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August 24/06 9:26 am - MTB World Champs: U23 Men's XC Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/24/06

MTB World Championships Rotorua, New Zealand

Reports made possible by the support of MAXXIS


1. Nino Schurter (Switzerland)1:54:58
2. Tony Longo (Italy)at:50
3. Max Plaxton (Canada)2:34
4. Stéphane Tempier (France)3:09
5. Jakob Diemer Fuglsang (Denmark)3:34
6. Michel Luginbuehl (Switzerland)5:14
7. Gion Manetsch (Switzerland)5:51
8. Evguen Petchenine (Russian Federation)6:07
9. Lukas Flückiger (Switzerland)6:29
10. Emil Lindgren (Sweden)7:03
11. Marco Aurelio Fontana (Italy)7:16
12. Till Marx (Switzerland)8:38
13. Bjorn Brems (Belgium)8:58
14. Dariusz Batek (Poland)10:03
15. Rudi Van Houts (Netherlands)10:35
16. Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic)10:42
17. Burry Stander (Republic of South Africa)10:59
18. Derek Zandstra (Canada)11:34
19. Andrea Tiberi (Italy)12:05
20. Kohei Yamamoto (Japan)12:31
21. Denis Vorontsov (Russian Federation)13:09
22. Marcus Roy (New Zealand)13:39
23. Martin Lazarski (Canada)13:45
24. Jan Skarnitzl (Czech Republic)13:46
25. Ian Field (Great Britain)13:48
26. François Bailly Maitre (France)14:02
27. Clinton Robert Avery (New Zealand)14:04
28. Yury Trofimov (Russian Federation)14:04
29. Kryspin Pyrgies (Poland)14:17
30. Benjamin Rudiger (Germany)14:30
31. Daniel Mcconnell (Australia)15:05
32. Ken Onodera (Japan)15:07
33. Alejandro Dario Gasco (Argentina)15:30
34. Ludovic Mottet (Belgium)16:09
35. Rene Tann (Germany)16:18
36. Lachlan Norris (Australia)17:06
37. Daniel Rezende (Brazil)17:32
38. Samuel Schultz (United States of America)18:06
39. Jiri Novak (Czech Republic)18:16
40. Neal Kindree (Canada)19:04
41. Frank Beemer (Netherlands)20:02
42. Steffen Thum (Germany)at 1Lap
43. Luka Kodra (Slovenia)at 1Lap
44. Raphael Gagne (Canada)at 1Lap
45. Sam Jurekovic (United States of America)at 1Lap
46. Ian Bibby (Great Britain)at 1Lap
47. Johan Van Zyl (Republic of South Africa)at 1Lap
48. James Maebus (Australia)at 1Lap
49. Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil)at 1Lap
50. Andrew Freye (United States of America)at 1Lap
51. Luke Mills (New Zealand)at 1Lap
52. Spencer Paxson (United States of America)at 1Lap
53. Ruud Rentmeester (Netherlands)at 2Laps
54. Marius Petrache (Romania)at 2Laps
55. Mathew Dewes (New Zealand)at 2Laps
56. Stephen Butler (New Zealand)at 2Laps
57. Jacob Bauer (New Zealand)at 2Laps
58. Matthys Beukes (Republic of South Africa)at 2Laps
59. J. Hernandez Fernande (Mexico)at 2Laps
60. Colin Cares (United States of America)at 2Laps
61. John Gray (New Zealand)at 2Laps
62. Craig Paul (Republic of South Africa)at 2Laps
63. Futha Lonwabo (Republic of South Africa)at 3Laps
DNF. Ruben Ruzafa Cueto (Spain)
DNF. Sergio Mantecon Gutierrez (Spain)


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