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June 5/07 12:33 pm - Nova Scotia Provincial Road Championships

Posted by Editoress on 06/5/07

Lobster Crawl - Nova Scotia Provincial Road Championships Yarmouth, NS, June 3rd
Courtesy VP Road/Track, Bicycle Nova Scotia

MacBurnie and Ju Win Nova Scotia Provincial Road Cycling Championships

Dustin MacBurnie of 'Team R.A.C.E' won Sunday's Provincial Road Racing title in Yarmouth, NS and in the process completed the coveted 'Double' by winning both the Provincial Time Trial and Road Championships in consecutive weeks. The Open Men's 110 km event really got rolling after the 40 km mark when 6 riders broke away from the remainder of the field and worked together to build a significant lead. In the final few kms attacks within the lead group whittled it down to four riders- Hub Racing's Chad Lennon and Lorenzo Caterini both of Halifax, Terry Tomlin of Dartmouth and the heavily favoured MacBurnie. In the high speed sprint to the line it was MacBurnie who streaked across the line a bike length ahead of team Opus-Easton's Tomlin. Lennon rounded out the podium by taking the Bronze medal for 3rd. A 3rd year professional rider, MacBurnie is currently training in Nova Scotia in preparation for an upcoming race in Quebec- The Tour De Beauce- which will see him and his Team R.A.C.E teammates facing off against many of the premier road teams in North America and Europe.

Jeanne Ju of Halifax also achieved the prestigious 'Double' by winning both the Open Women's Time Trial and Road Racing Championships in the past two weeks. The on-form Ju of the Bicycles Plus team has a perfect record this season having won every event she's entered. Ju powered her way to the Gold by building more than a minute's lead over team-mate Kaarin Tae during the women's 88km event. The Bronze was won by Wolfville's Jennifer Adams.

The 2007 NS Provincial Championships were hosted by the Sea Level Cycling Club based out of Yarmouth, NS.

Elite Men- 5 Laps
1. Dustin MacBurnie (Team R.A.C.E.)3:09:38
2. Terry Tomlin (Opus-Easton)3:09:38
3. Chad Lennon (Hub Racing)3:09:41
4. Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Racing)3:09:42
5. Darroch Whittaker (Annapolis Valley)3:10:27
6. Kristopher Barr (Bicycles Plus)3:10:28
7. Ed Rushton (Cyclesmith)3:19:12
8. Ryan MacDonald (Hub Racing)3:19:12
9. Keith MacCormack (Annapolis Valley)3:19:17
10. Jonathan Spinney (Sea Level)3:19:23
11. David Campbell (Annapolis Valley)3:19:49
DNF. David Tower (Cyclesmith)
Women - 4 Laps
1. Jeanne Ju (Bicycles Plus)2:53:06
2. Kaarin Tae (Bicycles Plus)2:54:28
3. Jennifer Adams (Annapolis Valley)3:00:25
4. Kelly Foster (Cyclesmith)3:08:33
5. Enid Schaller (Cyclesmith)3:08:41
6. Laurie d'Entremont (Sea Level)3:19:33
7. Cynthia Fry (Bicycles Plus)3:31:30
Senior 4- 4 Laps
1. William Morrison (Valley Stove and)2:44:03
2. Greg Towndreau (-)3:16:48
DNF. Paul Goodyear (Cyclesmith)
Masters A- 4 Laps
1. James Atwood (Sea Level)2:32:25
2. Shawn Amirault (Hub Racing)2:32:25
3. Andrew McDonald (Cyclesmith)2:34:39
4. Derek Goodwin (Sea Level)2:34:40
5. Robert Stel (Bicycles Plus)2:35:04
6. Filip Behac (Independent)2:36:14
7. Robert Klue (Cyclesmith)2:38:35
8. Kevin Besner (Sportswheels)2:39:30
9. Ian Loughead (Sportswheels)2:46:29
10. Randal Gray (Cyclesmith)2:53:15
DNF. Gabriel Leblanc (Sea Level)
Masters B- 4 Laps
1. Jose Martins (Bicycles Plus)2:40:39
2. Al Mumford (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:40:39
3. Thomas Beazley (Bicycles Plus)2:40:41
4. Scott Clark (Hub Racing)2:40:41
5. Derek Muise (Sea Level)2:40:43
6. Donald McIntosh (Bicycles Plus)2:40:43
7. Paul Goobie (Mikes Bike Shop)2:40:52
8. James Currie (Hub Racing)2:40:52
9. Al Jollimore (Cyclesmith)2:41:17
10. Bill Ross (Bicycles Plus)2:41:24
11. Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith)2:41:24
12. Eric Weaver (Sportswheels)2:41:25
13. David Goodwin (Sea Level)2:52:06
DNF. Craig Hillis (Cyclesmith)
Masters C- 4 Laps
1. Wayne Titus (Valley Stove and Cycle)2:40:54
2. Graham Starratt (Bicycles Plus)2:40:54
3. Owen Power (Independent)2:41:27
4. Barry Misener (Bicycles Plus)2:45:27
5. Al Huebach (Lunenburg Bike Barn)2:45:27
6. Thomas Adams (Lunenburg Bike Barn)2:46:24
7. Fenton Cunningham (Sea Level)2:52:57
DNF. Gaelin Goodwin (Sea Level)
Under 13 Male- 1 Lap
1. Pierce Atwood (Sea Level)0:57:02
2. Zachary Beazley (Bicycles Plus)1:00:14
Under 15 Male- 1 Lap
1. Justin MacDonald (PC Racing)0:47:10
2. Joshua Larkin (Sea Level)0:54:13
Under 17 Male- 3 Laps
1. Stuart Wright (Mikes Bike Shop)2:03:47
2. Andrew L'Esperance (Cyclesmith)2:03:48
3. Paul Slaunwhite (PC Racing)2:04:23


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