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June 9/07 1:20 am - Trans Germany Stage 1: Sydor & Bresser win

Posted by Editoress on 06/9/07

Craft Trans Germany
Courtesy Trans Germany

Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm from Team Bulls have won the first stage of the CRAFT BIKE TRANS GERMANY. Both Bikers made it from St. Wendel to Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse in 4:25:43 hours.

Before, both had a hard duel with later on second placed riders Frank Lehmann and Thomas Nicke from the Rothaus-Cube team (4:26:56). After 123 kilometres and more than 2,750 metres of elevation gain Johannes Sickmueller and Rene Birkenfeld from Stevens Racing Team came in third (4:28:52).

The roadway arrangement caused the very close finish of all three top teams within a little bit more than three minutes. The leg was characterised by a lot of rhythm changes until the decision at the crest to today's highest hill, the Hellerhuette (490 metres), where the winners set the decisive attack. "We were very patient until the last hill. Until there, we only tried to open the peloton two times", said Karl Platt after the race. But, not only all other competitors had their problems with the acceleration. Also his team mate "had problems to follow his bike. I kind of had to crucify myself, said Stefan Sahm. Thus, second ranked team Rothaus-Cube was satisfied with the result: "We are very pleased. The stage race is long and Stefan had problems, too."

In the Mixed category, the title aspirants Carsten Bresser, who enjoyed to finishing the day in his hometown, and Alison Sydor celebrated victory, too. Team Rocky Mountain / Haywood needed 5:05:00 hours to win the race. More than one hour later, team Magura on board crossed the finish line (6:12:48) ahead of (6:13:50).

Stage 1: St. Wendel to Neustadt, 123km

1. Rocky Mountain Haywood (Carsten Bresser/Alison Sydor)5:05.00
2. Magura on Board (Jens Michael/Katja Schmidt)at 1:07.48
3. Bobteam.Info (Harald Behr/Kirsten Maas)1:08.50
4. A-Team / Www.Kiga-Gmbh.De (Andreas Kiendl/Alexandra Kiendl)1:13.20
5. Voicezone (Matthias Mahliß/Simone Bergmann)1:14.26
6. Zwillingscraft 2 (Wiebke Klüssendorf/Dietmar Steck)1:15.15
7. Nici & Peter (Nicole Dargel/Peter Dargel)1:20.17
8. Engadin Skimarathon (Christa Inauen/Armin Heim)1:30.04
9. Trailrider Allgau (Frank Müller/Claudia Müller)1:30.35
10. Craft - Right To Play (Emilia Maria Szymanska/Bertrand Evequoz)1:36.21
1. Team Bulls (Karl Platt/Stefan Sahm)4:25.43
2. Rothaus-Cube (Frank Lehmann/Thomas Nicke)1:13
3. Stevens Racing Team (Johannes Sickmüller/Rene Birkenfeld)3:09
4. Team Fiat Rotwild (Andreas Strobel/Silvio Wieltschnig)3:41
5. Voitl / Best-Bike-Parts (Max Friedrich/Lukas Kubis)9:08
6. Team Texner - Stockli (Sandro Spaeth/Thomas Zahnd)12:34
7. Texpa-Simplon 2 (David Voll/Roland Golderer)23:09
8. Soq.De (Oliver Frei/Christian Cosboth)24:39
9. Scott Genius Generation (Marco Schatzing/Florian Schan)25:13
10. Seeberger Rothaus (Alexander Miano/Andy Schwarzer)31:36
1. Team Fiat Rotwild - Damen5:30.08
2. Zwillingscraft2:34
3. Team Cube Wls19:15
4. Team Bad Steben35:31
5. Diamondback/Focus36:08
6. Team Knowledgepark46:52
7. Lady's Craftakt1:05.21


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