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June 11/07 1:17 am - Atomic Road Race

Posted by Editoress on 06/11/07

2007 Atomic Road Race

The Atomic Racing Club and the Central Vancouver Cycling Club would like to thank the 166 racers who participated in the "Atomic Road Race" held in Abbotsford BC on June 10 ,2007. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in 2008!

1/2 Men - 120 kms

1. Jeff Sherstobitoff (Symmetrics Pro Cycling)
2. Zachery Garland (MASI-ADOBE)
3. Brandon Crichton (Symmetrics)
4. Tim Abercrombie (Escape Velocity)
5. Mike Elliston (CVC)
6. Alistair Howard (MASI-ADOBE)
7. Tim Sherstobitoff (Total Restoration)
8. Kevin Noiles (trek red truck racing)
9. Brad Kerr (Total Restoration)
10. Frederic Bussieres (Aviawest-RockyMountain Bicycles)
11. Carlos Capela (Total Restoration)
12. Chris Worsfold
13. Daniel Macdonald (MASI-ADOBE)
14. Sean Williams (Total Restoration)
15. Ryan Anderson (trekredtruck racing)
16. Owen Harrison (Total Restoration)
17. Marcel Aarden
18. Cory Wallace (BiciSport)
19. Johnathan Gormick (MASI-ADOBE)
20. Gary Wade (Total Restoration)
21. Chris Squire (Escape Velocity)
22. Jason Fluckiger (Team Coastal)
23. Scott Laliberte (BH Bicycles/Epicentre/Team Integrale)
24. Ryan Olson (Team Integrale)
25. Nathan MacDonald (Trek Red Truck Racing)
26. Chris Reynolds (CVC)
27. Joe Wessel (Kelowna Cycle/Opus)
dnf. John Tolkamp (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Cody Campbell (dEVo)
dnf. Christopher Reid (MASI-ADOBE)
dnf. Mike Bidniak Bidniak (Trek Red Truck Racing)
dnf. Jeff Ain (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Trevor Haaheim (Total Restoration)
dnf. Jonathan Page (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Jim Tsilemos
dnf. Jason Thompson (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Jefferey Castenmiller (Trek Red Truck Racing)
dnf. Damien Waugh (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Paul Beard (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Axel Bergman (Escape Velocity)
dnf. Cory Forrest (Total Restoration)
dnf. Maurice Worsfold
dnf. Larry Zimich (Team Integrale)
dnf. Daniel Skinner (Total Restoration)
dnf. Ron Klopfer (Team Integrale)
dnf. Matthew Cottrell (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain Bikes)
dnf. Clayton Sansbury (MASI/ADOBE)
dnf. Shane Savage (Mighty Cycling)
dnf. Bradley Fairall (SuperSport 35 ACNC)
dns. Craig Richey (Aviawest - Rocky Mountain Bicycles)
dns. Ryan Smith (Total Restoration)
dns. Trevor Connor (La-Z-Boy Cycling)
dns. Will Routley (Symmetrics Pro Cycling)

1, 2, 3 Women - 60km

1. Marni Hambleton (Symmetrics)
2. Leah Goldstein (Symmetrics)
3. Sarah Stewart (Wedgewood)
4. Laura Brown (Team Giant)
5. Danielle Kenny
6. Megan Rathwell
7. Anne-marie Lefrancois (Team Integrale)
8. Karen Watson (Team Integrale)
9. Courtney Albert (Trek Red Truck Beer)
10. Alena Radomsky (Giant Bicycles Canada)
11. Barb Zimich (Team Integrale)
12. Lisa Howard (Giant Bicycles Canada)
13. Heather Lampson (Team Whistler)
14. Marie-Claude Gagnon (Integrale)
15. Claire Cameron
16. Lisa Tasa (Trek Red Truck Beer Racing)
17. Lisa Dorian (Chicks Cycling Team)
18. Leslie Vice (Chicks Cycling Club)
19. Jenelle Cassidy (Giant Bicycles Canada)
20. Sarah Nathan (Chicks Cycling)
21. Jennifer Schultz (Total Restoration)
22. Monica Nelson (Total Restoration)
dnf. Leah Guloien (Team Giant)
dnf. Margaret Pugh (Chicks Cycling)
dnf. Corinne Issel (TrekRedTruck Racing)
dnf. Kristine Brynjolfson (Team Coastal)
dnf. Fiona Macleod (Trek/Red Truck Beer)
dnf. Jennifer Tabbernor (Team Whistler)

Cat 3 & Junior Men - 90km

1. Kurtis Vallee* (Aviawest-Rocky Mountain Bicycles)
2. Nic Hamilton (aviawest-rocky mountain bikes)
3. Andrew Lea
4. Owen Sturgess (Escape Velocity/dEVo)
5. Hans Bauck (Coastal)
6. Marco Sabatino (Laz-y-boy cycling)
7. Wendell Challenger (Mighty Cycling)
8. Jeff Clarkson* (Aviawest - Rocky Mountain Bikes)
9. Alex Van Popellin* (Total Restoration)
10. Galen Kehler (Wenting's Cycle)
11. Matthew OHagan
12. Michael Rothengatter* (DEVO)
13. Evan Flater* (Aviawest-Rockymountain Bicycles)
14. Kevin Thorpe (devo)
15. Colin Hale (Team Coastal)
16. Joshua Stott (Team Whistler)
17. Jasper Steinhausen (CVC)
18. Hans Froese* (Interior Grasslands Cycling Club)
19. Dana Williams (Westside Cycling Club)
20. Demian Seale (IRC p/b Cameron Law)
21. Russell Stead (Escape Velocity)
22. Tom Birk (Steed Cycles)
23. Austin McDougall
dnf. Sean McKibben (CVC)
dnf. Jason Manning* (devo)
dnf. Graeme Martindale (Red Truck Racing)
dnf. Zeb Pigott Duggan (Mighty)
dnf. Gerry Van Gaans (Independant)
dnf. Jay Loder (Mighty Cycling)
dns. David Penner (Escape Velocity)
dns. Graham Cocksedge (Frontrunners)

Cat 4 & Junior Women - 50km

1. Shoshauna Laxson (Team Whistler)
2. Dana Lis (CHICKS)
3. Jennifer Gerth (Team Coastal)
4. Linda Chow (Wedgewood)
5. Camille Nonis* (dEVo)
6. Sarah Mcmillan (Chicks Cycling Club)
7. Sara Froese (Kamloops Interior Grasslands)
8. Neena Bauck (Coastal)
9. Kyla Giesbrecht (dEVo)
10. Marie Devantier (Local Ride Cycling Team)
11. Michelle Tang (Team Integrale)
dnf. Karen Nakagawa (Chicks Cycling Club)

Cat 4, 5 Men - 70km

1. Roy McBeth
2. Julian Base
3. Curtis Jung (deVo)
4. Albert Nomura
5. Mark Dormer (Devo)
6. Bob Welbourn
7. Richard Machhein
8. Steven Devantier (Local Ride Cycling Team)
9. James Thompson (CVC)
10. Simon Trembley
11. Nathan Wallace
12. Gavin Day (Lazyboy Cycling)
13. David Duncan (Prince George Cycling Club)
14. Neil Perry (B.C. Masters cycling)
15. Mark Rainer (Snowcovers)
16. Paul McCloskey (BH Bikes)
17. Jason Brooks
18. Cameron Thorpe (Escape Velocity/dEVo)
19. Ian Fingler (Masi Adobe)
20. Will Gibson
21. Andrew Peters (Escape Velocity)
22. Phil Hesse (Fresh Air Experience Kelowna)
23. Ben Jackson (Escape Velocity)
24. Chris Mckillican (Kelowna Cycle)
25. Nick Berry
26. Darren Grund
27. Derek Ferguson (Snowcovers)
28. Michel Corno
29. Joel Johnson (devo)
30. Casey Charleson (La Bicicletta Pro Shop)
31. William Riley (Team Integrale)
32. Jak New (Escape Velocity)
33. David Nelson (Gerick's Cycle)
34. Jakub Wasiela (ev)
35. Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)
36. Colin Reddin (Steed)
37. Lynn Stuart (Vancouver Velo Vets)
dnf. Peter Curtain (Team Integrale)
dnf. Mike Berkenpas (local ride)
dnf. John Rozell (steed cycles)
dnf. Mark Boothroyd
dnf. Drew Kaiser (Kelowna Cycle)
dnf. Clinton Kabler (Team Integrale)
dnf. Michael Barker (Team Coastal)
dnf. Erich Zwick


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