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September 26/06 12:30 pm - "Truth Be Told" ITT

Posted by Editoress on 09/26/06

Truth Be Told ITT Calgary, September 24th
Courtesy Jim Oldham

The Calgary CrankMasters Cycling Club finsished their racing season on Sunday under near perfect condions, no gale force winds and mild temperatures.

The 20 km Truth Be Told ITT showed how well the riders had trained over the year with all riders showing marked improvements.

Bragging rights for the fast ride of the day went to Kyle Marcotte at 27:47. The fastest club rider was Jim Jansen with a 28:46, not bad for a "mature" rider. Riders joining the under 30 minute club for the first time were James Tallian, Phil Williamson and Michael Godfrey.

Temperature : 17-20 Deg C
Wind : W 10-20 kph

Amber Finlay (A-/F) Deadgoat38:29:00
Kyle Marcotte (A-/M) Speed Theory27:47:00
Frankwolstencroft (A-/M) TRS Racing30:30:00
Trev Williams (A1/M) Speed Theory30:47:00
Steve German (A1/M) TRS Racing32:03:00
James Tallian (B1/M) CrankMasters28:52:00
Kevin Walsh (B1/M) CrankMasters30:26:00
Folker Jakel (B1/M) CrankMasters31:22:00
Wes Zaniecki (B1/M) CrankMasters31:59:00
Phil Williamson (B2/M) CrankMasters29:17:00
Michael Godfrey (B2/M) CrankMasters29:55:00
Jacek Kasprzyk (B2/M) CrankMasters30:57:00
Don Mankewich (B2/M) Alta Ranndonneurs31:10:00
Stan Rachar (B2/M) CrankMasters33:18:00
Jim Jansen (C1/M) CrankMasters28:46:00
Peter Farran (C1/M) CrankMasters30:37:00
Jay Rankin (C1/M) CrankMasters32:31:00
Darryl Smith (C1/M) CrankMasters33:02:00
Stan Walter (C2/M) CrankMasters30:00:00
Bill Stilwell (C2/M) CrankMasters32:46:00
Lev Krivitsky (D1/M) CrankMasters30:44:00
Steve Sampson (D1/M) CrankMasters34:48:00
Pat Hodgkinson (D1/M) CrankMasters38:03:00
Jim Oldham (D2/M) CrankMasters38:38:00
Danny Cronin (E2/M) CrankMasters38:36:00


Heather Rachar - Timer/Registration
Wes Zaniecki - Registration
Tim To - Starter
Bruce Jensen - Turn Marshal

Age Categories - 5 year increments
A1 - 30-34
A2 - 35-39
B1 - 40-44
B2 - 45-49
C1 - 50-54
C2 - 55-59
D1 - 60-64
D2 - 65-69
E1 - 70-74
E2 - 75-79
F - 80+


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