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June 10/07 10:30 am - Newmarket Eagle Youth Stage Race

Posted by Editoress on 06/10/07

Newmarket Eagles Youth RaceJune 9th

Final overall

Squirt-Boy (10)
1. Brady Lee (St Catharines CC)40pts
2. Michael Poirier (Brampton Cycling Club)37
3. Spencer Vitrue (Maple Leaf Cycling)37
4. Jordan Eljabri (HBCC)33
5. Will Summers (Newmarket Eagles)33
6. Brandan Kennedy (Independent)30
7. Phoenix Howe (Independent)28
8. Cameron Browne (Independent)26
* Higher placing in road race is tie breaker
Pee Wee Boy (11-12)
1. Rem Vermeulen (AAVC)39pts
2. Tyler Lee (St Catharines CC)37
3. Stefano Barbera (Newmarket Eagles)34
4. Taylor Kennedy (Kawartha Cycling Club)31
5. Conor Grant (Newmarket Eagles)31
6. Connor Vitrue (Maple Leaf Cycling)28
7. Ian Vitrue (Maple Leaf Cycling)26
8. Walker Mitchel (Independent)20
9. Justin Hawkins (Newmarket Eagles)18
10. Declan Davis (Independent)12
Pee Wee Girl (11 to 12 years)
1. Sabrina Budiman (Newmarket Eagles)39pts
2. Brianne Rupay (Independent)39
3. Sadie Bartoli (Independent)36
4. Jenna Tuero (Newmarket Eagles)34
5. Erika Lindberg (Newmarket Eagles)32
6. Rachel Crosscombe (Independent)30
Minime Boy (13-14)
1. Justin Zottl (Arrow)40pts
2. Jason Massicotte (Cyclepath Markham)38
3. Alexey Vermeulen (AAVC)36
4. Noah Summers (Newmarket Eagles)33
5. Nicholas Monette (MBRC)33
6. Scott Laing (St Catharines CC)30
7. Stephen LaForest (Arrow)27
8. Bret Roberts (Brampton Cycling Club)27
9. Brendon Klassen (St Catharines CC)23
10. Travis Samuel (Peterborough Cycling Club)23
12. Alesio Barbera (Newmarket Eagles)19
11. Quentin Meloff (Independent)17
13. Nigel Crosscombe (Independent)16
DNF. Joel Meloff (Independent)9
DNS. Andrew Meloff (Independent)6
DNS. Kyle Rupay (La Bicicletta)0
Minime Girl (13-14)
1. Rachel Summers (Newmarket Eagles)40pts
2. Payton Dearing (Coach Chris-Ted Velikonja)37
3. Jade Eljabri (Independent)37
DNS. Jessica Porter (Newmarket Eagles)17
Cadet Boy (15-16)
1. Dylan Wing (Peterborough Cycling Club)39pts
2. Ian Campbell (Midweek)38
3. Paul Ready (Arrow)37
4. Michael Dalziel (Independent)33
5. Patrick Monette (MBRC)33
6. Liam Thompson (Arrow)29
7. Andrew Hodgson (Newmarket Eagles)28
8. Massimo Cubello (HBCC)27
9. Brendon Cubello (HBCC)24
Cadet Girls (15-16)
1. Catherine Harnden (Independent)40pts
DNS. Lindsay Avery (Arrow)

Results for individual stages
Road Race


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