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November 13/06 2:07 am - Willow Beach Cyclo-Cross

Posted by Editoress on 11/13/06

Willow Beach Cyclo-Cross November 12th, Port Hope ON
Courtesy Howard Knapp, Impala Bicycles race team

Senior Men

1. Andrew Watson (Team Race) Sr
2. Shawn Marshall (Barrie CC) Sr
3. Zachary Winn (Impala) Sr
4. Erik Box (The Hub) Sr
5. Mark Sugita. Sr
6. Cory Hancock (3 Rox Racing) Sr
7. Stephane Mareotte (Cycle Solutions) Sr
8. John Van Arragon (The Hub Bicycle Club) Sr
9. Bodin Schoueri. Sr
dnf. Shane Hollingshead (Barrie CC) Sr

Senior Women

1. Celine Dennis (Mississauga) Sr
2. Holland Gidney (Independent) Sr

Cadet/Junior Women

1. Charlotte Batty (Urban Athlete Sport Swap) Cad
2. Laura Bietola (Fly Girlz) Cad

Cadet/Junior Men

1. Zachary Hughes (The Hub) Cad
2. Bennett Winn (Impala) Cad
3. Jared Stafford (Cyclissimo) Cad

Pewee/Minime Men

1. Noah Summers (Newmarket Eagles) Min
2. Emile Cabardos (Independent) Min
3. Luke Winn (Impala) Min
4. Steven Knapp (Impala) Min

Master A/B Men

1. Andrew Croutch (True North) MA
2. Rick Barrow (St. Catharines C.C.) MA
3. Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta) MA
4. Matt Berridge (La Bicicletta) MA
5. Rodney Merchant (Independent) MA
6. Jon Barnes (Sport Swap) MA
7. Glenn Cameron (Bikesports) MA
8. Mike Foster (The Hub) MA
9. Zachary Steinman (True North) MA
10. Richard Strong (King St Cycle) MA
11. Cary Moretti (Project Freeride) MA
12. Jonathen Wood (Red Bike) MA
13. Sam Babe (Open Access) MA
14. Vernon Chant (Sport Swap) MA
15. Ryan Trant (Cylepath Oakville) MA
16. Richard Poulin (Cyclepath Oakville) MA
17. Andrew Stewart (Independent) MA
18. Cliff Vanclief (The Hub) MA
19. Joe Layno (Independent) MA
20. John Lamey (Independent) MA
21. Darko Antic (Open Access) MA
22. Brent Fargo (Neworld Cycle) MA
23. Jayson Baillie (Independent) MA
24. Roderick Olliver (Open Access) MA
25. Alex Sanna (Waterloo CC) MA
26. Matt Freeman (Independent) MA
27. Jason Mottaz (Independent) MA
28. Chris Lepik. MA
dnf. Norman Young (St Catharines) MA
dnf. Peter Mogg (The Hub) MA
dnf. Rob Sidhu (Independent) MA
dnf. Joel Rose (Waterloo CC) MA
dnf. Chris Kiziak (Bikesports) MA
dnf. Scott Coulas (Elite Racing) MA
dnf. Chris Richardson (True North) MA

Master Women

1. Andrea Bacik (Mississauga) MB
2. Tabitha Ferguson (Waterloo CC) MB
3. Prisca Natterer (True North) MA
4. MaryClare Haley (Hamilton CC) MB
5. Catherine Adams (Independent) MB
6. Kelly Kavanagh (Mississauga) MA
7. Lesley Bowles (Independent) MB
dnf. Heidi Nixdorf (True North) MA

Master B/C/D Men

1. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction) MB
2. David Dermont (True North) MB
3. Mark Pagell (Independent) MB
4. Stuart ? Green (St Catharines) MB
5. Peter Hennessy (Independent) MB
6. Mark Summer (KHS) MB
7. Garnett Abbey (D'Ornellas) MB
8. Richard Wade (Newmarket) MC
9. Len Harris (Independent) MB
10. Tim Matthews (Peterborough) MB
11. Eric Sanders (Independent) MB
12. Martin Kohn (Independent) MC
13. David Flatman (Cycle Solutions) MB
14. Peter Perrin (D'Ornellas) MB
15. Rick Meloff (La Bicicletta) MB
16. Ron Spencer (Independent) MB
17. Will Winn (Impala) MC
18. Anthony Whetham (Impala) MB
19. Matthew Vangelisti (Markham Cyclepath) MB
DNF. Jan Kocemba (Independent) MD
DNS. Bob Bergman (Independent) MB
DNS. Michael Wolfe (Cyclissimo) MB


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