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March 16/99 1:44 am - Fraser in Visalia, DS and DH at Canada Cup #2, Industry NewsBirthday

Posted by Editor on 03/16/99

Visalia a tune up for Sea Otter Classic
(Courtesy Dave Cathcart, Team Elita)

A tired and battered trio of Team ELITA riders took the start of the Sequoia Cycling Classic this weekend in Visalia CA. Due to a virus that is ravaging the team, ELITA riders Annie Gariepy, Kim Langton and Melanie Dorion were challenged in this 2 day race.

Saturday's Rocky Hill Road Race, held on a beautiful rolling circuit outside of Visalia was a challenging day for the team. With only one goal for the day, to set up sprinter Melanie Dorion for the finish, Annie and Kim already had the work cut out for them. The greatest hurdles were the two 1km long ascents that stood in front of the riders on each of the 5 circuits. A powerful Saturn contingent ensured that no breaks got away and that stragglers never caught back on, effectively isolating Melanie for most of the race. Fortunately on the last ascent a strong effort by Kim brought a chase group back on and the dash for the line was set. Experience gained at Redlands was evident as Team ELITA quickly moved up the centre in threesome to lead Melanie out for the finish. However all was in vain as the day's efforts had taken the snap out of Melanie's legs. Nicole Reinhart took the sprint ahead of Jen McCrae. Team ELITA's trio finished in the bunch.

Out for revenge in Sunday's Criterium, Team ELITA led out in a torrid manner. Attacking right from the gun, Melanie Dorion established a gap that would last several laps before being reeled in by Saturn. At this time Team ELITA powerhouse Annie Gariepy counter attacked to break free for 5 laps and collect some primes. Her threat was evident as a train of yellow Saturn riders moved to the front to bring her back. After several laps all together, Team ELITA played it's last card. Hoping to avoid a sprint finale, Kim Langton jumped hard through the 1st corner to establish a small gap that would only last a lap. Saturn was determined to bring it to a bunch sprint. Through the final corner Saturn led out Nicole Reinhart for her second victory of the weekend. Team ELITA's Melanie Dorion took 14th.

Eric Wohlberg (Shaklee) finished second in the road race, and Gord Fraser (Mercury) won the criterium

Happy Birthday To...

Mountain Bike Pro Chrissy Redden (Team Ritchey Yahoo!)

Hardwood Hills adds Dual Slalom to Canada Cup
(courtesy Hardwood staff)

Hardwood Hills has been able to come to an agreement with the Heights of Horseshoe and their Slalom organizer to host a MTB Dual Slalom on the Saturday afternoon and evening of the 1999 Schwinn/Toyota Canada Cup. This is welcome news for all DH and DS riders from Ontario and across Canada. Full details will be up shortly on our webpage under events:

NCCP Level 1 MTB Technical Course

Glenn Meeuwisse through the National Cycling Dev. Center will be holding a Level 1 MTB Technical course on April 24/25. Partcipants must have Level 1 Theory in order to attend (or have proof of L1 registration). Please contact Glenn at Hardwood Hills 705-487-3775 to register.

NCCP Level 2 Cycling Core Course

Glenn Meeuwisse through the National Cycling Dev. Center will be holding a Level 2 Cycling Core course starting on April 27, on Tuesday evenings.

Partcipants must have Level 1 Theory, and technical in one cycling discipline in order to attend. This course replaces L2 Theory for cycling. Please contact Glenn at Hardwood Hills 705-487-3775 to register.

UCI World Rankings

Women's Road (as of March 14th)

1 ZILIUTE Diana LTU 585.00
3 CAPPELLOTTO Alessandra ITA 319.00
4 WILSON Anna SAT AUS 300.00
5 ZIJLAARD - VAN MOORSEL Leontien NED 280.00
7 LUPERINI Fabiana ITA 246.00
8 PUCINSKAITE Edita LTU 240.00
9 ZABIROVA Zoulfia RUS 216.00
9 WATT Kathryn AUS 216.00

11 JACKSON Linda TIM CAN 159.00
59 HOBSON Leigh CAN 28.00
85 SYDOR Alison CAN 14.00
124 SAMPLONIUS Anne CAN 3.00
124 BESSETTE Lyne SAT CAN 3.00
135 HANNOS Andrea CAN 2.00


5 EBLY FRA 148.00



1 LITHUANIA 1,240.00 points
2 ITALY 841.00
3 GERMANY 823.00
4 AUSTRALIA 722.00

6 U.S.A. 439.00

12 CANADA 207.00

Industry News
(courtesy the Coffrin Group)

Murray For Sale.

Tomkins Plc, the U.K. based owners of Smith & Wesson handguns, has announced that they are selling their Garden & Leisure Products division that includes the Murray bicycle business. The Tompkins Board of Directors made the announcement today. No asking price was announced and no potential suitors were named.

Tompkins started their study in 1997 of the issue of Murray disposition. That was the time to get a much better price for the bicycle division.

Mongoose Sales Skyrocket.

In a yet to be published report by the nation's leading sports market research group, Mongoose is shown last quarter to have sold more bicycles to consumers than any other brand with a specialty channel presence.


Make no mistake, these statistics DO include Mongoose sales through mass merchants. But, Mongoose is now selling more bikes domestically than Trek, Schwinn, or any other single brand that has at least some presence in bike shops.

There are unverified reports that Wal-Mart has issued a purchase order for 600,000 + Mongoose bicycles. It is reasonable to expect Mongoose sales to accelerate.

In April, 1997 Brunswick paid US $21 million to Bell Sports for Mongoose and the Service Cycle parts business. The Mongoose / Service Cycle division had approximately $60 million in annual sales at the time.

Is Mongoose making a profit on the mass channel sales? The mass sector is notorious for narrow margins, and the average selling price of bikes in that sector has been sharply declining for two years.

Excess capacity world-wide will cause continuing downward pressure on prices.

Given the booming sales of Mongoose in the mass sector, one has to wonder: Why did Brunswick need to buy Roadmaster for $198 million in cash?

Ed. Note: Mongoose is still setting up their distribution chain in Canada, but mass merchant is most definitely in their plans

Alloway Changes BPSA's Statistical Reports.

Dan Alloway, the head of the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) statistical committee, has directed efforts to increase the accuracy and usefulness of sales data for the USA industry. By creating new categories for emerging growth product segments, he has created a classification structure for data that is more precise and useful to member wholesalers. And, by adding historical trend line analysis, he has made it quick and easy to interpret sales data.


Industry sales data makes it easier for suppliers to avoid costly overstocks and to react more quickly to changing market trends. The BPSA sales statistics help the specialty channel collectively avoid dangerous overstock situations that cause market dumping and reduced profits.

Every manager involved in product development, business planing, forecasting, purchasing, and inventory control should routinely consult these valuable materials. (Note to managers: If your boss has not thought of giving you the reports, ask for them.)

Building on the efforts of Bill Austin and others, Dan Alloway has created reporting formats and a precision of classification that benefits suppliers, the press, and industry observers. This Cannondale executive deserves credit for his volunteer contributions.

Hubbell Buys Headland Bicycle Accessories.

Mark Hubbell, a 20-year industry veteran, has purchased Headland Bicycle Accessories.

Chris Dunn, Headland's former owner, started the company in 1993 after developing his first product design in college. His work ranks as a strong achievement for one person starting a company with little money. Dunn worked a night job as a waiter during the early years to raise money to keep the business going.

Headland created the bike industry's first quick-attach fender. Headland created another new product category when it introduced the Utility-X, the industry's first rack to mount on the seat post. The Utility-X was the first rear rack to allow quick attachment to all styles of bikes, including bikes with rear suspension.

Said Hubbell, "Headland has created innovative racks and fenders. Chris did a great job of obtaining patents on his designs, including recently granted utility patents. Most quick-mount fenders and seat-post racks on the market infringe on these patents. Vigorously enforcing the patents I bought will be a major priority for me."

Mark Hubbell previously held sales management positions at Schwinn, Specialized, and Bell Sports.

The company will continue to sell through distributors.

Chris Dunn is now pursuing business interests outside of the bike industry.

What Happened To GorillaNet?

Rick Vosper's entertaining and sometimes infuriating GorillaNet newsletter is gone from the bicycle industry.


For a period of two years, Rick Vosper wrote the most acerbic commentary the bike industry had ever seen. His GorillaNet newsletter was assailed on the front page of Bicycle Retailer as irresponsible "cyber-trash." Yet, Vosper's willingness to tackle almost any story pressed Bicycle Retailer to expand its own definition of what qualified as a newsworthy topic.

With more writing muscle than perhaps anyone writing about the industry, Vosper became the Bill Quinn for hipsters.

With some exceptions, most of Vosper's clients are now high tech companies in Silicon Valley. Rick Vosper is focusing his copywriting and marketing talents in that arena.
However, those of you that want a regular dose of Vosper's sacrilege and blasphemy can visit the fledgling North American Bicyclist web site at Rick Vosper pens a monthly editorial for this site.

Ed. Note: He also writes for the print version of NAB, so I get to edit his stuff...


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