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June 6/07 10:41 am - Mississauga Midweek

Posted by Editoress on 06/6/07

Mississauga Midweek MCOR Cash Points Race
Courtesy Midweek Club

June 5th

In the early race a three man break got off early with Matt Campbell (D'Ornellas) picking up the majority of the points. The break worked well together, but with four laps remaining Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo) returned to the pack, but he had accumulated enough points to lock up third place. The duo out front battled it out to the end and Madonna Wheeler's Dan Thompson took the pack sprint for third place.

The late was the second of four MCOR Cash Points races for the season. Points would go five deep (5-1) every seven laps and would be paid out in cash, $2 per point, with double points at 21 laps to go and on the final sprint. Under "Midweek Rules" scoring is based solely on points and riders that lap the field would earn a 10 point bonus, the equivalent of winning the final sprint.

Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) would open up the scoring by taking the first of seven points sprints, with Ed "V8" Veal who was firing on all cylinders tonight coming in second and Invita's Mark Polsinelli - who had just stepped out of the juvenation machine - picking up third.

With twenty-one laps to go Sweet Pete's Jerome Samson would come to the fore and pick up max points ahead of Jet Fuel's Dave Byer. At this point there were a number of riders within striking distance of Cockburn's lead. But like the muderous clown in Leoncavallo's Pagliacci who ceases to be jolly when threatened, Cockburn would come down hard and take the remaining three sprints, closing the curtain with one final grand operatic gesture. Cyclissimo's Veal would take second on points and cash and Polsinelli's consistency on the night would earn him a well deserved third place.

Thanks to MCOR's Rodney McEwen who was on hand to enjoy the racing and thanks to our great volunteers including :Graham Anderson for help at the registration table and to Craig Fagan, Alan Forde and Dan Rothnie for course set-up, sweeping and course marshalling.

Early Race

1. Matt Campbell (D'Ornellas), 23 pts
2. #145, 19
3. Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo), 8
4. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers), 4
5. Domenic, 3
6. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC), 2
7. Geoff Agnew (Midweek CC), 1

1. M.Campbell, 145, B.Kelly, G.Agnew
2. M.Campbell, 145, B.Kelly, Hsiung (2x pts)
3. 145, Campbell, B.Kelly, Domenic
4. M.Campbell, 145, D.Thompson, Domenic

MCOR Cash Points Race

1. Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta), 36 pts
2. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo), 21
3. Mark Polsinelli (Invita Racing), 18
4. Jerome Samson (Sweet Pete's), 10
5. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta), 9
6. Rob Chiocca (Jamis Racing), 9
7. Dave Byer (Jet Fuel), 8
8. Zach Morris (Jet Fuel), 6
9. Jason Valenti ( Velikonja), 4
10. Ed Maset (Invita Racing), 4
11. Blair Purvis ( Velikonja), 3
12. 175, 2
13.Paul Greene (Chain Reaction), 1
14.Adrian Jackson (Wheels of Bloor), 1

1. Cockburn, Veal, Polsinelli, Chiocca, Greene
2. Polsinelli, Veal, Cockburn, Z.Morris, Jackson
3. Cockburn, Veal, E.Maset, 175, Atkins
4. J.Samson, D.Byer, Cockburn, Z.Morris, Veal (2x pts)
5. Cockburn, Polsinelli, Veal, Chiocca, Maset
6. Cockburn, Veal, B.Purvis, J.Valenti, Chiocca
7. Cockburn, Atkins, Polsinelli, Chiocca, Valenti (2x pts)


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