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December 19/06 9:27 am - Cardiac Forum for Cyclists

Posted by Editor on 12/19/06

Gotta a heart problem.....let's ride!

Announcing The first website forum dedicated to the Inspiration, Information & Support of cyclists with cardiac issues.

Who would think that at age 37 they'd have heart problems? Not me. While I was 25 pounds overweight I exercised a lot, rode a single speed mountain bike, raced BMX 2-3 times a week, went to the gym twice a week, been a Vegan since I was 21, had not touched alcohol for 15 years, never smoked or done drugs, had no family history of heart disease..........Then while packing up to leave the BMX track I felt cold, sweaty and dizzy. About 2 miles later I couldn't drive a straight line and got a real fear of something terrible happening to me. I called the paramedics on my cell phone and they took me off to the hospital, thinking I was just dehydrated. If it wasn't for the great paramedics, doctors and nurses and a "clotbuster" shot, I'd be dead.

Even once I got in the best shape of my life & lost 30 pounds (now 41, I have since gained some back) I would get ready for a ride and all of sudden have the fear that I would have another heart attack if I kept up my pace. I found I needed to talk about the fears I would get and wanted to hear how others were coping. I have been in some great support groups but none that focused on fears relating to sports performance.

Ever since my heart attack I realized how hard it was to find anyone who still wanted to be very active and participate in sports at more than a leisure pace. One cardiac rehab nurse told me to never do another chest exercise! I hoped that by starting this site I would find people who were more than just sympathetic but understood the fears, questions and there must be others like me, at any age, who could use a forum to talk and share their stories.

So I came up with the idea for KEEPriding. I wanted a word/phrase that motivated and instilled my feelings that you either keep riding or die. Whether or not you have had a attack or heart condition will hopefully motivate you to get healthy, stay healthy and get yourself checked out before you become a member of an exclusive club that you will regret joining.

I hope you find some Inspiration, Information & Support here.

Eric Ruffiing
Mission Viejo, CA 92690 USA


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