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March 27/99 8:47 am - World Cup Women's MTB Coverage From Napa

Posted by Editoress on 03/27/99

Women's World Cup #1 coverage

3:55pm EST
Racing about to start

With the start of the Women's race less than 10 minutes away, here is a brief report. The course has continued to improve under sunny skies and warm weather. It is "shorts and t-shirts" as the temperature hits a high of 68 degrees F (20 degrees C). There is one section where the course has a creek crossing, and the area before and after the crossing remains very muddy and slippery.

Rob spoke with some of the Canadian riders who are saying it is a "Canadian" type of course - technical and rocky. They feel pretty confident that they will do well here today. The game plan will be though, to get a fast start and get to the front so as not to get caught behind the slower riders.

The race starts with a short 1 km loop before heading out onto the main part of the course for an 8 km loop. The women will do this 4 times and the officials expect the race to last just a little over 2 hours.

The first half of the 8 km consists of a steady climb up to about 700 feet and then the second half is pretty much a downhill run for 4 km with a small uphill part way down.

News briefs:
- Alison Sydor seems to have shaken most of the cold that has been dogging her for the last couple of weeks.

- Chrissy Redden has a new, very short, haircut.

- Ryder Hesjedal is very blonde, - which seems to be the Fisher/Saab team haircolour (at least for this for weekend anyway).

- Miguel Martinez is sporting a set of braces on his teeth, making him look even younger.

- Giro has the best giveaways - cowbells

- In the Junior 15-16 race this morning two Canadian riders from Vancouver took first and second. Ben Sigston for Argyle Highschool in N. Van won by over 10 minutes. Terry Garnett took second. Leslie Tomlinson pointed out that these two young riders are graduates of Doug Detwiller's Sprockids program.

4:10 pm - End of start loop - Alison Dunlap has early lead

Alison Dunlap has jumped into the lead as the riders end the short start loop and set out onto the main part of the course. There is a small chase group formed consisting of Alison Sydor, Paola Pezzo, Laurence Leboucher, and Chantal Daucourt. They have a gap on the main pack, which is being led by Chrissy Redden.

4:30pm EST - Alison Sydor has taken an early lead

Part way up the climb, an area that is called the Disco Fly over, Alison Syder had a 5 second lead on Alison Dunlap. Gunn-Rita Dahle was 40 seconds back then Chrissy Redden and Annabella Stopparo.

At the 3/4 way mark Sydor has increased her lead to 25 seconds.

4:55 pm EST - Dunlap takes over the lead half way through the second lap

As they went through the Disco Fly Over for the second time today, Sydor and Dunlap were riding together. Dahle was just behind them with Chrissy Redden nipping at her heels. Stropparo was sitting comfortable in 5th with Epifanova in 6th. Pezzo 8th about 35 seconds behind the leaders and Leboucher is just behind her.

Melanie McQuaid was the next Canadian rider in 16th place

At the top of the climb, and as they begin the descent, though, Dunlap has opened up a 15 second lead on Sydor. Dahle and Redden are at 25 seconds and Stopparo at 40 seconds

5:30 pm EST - Dunlap increasing her lead

The riders are now well into their third lap of this 4 lap race. Dunlap is showing her climbing strength today. From the middle of the climb to the top she increased her lead over Sydor from 25 to 36 seconds. Sydor has been joined by Dahle, who looks content to sit on Alison's wheel and let her do most of the pulls. Chrissy Redden is solidly in 4th at 55 seconds and Stopparo 5th at 1:30

5:45 pm EST - Dunlap still in the lead, but Dahle and Sydor are closing the gap

Dahle and Sydor are still riding together and have closed Dunlaps lead to 30 seconds as they start up the climb on the last lap. Sydor is looking tired though, and Dahle has gone to the front. Chrissy Redden is still solidly in 4th at 55 seconds back and Stropparo is in 5th at 1:30

A quick call just came in to say that 3/4 of the way up the climb, Dahle has dropped Sydor and Chrissy is beginning to gain on her.

6:05 pm EST - Alison Dunlap wins World Cup #1

Alison Dunlap managed to hold off a last minute charge by Gunn-Rita Dahle to win the first World Cup of the season.

1. Dunlap
2. Dahle at 20 seconds
3. Sydor 40 seconds
4. Redden
5. Stropparo

(times are approximate only). Final results when available


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