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June 28/07 9:18 am - Website Tracks Bike Theft

Posted by Editoress on 06/28/07

New Website Gives Voice to Victims of Bicycle Theft
Courtesy Jason MacLean, Founder, gives victims and police a new tool in the fight against equipment theft

With the summer biking season in full swing, many bike enthusiasts, and those looking for an environmentally sound method of transportation, will once again have to deal with the threat of bike theft, a crime that has increased significantly in recent years. is a new website that has been launched to aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles. allows victims of bicycle theft to report their loss, as well as map the location of the theft. Photos and descriptions of the bike can be uploaded as well. This free service helps police compile very detailed crime statistics for their area, allows bike purchasers to check to ensure they are not buying stolen goods and increases the likelihood of a stolen bike being recognized and returned to the rightful owner.

Biking is one of the healthiest and most environmentally responsible modes of transportation, but the lack of resources dedicated to preventing theft and aiding recovery damage the movement aimed at increasing the number of people that ride to work.

"I've been a victim of this crime myself, so I understand the sense of anger and helplessness that people feel when their bike is stolen," said Jason MacLean, Founder, "I created this site to give people a forum to report what has happened to them, and to take a proactive step towards recovering their property. Police don't always have all the resources they need to investigate these thefts, so this site is designed to fill that gap and give the police a new tool to combat this crime."

In addition to crime details and statistics, the site will feature equipment and safety tips, reviews and spotlights.

"If you discover that your bike has been stolen, the first thing to do is to call the police to file a report, then contact any applicable insurance companies" says MacLean. "Once you've done that, post the details at"

Bicycle mechanics, used equipment dealers and pawnshops have already successfully used to report people trying to sell stolen equipment.

To view statistics or to report a stolen bike, please visit


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