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July 23/06 6:37 am - National DH Championships full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/06

National DH Championships Whistler BC

Junior Women
1. Micayla Gatto (BC) Rocky Mountain Busininess Objects3:58.940
2. Brittany Wood (BC) BC Provincial Team4:32.698
Junior Men
1. Steve Smith (BC) Cove Bikes/Sram3:11.662
2. Hans Lambert (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Iro3:16.825
3. Dan Csokonay (BC) NorcoFactoryTeam/Oak3:22.098
4. Adam Mcconaghy (BC) BC Provincial Team3:25.403
5. James Mcskimming (BC)3:25.586
6. Lee Boeyen (QC) Privateer Racing3:27.446
7. Geoff Briggs (AB) Calgary Cycle3:27.863
8. Matt Zdriluk (ON) Team Dropmachine/Com3:30.895
9. Marcus Jaheny (BC) Spy Optic/Kelowna Cyle3:31.791
10. Nick Woods (BC) Full Boar Bike Store3:34.138
11. Arnaud Dulude (QC) Martin Swiss Cycles3:35.137
12. Lorne Trousdell (BC) AKA The Bike Shop3:35.671
13. Riley Percheson (BC) BC Provincial Team3:38.836
14. Mike Patychuk (BC) Calgary Cycle3:40.226
15. Dilon Standidge (BC) Gerricks/Nelson3:42.545
16. Tyler Gorz (BC) NORCO / FOX / UTOPIA3:42.783
17. Dean Tennant (BC) BC Provincial Team3:47.161
18. Kyle Lockyer. Cycle Solutions/Home4:05.294
dns. Quinn Lanzon (QC) Primary/Wrex
Elite Women
1. Michelle Dumaresq (BC) Santa Cruz/nsmb.com3:37.856
2. Danika Schroeter (BC) Cove Bikes/Sram/TLD/3:38.876
3. Adrienne Miller (BC) Devinci Daredevil3:43.335
4. Claire Buchar (BC) Evolution/Specialized3:48.364
5. Katrina Strand (BC)3:56.506
6. Brook Baker (BC) Giro/Sombrio/Michelin4:00.818
7. Marie-Eve Marcotte (QC) Equipe du Quebec4:14.039
8. Amber Zirnhelt (BC) Brodie Bikes4:30.990
9. Claudia Paquin (QC)5:00.647
dns. Sheila Morris (ON) Race/Momentum/Gravity
Elite Men
1. Andrew Mitchell (BC) Cove Bikes/Sram3:06.358
2. Tyler Morland (BC) Cove Bikes/Sram3:09.425
3. Charles-Alexandre Dube (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Giant3:09.823
4. Connor Macleod (BC) Cove Bikes3:10.249
5. Geoff Pendrel (BC) Devinci Daredevil3:12.584
6. Jamie Biluk (BC) Cove Bikes/Sram3:13.822
7. JS Therrien (BC) tean dincus3:13.881
8. Dominick Menard (QC) Equipe du Quebec3:14.607
9. Eric Goss (NB) Giant Canada3:15.693
10. Nick Quinn (AB)3:16.248
11. Derek Cowell (BC) Norco Factory Team3:19.671
12. Kurt Lindemark (BC) Red Shreds Bike Shed3:20.417
13. Stuart Couper3:20.621
14. Justin Brown (BC) Norco Factory Team3:20.952
15. Ross Measures (BC) Sram Ironhorse3:21.008
16. Jonathan Aliard (QC) Sports Aux Puces3:21.587
17. Michael Jones3:22.168
18. Evan Irvine3:22.324
19. Ryan Yastremsky (BC)3:23.434
20. Antoine Larose (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Com3:23.963
21. Kyle Ritchie3:24.884
22. Neil Mckinnon3:27.502
23. Olivier Laprade (QC)3:27.756
24. Mathieu Laurin (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Dev3:30.779
25. Robbie Davidson (ON) Privateer Racing3:30.911
26. Benoit Rioux (QC)3:32.902
27. Derek Chambers. Pinkbike/NRG Enterpr3:34.790
28. Ondrej Neumann (ON) PRIMARY/WREX/DEVINCI3:38.488
29. Josh Decloet (ON) Dropmachine/Commencal3:43.327
30. Brandon Cassell (ON) Dropmachine/ Commencal3:44.952
31. Steve Smith (BC) Full boar/Sun Peaks3:45.955
32. Josh Mead (ON)3:46.925
33. Louis-Philippe Leonard (QC) Dhracer Ironhorse3:54.564
34. Peter Appleton (ON) Team Dropmachine/Com3:54.917
35. Patrick Bisson (QC)
36. Sean Manara. Dodge City Cycles4:08.624
37. Fraser Britton (QC) Transcend Orange4:14.084
38. Matthew Jackson. Fox/esfr.ca4:18.839
39. Chris Dufault (ON) Dropmachine/Commencal4:24.279
40. Jeff Beatty (ON) NRG/Orange/Dincus4:43.701
41. Luke Kitzanuk (BC) GIANT5:01.176


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