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March 21/99 10:38 am - Sea Otter Final Results

Posted by Editor on 03/21/99

Sea Otter Classic, California

Mountain Bike Cross-Country

Here are the results of the final stage of the Sea Otter Classic. As you will see, unfortunately, Chrissy Redden was a DNF for the stage. Chrissy called us after the race, and let us know that she had a mechanical early in the second lap. A very unfortunate result, but encouraging for Chrissy‚s chances next weekend at the Napa World Cup. Chrissy also said „Thanks‰ for the words of encouragement on the Forums.

Now, Chris Sheppard‚s report on the men‚s race:

Hey everyone! After two days of intermittent showers ended, the world's finest were ready to do battle in fine cross country style. The top 10 were separated by 1:18, so tensions remained high in preparation for who would attack and lead out the race.

Taking the lead on the first climb was Andy Bishop, Bas VanDooren, Paulissen, me, and the rest of the field. When the climbing started an elite group of most of the top 20 formed, and the game of chess began. On the two mile climb to the finish, VanDooren went off the front followed by Evans, Frischknecht, Chiotti, Vollet, and me. Roland Green, and Tinker Juarez soon joined this front pack while Bishop, and Hakon Austad filed off the back.

Team tactics soon became a factor when Green jumped Chiotti on the decent, making VanDooren and me chase while Chiotti came along for the ride. These three were then joined by Frischknecht and Evans as I faded to the chase group which consisted of Paulissen, Brentjens, Juarez, Hoydahl, and Saucer. Starting the final climb the group shattered with Frischknecht, Evans, VanDooren, and Hoydahl attacking leaving the rest of us to fight for the scraps. Frischknecht took Evans in the sprint, but it was Evans who strapped on the race winner's jersey with the overall win. I ended up in tenth, 1:52 back....hey consistency isn't bad, but the podium would have been nice! Being consistant did pay off for the overall as I ended up 7th while some of the other riders fell off the pace today.


1. Thomas Frischknecht Ritchey-Yahoo! 1:56:28.62
2. Cadel Evans Volvo-Cannondale 1:56:28.86
3. Bas Van Doren Be One 1:56:55.22
4. Rune Hoydahl Giant 1:56:55.61
5. Tinker Juarez Volvo-Cannondale 1:57:18.67

8. Roland Green CAN GT 1:57:57.62
10. Chris Sheppard CAN Team Catera1:58:20.76
15. Andreas Hestler CAN Polo Sport 1:59:09.36
19. Seamus McGrath CAN Haro 2:00:41.22

Final GC

1. Evans 2:38:51.83
2. Frischknecht at 0:11.62
3. Jerome Chiotti GT 0:58.16
4. Van Doren 1:33.15
5. Hoydahl 1:43.26

7. Sheppard 2:48.45
8. Green 3:24.54
17. Hestler 5:52.58
18. McGrath 6:01.90
22. Kirk Molday 8:43.34
28. Neil Grover Rocky Mountain 10:06.36
35. Geoff Kabush Kona 12:43.89
48. Mathieu Toulouse Ford-Devinci 15:28.36
51. Adam Walker Rocky Mountain 16:09.27
55. Peter Wedge Mapei-Kona 16:45.50
58. Ryder Hesjdahl Fisher 17:13.77
73. Matthew Decore Marin 21:03.74
77. George Visser Xenacom/OGC 21:39.52
79. Eric Tourville Oryx 22:36.29
100. Ruedi Schnyder Deep Cove 34:07.57


1. Alison Dunlap GT 2:15:05.71
2. Caroline Alexander American Eagle 2:15:44.11
3. Gunn Rita Dahle DBS 2:16:00.73
4. Alison Sydor Volvo-Cannondale 2:17:51.78
5. Ruthie Matthes Trek-VW 2:19:51.53

12. Sue Palmer-Komar Schwinn/Janes Cosmetics 2:25:02.40
16. Melanie McQuaid Rocky Mountain 2:27:25.28
22. Trish Sinclair Marin 2:31:21.25
25. Christine Platt Rocky Mountain 2:32:45.15
29. Marg Fedyna ERTC 2:33:29.83
Chrissy Redden Ritchey/Yahoo! DNF
Lesley Tomlinson Polo Sport DNF

Final GC

1. Dunlap 3:04:08.02
2. Dahle 0:27.56
3. Alexander 0:38.01
4. Sydor 3:18.28
5. Jimena Florit Juarez 7:33.99

11. Palmer-Komar 13:02.55
14. McQuaid 16:13.83
26. Platt 23:41.12
27. Sinclair 24:42.42
32. Fedyna 26:56.28


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