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April 30/07 10:06 am - FloraGlo BC Cup Race #2

Posted by Editoress on 04/30/07

FloraGlo BC Cup Race #2 - The Race the Ridge Omnium Maple Ridge BC
Courtesy Steve Devantier, Local Ride Bike Shop

April 28th and 29th

Category 1/2 Men
Final GC
1. Rob Britton (La-Z-Boy Cycling)41pts
2. Ryan Anderson (TREK Red Truck Racing)32
3. Jamie Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling)31
4. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)26
5. Cory Forest (Total Restoration)24
6. Derek McMaster (La-Z-Boy Cycling)15
7. Carlos Capela (Total Restoration)13
8. Dave Vukets (TREK Red Truck Racing)12
9. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)11
10. Scott Laliberte (Integrale/ BH Bikes)10
11. Matt Savage (Aviawest)8
12. Trevor Connor (La-Z-Boy Cycling)6
13. Andrew Kyle (Aviawest)5
14. Matthew Cottrell (Aviawest)5
15. Zachery Garland (Masi Adobi)4
Road Race - 5 laps 100km
1. Rob Britton (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
2. Jamie Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
3. Ryan Anderson (TREK Red Truck Racing)
4. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)
5. Cory Forest (Total Restoration)
6. Derek McMaster (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
7. Neal Kindree
8. Marcel Aarden (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
9. Matthew Cottrell (Aviawest)
10. Dave Vukets (TREK Red Truck Racing)
11. Matt Usborne (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
12. Matthew Walker (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
13. Tyler Trace (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
14. Larry Zimich (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
15. Alistair Howard (Masi Adobi)
16. Mike Elliston (CVC Racing)
17. Paul Beard (Escape Velocity)
18. Daniel MacDonald (Masi Adobi)
19. Carlos Capela (Total Restoration)
20. Ryan Smith (Total Restoration)
21. Jason Fluckiger (Team Coastal)
22. Trevor Connor (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
23. Ryan Mcnamara (La-Z-boy Cycling)
24. Thomas Skinner (Giant/ Garneau Clothing)
25. Jason Thompson (Escape Velocity)
Time Trial - 22km
1. Rob Britton (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:29:18
2. Jamie Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:29:53
3. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)0:30:07
4. Ryan Anderson (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:30:09
5. Cory Forest (Total Restoration)0:30:22
6. Dave Vukets (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:30:28
7. Derek McMaster (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:30:50
8. Trevor Connor (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:30:58
9. Andrew Kyle (Aviawest)0:31:02
10. Zachery Garland (Masi Adobi)0:31:03
11. Ryan Hopping (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:31:04
12. Christopher Reid (Masi Adobi)0:31:30
13. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)0:31:33
14. Simon Craig (Spoke n' Motion)0:31:35
15. Garth White (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:31:44
16. Murray Solem (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:31:47
17. Daniel MacDonald (Masi Adobi)0:31:49
18. Alistair Howard (Masi Adobi)0:31:52
19. Jefferey Castenmiller (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:31:53
20. Dan Skinner (Total Restoration)0:31:54
21. Carlos Capela (Total Restoration)0:32:04
22. Kevin Noiles (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:32:08
23. Jay Hawranik (unattached)0:32:17
24. Nathan MacDOnald (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:32:18
25. Jason Thompson (Escape Velocity)0:32:19
26. Frederic Bussieres (Aviawest)0:32:22
27. Tyler Trace (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:32:39
28. Scott Laliberte (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:32:40
29. Matthew Walker (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:32:42
30. Shane Savage (Mighty Cycles)0:32:46
31. Matthew Cottrell (Aviawest)0:32:58
32. William Ralph (F.O.G. Bikes & Beyond)0:32:59
33. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity)0:33:02
34. Sean Williams (Total Restoration)0:33:10
35. Brad Kerr (Total Restoration)0:33:17
36. Matt Savage (Aviawest)0:33:39
37. Ryan Smith (Total Restoration)0:34:07
38. Gary Wade (Total Restoration)0:34:12
39. Mike Bidniak (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:34:24
40. Rob White (Aviawest)0:34:35
41. Ryan Mcnamara (La-Z-boy Cycling)0:36:50
42. Craig De Gier (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:36:51
43. Trevor Haaheim (Total Restoration)0:42:07
Criterium - 55 min +2 laps
1. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)
2. Carlos Capela (Total Restoration)
3. Rob Britton (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
4. Scott Laliberte (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
5. Ryan Anderson (TREK Red Truck Racing)
6. Matt Savage (Aviawest)
7. Chris Worsold (Team Glotman Simpson)
8. Maurice Worsfold (Team Glotman Simpson)
9. Larry Zimich (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
10. Jamie Sparling (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
11. Cory Forest (Total Restoration)
12. Daniel MacDonald (Masi Adobi)
13. Murray Solem (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
14. Neal Kindree
15. Frederic Bussieres (Aviawest)
Category 3 Men and Junior Men
Final GC
1. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity/ DEVO)40pts
2. Cody Campbell (DEVO)34
3. Owen Harrison (Total Restoration)30
4. Matthew Potma (Integrale/ BH Bikes)29
5. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity)17
6. Jesse Vanoene (Kelowna Cycle)16
7. Galen Kehler (Wentings Cycle)12
8. Michael Rothengatter (DEVO)11
9. Chris Roberts (Phoenix Velo Training Group)11
10. Ellis Jordan (Interior Grasslands Cycling)11
11. Guy Biggar9
12. Alex Van Poppelen (Total Restoration)8
13. Marco Sabatino (La-Z-Boy Cycling)8
14. Jason Manning (DEVO)7
15. Russell Stead (Escape Velocity)7
Road Race - 4 laps 80km
1. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity/ DEVO)
2. Cody Campbell (DEVO)
3. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity)
4. Owen Harrison (Total Restoration)
5. Matthew Potma (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
6. Galen Kehler (Wentings Cycle)
7. Matthew O'Hagan (unattached)
8. Christopher Reynolds (CVC Racing)
9. Alex Van Poppelen (Total Restoration)
10. Carsten Ivanby (Natural Earth)
11. Michael Rothengatter (DEVO)
12. Chris Roberts (Phoenix Velo Training Group)
13. Paul Cross (Atomic Racing)
14. Jae-Ho Yoo
15. Larry Wilson (IRC/ Cameron Law)
16. Trevor Hopkins (Team Whistler)
17. Hans Froese (Interior Grasslands)
18. Jesse Vanoene (Kelowna Cycle)
19. Graeme Martindale (TREK Red Truck Racing)
20. Ellis Jordan (Interior Grasslands Cycling)
21. Nels Guloien (Natural Earth)
22. Patrick Love (Wedgewood Cycling)
23. Jeff Clarkson (Aviawest)
24. Kevin Rutherford (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
25. Alex Northey (Wedgewood Cycling)
Time Trial - 22km
1. Matthew Potma (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:30:23
2. Jesse Vanoene (Kelowna Cycle)0:30:57
3. Cody Campbell (DEVO)0:31:07
4. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity/ DEVO)0:31:53
5. Demian Seale (IRC)0:32:08
6. Marco Sabatino (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:32:09
7. Michael Rothengatter (DEVO)0:32:12
8. Owen Harrison (Total Restoration)0:32:28
9. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity)0:32:30
10. Galen Kehler (Wentings Cycle)0:33:01
11. Austin Macdonald (DEVO)0:33:02
12. Alex Van Poppelen (Total Restoration)0:33:02
13. David Penner (Escape Velocity)0:33:12
14. Jason Manning (DEVO)0:33:18
15. Guy Biggar0:33:31
16. Kevin Rutherford (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:33:33
17. Colin Hale (Team Coastal)0:34:10
18. Hans Froese (Interior Grasslands)0:34:34
19. Carsten Ivanby (Natural Earth)0:34:41
20. Ellis Jordan (Interior Grasslands Cycling)0:35:15
21. Nels Guloien (Natural Earth)0:35:19
22. Chris Roberts (Phoenix Velo Training Group)0:35:40
23. Graham Garrison (Natural Earth)0:36:11
24. Nicholas Bird (DEVO)0:36:23
25. Angus Straight (DEVO)0:36:45
26. Tom Birk (Steed Cycles)0:36:58
27. Philip Cairns (Team Squamish)0:38:15
Criterium - 40 min +2 laps
1. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity/ DEVO)
2. Owen Harrison (Total Restoration)
3. Ellis Jordan (Interior Grasslands Cycling)
4. Cody Campbell (DEVO)
5. Chris Roberts (Phoenix Velo Training Group)
6. Guy Biggar
7. Russell Stead (Escape Velocity)
8. Jeff Clarkson (Aviawest)
9. Christopher Reynolds (CVC Racing)
10. Jason Manning (DEVO)
11. Jesse Vanoene (Kelowna Cycle)
12. Matthew Potma (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
13. Michael Rothengatter (DEVO)
14. Alex Van Poppelen (Total Restoration)
15. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity)
Category 4/5 Men
Final GC
1. Nic Hamilton (Aviawest)34pts
2. Julian Base (unattached)25
3. Bob Chew (Escape Velocity)22
4. Roy MacBeth (Local Ride)21
5. Steve Devantier (Local Ride)18
6. Mark Dormer (unattached)14
7. Andrew Lea13
8. David Nelson (Gerick Cycles)13
9. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride)8
10. Drew Kaiser (Kelowna Cycle)8
11. Aaron Amar (IRC)8
12. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)8
13. Gerry Van Gaaris (unattached)8
14. David Gerth (Team Coastal)7
15. Derek Ferguson (Snow Covers)5
Road Race - 3 laps 60km
1. Nic Hamilton (Aviawest)
2. Bob Chew (Escape Velocity)
3. Robert Welbourn (unattached)
4. Zeb Piggott-Duggan (unattached)
5. Steve Devantier (Local Ride)
6. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride)
7. David Gerth (Team Coastal)
8. Andrew Lea
9. Derek Ferguson (Snow Covers)
10. Drew Kaiser (Kelowna Cycle)
11. Mark Dormer (unattached)
12. Chris McKillican (Kelowna Cycle)
13. Albert Nomura (unattached)
14. David Broemeling (Escape Velocity)
15. Ben Jackson (Escape Velocity)
16. Cameron Thorpe (DEVO)
17. Jason Brooks (unattached)
18. Roy MacBeth (Local Ride)
19. Mike Tunnah (Wedgewood Cycling)
20. Patrick Beukstead (Ambelside Cycle)
21. Curtis Jung (DEVO)
22. William Letham (unattached)
23. Paul Craig (Natural Earth)
24. Darren Yanke (Atomic Racing)
25. Richard Machnein (Unattached)
Time Trial - 22km
1. Kyle Kennedy (unattached)0:32:18
2. Roy MacBeth (Local Ride)0:32:31
3. Craig Premack (PartOne International)0:33:09
4. Julian Base (unattached)0:33:11
5. Bob Chew (Escape Velocity)0:33:20
6. Gerry Van Gaaris (unattached)0:33:30
7. Andrew Lea0:33:33
8. Nic Hamilton (Aviawest)0:33:48
9. Steve Devantier (Local Ride)0:33:54
10. DJ Manning (DEVO)0:33:55
11. Mark Dormer (unattached)0:33:58
12. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)0:34:02
13. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)0:34:05
14. Drew Kaiser (Kelowna Cycle)0:34:06
15. Paul Brewer (unattached)0:34:27
16. David Gerth (Team Coastal)0:34:33
17. Brent Hladchuk (unattached)0:34:35
18. David Nelson (Gerick Cycles)0:35:06
19. Jakub Wasiela (Escape Velocity)0:35:06
20. Paul Craig (Natural Earth)0:35:08
21. David Broemeling (Escape Velocity)0:35:11
22. Richard Machnein (Unattached)0:35:23
23. Stuart Lynne (Vancouver Velovets)0:35:26
24. Shane Reaume (Local Ride)0:35:32
25. Rob Kipps (Local Ride)0:35:36
26. Mike Berkenpas (Local Ride)0:35:43
27. David Beggs (Derailleurs in the Mist)0:35:47
28. Cameron Thorpe (DEVO)0:35:48
29. Corey Hess (Aviawest)0:35:59
30. David Kossick (Escape Velocity)0:36:05
31. Chris McKillican (Kelowna Cycle)0:36:30
32. Doug Preston (Escape Velocity/ DEVO)0:36:30
33. Curtis Jung (DEVO)0:37:10
34. John Hawranik (unattached)0:37:16
35. Artuvciejka (Prince George Cyclig Club)0:37:25
36. Derek Ferguson (Snow Covers)0:37:25
37. Mark Rainer (Snow Covers)0:37:55
38. Paul McCloskey (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:38:24
39. Alan Young (Local Ride)0:38:27
40. Gavin Day (La-Z-Boy Cycling)0:39:00
41. Mark Boothroyd (unattached)0:39:36
42. David Nud0:41:25
Criterium - 30 min +2 laps
1. Julian Base (unattached)
2. David Nelson (Gerick Cycles)
3. Nic Hamilton (Aviawest)
4. Tony Zackery
5. Robert Welbourn (unattached)
6. Mark Dormer (unattached)
7. Roy MacBeth (Local Ride)
8. Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)
9. Aaron Amar (IRC)
10. Steve Devantier (Local Ride)
11. Drew Kaiser (Kelowna Cycle)
12. Jakub Wasiela (Escape Velocity)
13. Gavin Day (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
14. Cameron Thorpe (DEVO)
15. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)
Category 1/2/3 Women
Final GC
1. Leah Guloien (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)33pts
2. Jean-Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain)26
3. Laura Brown (Integrale/ BH Bikes)20
4. Gillian Kornell (Total Restoration)18*
5. Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood Cycling)18
6. Marie Claude Gagnon (Integrale/ BH Bikes)17
7. Jennifer Schutlz (Total Restoration)16
8. Lee Darling (Integrale/ BH Bikes)16
9. Danielle Kenny (Team H&R Block)10
10. Jenelle Cassidy (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)10
11. Leslie Vice (The Chicks Cycling Club)7
12. Claire Cameron6
13. Barb Zimich (Integrale/ BH Bikes)6
14. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration)3
15. Karen Watson (Integrale/ BH Bikes)3
*tiebreaker was road race position
Road Race - 4 laps 80km
1. Leah Goldstein (Symmetrics)
2. Marni Hambleton (Symmetrics)
3. Leah Guloien (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
4. Jenny Trew (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
5. Jean-Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain)
6. Courtney Albert (TREK Red Truck Racing)
7. Gillian Kornell (Total Restoration)
8. Corinne Issel (TREK Red Truck Racing)
9. Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood Cycling)
10. Laura Brown (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
11. Jennifer Shutlz (Total Restoration)
12. Kristine Brynjolfson (Team Coastal)
13. Alena Radomsky (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
14. Anne Marie Lefrancois (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
15. Danielle Kenny (Team H&R Block)
16. Lisa Tasa (TREK Red Truck Racing)
17. Lee Darling (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
18. Jenelle Cassidy (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
19. Lisa Howard (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
20. Leslie Vice (The Chicks Cycling Club)
21. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration)
22. Marie Claude Gagnon (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
23. Moriah MacGregor (AE Sport Development)
24. Lisa Dorian (The Chicks Cycling Club)
25. Claire Cameron
Time Trial - 22km
1. Moriah MacGregor (AE Sport Development)0:31:11*
2. Marie Claude Gagnon (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:34:10
3. Leah Guloien (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)0:34:58
4. Jean-Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain)0:35:02
5. Danielle Kenny (Team H&R Block)0:35:10
6. Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood Cycling)0:35:16
7. Lee Darling (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:35:32
8. Barb Zimich (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:36:05
9. Leslie Vice (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:36:11
10. Lisa Dorian (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:36:12
11. Gillian Kornell (Total Restoration)0:36:13
12. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration)0:36:31
13. Melanie Zinck (Team H&R Block)0:36:33
14. Fiona MacLeod (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:37:26
15. Laura Brown (Integrale/ BH Bikes)0:37:32
16. Jennifer Schutlz (Total Restoration)0:39:01
17. Lisa Tasa (TREK Red Truck Racing)0:39:04
18. Jenelle Cassidy (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)0:41:42
Criterium - 45min +2 laps
1. Laura Brown (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
2. Jennifer Schutlz (Total Restoration)
3. Leah Guloien (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
4. Jenelle Cassidy (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
5. Lee Darling (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
6. Gillian Kornell (Total Restoration)
7. Jean-Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain)
8. Claire Cameron
9. Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood Cycling)
10. Marie Claude Gagnon (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
11. Karen Watson (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
12. Leslie Vice (The Chicks Cycling Club)
13. Lisa Tasa (TREK Red Truck Racing)
14. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration)
15. Moriah MacGregor (AE Sport Development)
Category 4 Women and Junior Women
Final GC
1. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)41pts
2. Liz Hatch (Local Ride)37
3. Megan Rathwell (unattached)33
4. Rachel Canning (DEVO)23
5. Kyla Giesbrecht (DEVO)22
6. Sarah Nathan (The Chicks Cycling Club)17
7. Margaret Pugh (The Chicks Cycling Club)16
8. Camille Nonis (DEVO)16
9. Kjersten Lone (Dirty Girlz Loeka)12
10. Sarah McMillan (The Chicks Cycling Club)11
11. Lauren Hughes (Team Squamish)10
12. Sara Froese (Interior Grasslands Cycling)7
13. Jennifer Gerth (unattached)5
14. Jannine Ball (Local Ride)4
15. Julia Jurcova (unattached)2
Road Race - 2 laps 40km
1. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
2. Megan Rathwell (unattached)
3. Liz Hatch (Local Ride)
4. Margaret Pugh (The Chicks Cycling Club)
5. Sarah Nathan (The Chicks Cycling Club)
6. Lauren Hughes (Team Squamish)
7. Kerrie Siemens (unattached)
8. Sarah McMillan (The Chicks Cycling Club)
9. Kyla Giesbrecht (DEVO)
10. Judi Garrison (Natural Earth)
11. Rachel Canning (DEVO)
12. Jannine Ball (Local Ride)
13. Camille Nonis (DEVO)
14. Linda Chow (Wedgewood Cycling)
15. Jenn Kohm (The Chicks Cycling Club)
16. Julia Jurcova (unattached)
17. Karen Nakagawa (The Chicks Cycling Club)
18. Jennifer Gerth (unattached)
19. Jenny Dueck (unattached)
20. Michelle Tang (Integrale/ BH Bikes)
Time Trial - 22km
1. Liz Hatch (Local Ride)0:37:32
2. Michelle Reaume (Local Ride)0:37:43
3. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)0:37:53
4. Megan Rathwell (unattached)0:38:37
5. Kyla Giesbrecht (DEVO)0:39:24
6. Kjersten Lone (Dirty Girlz Loeka)0:39:27
7. Rachel Canning (DEVO)0:39:46
8. Camille Nonis (DEVO)0:39:53
9. Jennifer Gerth (unattached)0:40:05
10. Sarah McMillan (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:40:22
11. Margaret Pugh (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:40:55
12. Julia Jurcova (unattached)0:41:19
13. Sarah Nathan (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:41:32
14. Sara Froese (Interior Grasslands Cycling)0:41:49
15. Lauren Hughes (Team Squamish)0:41:53
16. Marie Devantier (Local Ride)0:43:05
17. Susan Weston (Natural Earth)0:43:18
18. Linda Chow (Wedgewood Cycling)0:43:28
19. Karen Nakagawa (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:43:41
20. Jannine Ball (Local Ride)0:44:19
21. Jenn Kohm (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:46:07
22. Sonja Heilmeier (The Chicks Cycling Club)0:47:00
Criterium - 30min +2 laps
1. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Giant Bicycles Women's Team)
2. Rachel Canning (DEVO)
3. Liz Hatch (Local Ride)
4. Megan Rathwell (unattached)
5. Camille Nonis (DEVO)
6. Kyla Giesbrecht (DEVO)
7. Sarah Nathan (The Chicks Cycling Club)
8. Sara Froese (Interior Grasslands Cycling)
9. Judi Garrison (Natural Earth)
10. Kjersten Lone (Dirty Girlz Loeka)
11. Margaret Pugh (The Chicks Cycling Club)
12. Jannine Ball (Local Ride)
13. Lauren Hughes (Team Squamish)
14. Sarah McMillan (The Chicks Cycling Club)


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