Pierre Lacoste (QC) C. CIBC-Wood Gundy22:14s.t.
10. Alain Deschênes (QC)22:241:44
11. Greg Christie (QC) Ride with Rendall22:311:51
12. Rob Cheskey (ON) Espoirs de Laval22:31s.t.
13. Daniel Gilbert (QC) Vélo Club Sud-Ouest22:391:59
14. Chris Cameron (BC)22:472:07
15. Daniel Dubé (QC)23:102:30
16. Francois Beauchemin (QC) VCOM23:242:44
17. Tony Routley (BC) Team Whistler/Natures Path23:312:51
18. John Hawranik (MB) Olympia23:453:05
19. Yves Carbonneau (QC) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur24:163:36
20. Réjean Fournier (QC) Club Record24:193:39
21. Ron Baines (ON) Waterloo Cycling Club / The Flying D24:19s.t.
22. Pierre Blanchette (QC) Ste-Foy Québec-Métro24:444:04
23. Pierre Dufresne (QC) CC Cehpitarm25:425:02
24. Jean-Victor Flingou (QC) Genpharm26:175:37
25. Jacques Caron (QC) Vélo2max27:016:21
Master D Men
1. Gary Romkey (ON) Ride with Rendall21:330
2. Peter Kerklaan (BC)21:350:02
3. Bob Lindsay (BC) Vancouver Vélo Vets21:420:09
4. Claudel Desroches (QC)22:260:53
5. Lev Krivitsky (AB) Terrascape Racing22:361:03
6. Peter Hein (ON) Hamilton Cycling Club22:541:21
7. Gaetan Boulanger (QC) Velo Sommet24:302:57
8. Tim Porter (ON) Midweek Cycling Club25:153:42
9. Peter Morris (ON)25:293:56
10. Patrick Lesbats (QC) Cycle Patrick26:044:31
11. Jean-Claude Leclerc (QC) CIBC Wood-Gundy 26:134:40


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