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December 31/06 8:13 am - The Thunder of Chunder

Posted by Editor on 12/31/06

The Thunder of Chunder
Courtesy Robin Dutton

Editor's Note: We are not quite sure where this event took place (maybe it's better that way), but we really want the photos... Somehow, this seems the perfect news item to close out the year!

Well the first annual Thunder of Chunder was well attended with 10 fierce competitors completing the five lap race while drinking one beer at the beginning of each lap. There were boys in spandex, guys rocking' baggy shorts and the golf guys even ditched their knickers and tartan socks to sport goggles and helmets.

Jeff Riemer led the race from the start with some impressive drinking and riding, but a slip in drinking form left him very vulnerable and the beer got the better of him by coming back up with a vengeance leaving Jeff with a 4:00 minute puke penalty. He was still the fastest to complete all five laps of the aerobically challenging course, but Menno Jongsma was able to finish 20 seconds behind Jeff but with no vomit, taking the victory.

1 Menno Jongsma 20:35
2 Jeff Riemer 24:15 with puke penalty
3 Robin Dutton 25:23
4 Bryn Shapperd 29:45
5 Chris Birch 30:13
6 Andrew McLaren ???
6 Bill McLane ???
6 Peter Dutton ???
6 Don ???
6 Klaus ???

Time kind of became irrelevant after a certain point and to be honest I think we lost track.

Thanks to Race Face for providing the awards for first place and first puke.


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