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June 17/07 9:45 am - Hardwood Hills Canada Cup: Elite Men's & Women's Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/17/07

Trek Store Canada Cup XC #4

at Hardwood Hills, Oro Ontario

Junior Expert Men

Elite Women

Elite Men

Elite Women
1. Wang Jingjing (Chn) Chinese Nat. Team1:46:39.5
2. Ying Liu (Chn) Chinese Nat. Teamat 1:58.9
3. Ren Chengyuan (Chn) Chinese Nat. Team2:53.2
4. Kiara Bisaro (Can) Opus Bikes6:02.5
5. Emily Batty (Can) Team Race7:15.6
6. Mical Dyck (Can) Trek/Terrascape7:37.8
7. Amanda Sin (Can) 3 Rox Racing11:14.2
8. Catherine Vipond (Can) Team Trek Store15:46.6
9. Jaqueline Mourao (Bra) Scott/RedBull/Exceed16:34.9
10. Julie Sanders (Can) Marin Bikes18:09.2
11. Sue Trimble-Haviland (Can)20:01.7
12. Karine Travaillaud (Can) CVM Val-David21:07.7
13. Lesley Tucker (Can) Velocity Bike22:55.0
14. Heather Gray (Can) Coach / Ted V23:48.8
15. Marie-C Surprenant (Can) Equipe du Quebec24:01.4
16. Susan Stephens (Can) Caboto Velo25:46.2
17. Kathleen Villeneuve (Can) Equipe du Quebec28:09.4
18. Tricia K Spooner (Can) The Cyclery28:38.1
19. Joele Guynup (Usa) IRC/Roxy Construction29:57.1
20. Kaitlin Michener (Can) Arrow Racing30:48.3
21. Celine Foreht (Can)32:19.9
22. Terri Gregotski (Can) Fly Gurlz32:26.0
23. Mandy Krolouski (Can)32:34.2
24. Elsie Torresan (Can) Specialized33:33.3
25. Marie Allaire (Can) Xprezo33:53.0
26. Mathilde H-Debeurme (Can) Marin Bikes/PI35:24.7
27. Christy Love (Can) Scott Bikes/Ambleside36:25.9
28. Tabitha Ferguson (Can)38:02.0
29. Kylie Case (Can) Team Manitoba38:22.8
30. Kristen Lake (Can) Sweet Pete's45:27.8
31. Julie Melanson (Can)49:12.4
DNS Eva Grabinski (Can) True North Cycles
DNF Maryann Huckvale
Elite Men
1. Derek Zandstra (Can) 3 Rox Racing / Scott1:58:56.3
2. Mike Garrigan (Can) The Epicride/Jetpowerat 0:16.1
3. Ricky Federau (Can)0:24.4
4. Andrew Watson (Can) TEAM R.A.C.E.1:49.2
5. Rubens Valeriano (Bra)2:31.3
6. Ricardo Pscheidt (Bra)3:00.6
7. Martin Lazarski (Can) Rocky Mtn Haywood4:50.6
8. Tim Heemskerk (Ned) United Cycle- Trek5:13.2
9. Stefan Widmer (Can) Rocky Mtn/Different Bk5:18.7
10. Benoit Simard (Can) Specialized5:52.9
11. Raphael Gagne (Can) Equipe du Quebec6:04.3
12. Adam Morka (Can)6:17.7
13. Matthew Hadley (Can) Rocky Mtn Haywood7:53.2
14. Peter Glassford (Can) Team Trek Store8:21.7
15. Edivando Cruz (Bra) Brazil Federation8:38.8
16. Ben Dawson (Can) Impala Bicycles9:21.2
17. Ian Carbonneau (Can) VELO CHAMBLY9:53.8
18. Jonathan Boulanger (Can) Equipe du Québec9:59.5
19. Cristobal Silva (Chi) ADO Chile-Cannondale10:34.5
20. Danny Souter (Can) KHS Bicycles Canada10:38.2
21. Shane Hollingshead (Can) Barrie Cycling Club11:32.7
22. Matt Green (Can) Rocky Mtn/Different Bk12:21.8
23. Bruno Lafontaine (Can) Specialized13:24.3
24. Kyle Douglas (Can) 3 Rox Racing14:32.7
25. Timothy Carleton (Can)16:31.0
26. Marc-andre Daigle (Can) Daigle Quebec team16:39.0
27. Ryan Atkins (Can) Phat Moose18:06.5
28. Scott Lundy (Can) Team Trek Store18:39.7
29. Cameron Jette (Can) Team Trek Store20:54.4
30. Jonathan Pageau (Can) Subway/Genetik21:06.8
31. Evan Sherman (Can) United Cycle21:20.4
32. Jamie Gilgen (Can) Cycle Solutions22:53.5
33. Tristan Smit (Can) Bikesports23:06.8
34. Zachary Gammage (Can) HB Cycling Club23:47.3
35. Neil Schiemann (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club23:57.0
36. Matthew Fawcett (Can)24:03.8
37. Matt Ellis (Can) Kamikaze Racing24:08.8
38. Justin Price (NZl) Santa Cruz24:15.7
39. Zac Winn (Can) Impala25:04.6
40. Matthew Paziuk (Can) Impala Bicycles25:11.4
41. Chris Bruckner (Can) Impala Bicycles26:30.4
42. Luc Proulx (Can) Xprezo / Solid Edge26:59.9
43. Haydn Boucher (Can) 3 Rox Racing27:12.4
44. Matt Klymson (Can) Krebs Cycle Club27:17.3
45. Jason Rody (Can) Arrow Racing31:34.1
46. Timur Maltaric (Can)32:17.2
47. Cory Hancock (Can) 3 Rox Racing33:40.1
48. Simon Happy (Can) Team RST VeloSports34:00.6
49. Jerome Samson (Can) Sweet Pete's35:18.9
50. Daniel Sessford (Can) Everti/Schwalbe36:10.1
DNF Roddi Lega (Can) United Cycle
DNS Seamus McGrath . Rocky Mntn Haywood
DNF Chris Freeland (Can) Cycle Solutions
DQ Jon Kinsie (Can) Arrow Racing
DNF Justen Winster (Can) Pedal Performance
DNF Frederic Langevin (Can) Couloir Ski and Bike
DNS John Van arragon (Can) The Hub Bicycle Club
DNF Olivier Bordeleau (Can) XPREZE/SOLID EDGE
DNS David Dionne (Can) Xprezo/Solid Edge
DNF Leni Gelinas Trudel (Can) Equipe du Quebec
DNF David Fournier (Can) Lessard Bicycles
DNF Sebastien Tremblay (Can) Specialized
DNF Justin Hines (Can) Rapid City Cycle
DNF Edivando Veal (Can) Cyclismo
DNF Adam Lucas (Can) True North Cycles
DNS Michael Dennis (Can) Speed

Junior Men's & Women's results will be posted when available


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