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June 22/07 6:46 am - Midweek Club: Kids Races in July, Upcoming Events, Online Reg for CHIN Now Open

Posted by Editoress on 06/22/07

Tuesday Night Kids Races

From July 3rd until the 24th we will feature races for Kids under 15.

The event will take place between the early race and the late race, moving the start of the early race back to 7:30.
Tues. Night Schedule (July 3-24):
Early race : 6:45
Kid's Race : 7:15
Late Race : 7:30

Upcoming Midweek Club Events

Midweek Cycling Club will be organizing the following upcoming events:

CHIN Picnic Races, Toronto. Sat. Jun 10th
CycleFest, Mississauga. Mon. Aug. 6th
Prov. Road Race Championships, Milton. Aug. 26th

Pre-reg for Chin Picnic Races Now Open

Online registration at is now open for the CHIN Picnic races at the Exhibition Grounds in Toronto (June 30, 2007). Please note there are field limits in effect for this race.

Check for Technical Guides, further details on upcoming races and the latest Midweek event news.

Mississauga Midweek - June 19th

In the early race Madonna's Dan Thompson took the early sprint, but it was the midrace break of Ian Campbell, Liza Miranda and newcomer Drew Molnar that picked up double points at the halfway point before the pack woke up and reeled the move back in. With eight riders now with points in hand it was looking like a close race but Thompson's high placing in the subsequent sprints gave him the overall lead ahead of the charismatic Chris Kirk and Rob Anderson ( Velikonja), who would take the final sprint.

With the series leader Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta) absent the late race was destined to be a battle royale between the hot Cyclissimo squad (aka. the six-headed beast) and La Bicicletta's fast man, "the Gorilla from Orillia" Chris Atkins.

Cyclissimo's Ed Veal would light up the scoreboard first ahead of Atkins, with Cyclissimo teamates James Macdonald, Evan Mundy and Matt Bell scooping up early points.

The night was a showcase of two distinctly different sprinting styles. While Atkins chooses to sit in, patiently timing his well-known hard jump, and quickly building to a high top end; Veal sees the line in the distance like a cheetah spotting a gazelle across the savannah and launches himself towards it from almost half a lap out.

Atkins would take another sprint win with 21 laps to go before taking double points on the finale, but our conquering hero would be Ed Veal, who had accumulated enough points in the early part of the race to hang on to a solid lead. Rob Chiocca (Team Jamis) round out the top three.

Thanks to our setup and marshalling crew Alan Forde, Dan Rothnie and Craig Fagan and to Michelle Payne for help at the registration table and to Ian Wellman for working the lap counter.

Early Race - 20 Laps - 19.6 km

1. Dan Thompson (Madonna Wheelers) 10 pts
2. Chris Kirk (Ind.) 9
3. Rob Anderson ( Velikonja) 8
4. Ian Campbell (Midweek CC) 8
5. Liza Miranda (Midweek CC) 6
6. Drew Molnar (Neworld) 5
7. Graham Wheeler (Ind.) 4
8. Derek Hsiung (Midweek CC) 3
9. Joseph Comacchio (Neworld) 2
9. Steve Hamilton (Madonna Wheelers) 2
9. Simon Macdonald (Cyclissimo) 2
12. Brian Kelly (Cyclissimo)

1. D.Thompson, C.Kirk, S.Hamilton, D.Molnar
2. I.Campbell, L.Miranda, D.Molnar, S.Macdonald (2x pts)
3. D.Thompson, D.Hsiung, J.Comacchio, B. Kelly
4. R.Anderson, C.Kirk, G.Wheeler, D.Thompson,
D.Hsiung, B.Kelly (2x pts)

Late Race - 56 Laps - 54.8 km

1. Ed Veal (Cyclissimo) 32 pts
2. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta) 19
3. Rob Chiocca (Jamis Racing) 11
4. James Macdonald (Cyclissimo) 9
5. Matt Kings (Hamilton CC) 8
6. Rodney McEwen (Jet Fuel) 8
6. Ian Manning (Spin 12) 8
8. Ed Maset (Invita Racing) 6
9. Dave Byer (Jet Fuel) 6
10. Gary Serra (Jamis Racing) 5
10. Justin Rogers (Pedal Performance) 5
12. Matt Campbell (D'Ornellas) 4
13. Andrew Ruiz 4
13. Evan Mundy (Cyclissimo) 4
14. Matt Bell (Cyclissimo) 3
15. Paul Dilecce (Wheels of Bloor) 2
16. Mark Polsinelli (Invita Racing) 1

Sprints :
1. Veal, Atkins, Zuech, Cramer, J.Macdonald
2. McEwen, Mundy, Bell, Byer, Serra
3. Veal, Serra, McEwen, Chiocca, Polsinelli
4. Veal, Manning, J.Macdonald, Chiocca, Dilecce (2x pts)
5. Atkins, Veal, Chung, Choicca, Cramer
6. Rogers, Byer, Veal, Chiocca
7. Veal, Ruiz, Chiocca, J.Macdonald
8. Atkins, Kings, Maset, M.Campbell (2x pts)


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