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August 26/06 9:48 am - MTB World Championships: Women's XC Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/06

MTB World Championships Rotorua, New Zealand

Reports made possible by the support of MAXXIS

1. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway)1:55:19.82
2. Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation)at 2:45
3. Marie-Helene Premont (Canada)4:22
4. Maja Wloszczowska (Poland)6:30
5. Margarita Fullana Riera (Spain)7:40
6. Mary McConneloug (United States of America)10:07
7. Anna Szafraniec (Poland)10:21
8. Petra Henzi (Switzerland)10:35
9. Alison Sydor (Canada)10:52
10. Rosara Joseph (New Zealand)11:10
11. Jingjing Wang (Peoples Republic of China)11:42
12. Lene Byberg (Norway)13:25
13. Ivonne Kraft (Germany)14:11
14. Kiara Bisaro (Canada)14:32
15. Blaza Klemencic (Slovenia)14:55
16. Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)15:04
17. Willow Koerber (United States of America)15:20
18. Dara Marks (United States of America)15:20
19. Daniela Louis (Switzerland)15:23
20. Georgia Gould (United States of America)16:01
21. Magdalena Sadlecka (Poland)16:39
22. Maroussia Rusca (Switzerland)17:12
23. Heather Irmiger (United States of America)17:29
24. Cecile Rode (France)18:17
25. Annika Smail (New Zealand)18:28
26. Laura Turpijn (Netherlands)19:09
27. Jennifer Smith (New Zealand)21:14
28. Robyn Wong (New Zealand)21:24
29. AriÃŽlle Van Meurs (Netherlands)21:33
30. Sabrina Enaux (France)22:07
31. Wendy Simms (Canada)22:22
32. Catherine Pendrel (Canada)22:40
33. Shonny Vanlandingham (United States of America)23:15
34. Rie Katayama (Japan)26:06
35. Pavla Havlikova (Czech Republic)at 1Lap
36. Yolanda Speedy (Republic of South Africa)at 1Lap
37. Severine Hansen (France)at 1Lap
38. Elina Sophokleous (Cypress)at 1Lap
39. Sonia Foote (New Zealand)at 1Lap
40. Jaqueline Mourao (Brazil)at 2Laps
41. Tania Raats (Republic of South Africa)at 2Laps
42. Brenda Clapp (New Zealand)at 2Laps
43. Roberta Kelly Stopa (Brazil)at 2Laps
44. Erika Gramiselli (Brazil)at 2Laps
45. Genevieve Whitson (New Zealand)at 2Laps
46. Maria Ostergren (Sweden)at 2Laps
47. Erin Greene (New Zealand)at 2Laps
DNF. Sabine Spitz (Germany)
DNF. Susan Haywood (United States of America)
DNF. Amy-Jane Mundy (Republic of South Africa)


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