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July 20/07 10:20 am - National MTB Champs full DH results

Posted by Editoress on 07/20/07

National MTB Championships DH Mount Washington, BC

Coverage sponsored by Maxxis

Junior/Elite 17+ Women
1. Micayla Gatto (BC) Rocky Mountain Haywood4:49.190
2. Clair Bouchar (BC) Cove4:51.123
3. Katrina Strand (BC)5:26.938
4. Sheila Morris (ON) GRAVITESSE5:34.508
5. Kelly Kozevnikov (BC) Steed Cycles5:40.093
6. Amber Zirnhelt (BC) Brodie Bikes/Loeka5:43.081
7. Tanya Grunsky (BC) Cyclepath Kelowna-Utopia Optics5:50.615
8. Andreanne Miller (BC) Devinci5:51.766
9. Anne Laplante* (QC) Équipe du Québec6:01.810
10. Miranda Miller* (BC) Team BC7:17.526
DNS. Kristen Smart (BC) Cove Bikes
Junior/Elite 17+ Men
1. Luke Kitzanuk (BC) Giant Mountain Bike Team3:55.086
2. Steve Chan (BC) Giant4:01.803
3. Hans Lambert* (QC) Sports Aux Puces-Oakley-Hype Energy4:05.044
4. Geoff Pendrel (BC) PinkBike4:06.161
5. Louis-Phillippe Leonard (QC) Equipe Quebec4:06.254
6. Peter McLean (ON) Primary/Daredevil/Devinci/Sram∑4:06.419
7. Ewan Farfard (BC) Maple Ridge Cycle4:06.691
8. Dean Tennant (BC) Appalache/Dangerboy4:07.985
9. Eric Goss (BC) Giant Canada4:09.428
10. Nick Dent (BC) Giant Canada/NRG4:10.962
11. Steve Smith* (BC) Cove4:11.320
12. Tyler Morland (BC) Cove Bikes4:12.074
13. Charles-Alexandre Dubé (QC) Cove bike-sombrio4:12.092
14. Dominick Ménard (QC) Team Giant Canada4:12.312
15. Brett Hornfelt (BC) Empire Bike Shop-Utopia-Crankbrothers4:13.903
16. Guillaume Soucy-Alarie (QC) BDH racing4:14.675
17. Couper Stuart (BC) Primary Divinci4:15.850
18. Dan Skogland (BC) Cove Bike4:15.980
19. Tim Coleman (BC) John Henry Bikes4:16.094
20. Neil McKinnon (BC)4:18.156
21. Ryan Vanderham* (BC)4:18.472
22. Derek Chambers (BC) PinkBike/Devinci4:20.244
23. Andrew Mitchell (BC)4:22.309
24. Jean Philippe Da Silva (QC) Ironhorse / Intersport4:22.703
25. Brent Anderson (BC) Mountain City Cycle4:23.020
26. Matt Zdriluk* (ON) commencal/dropmachine.com4:24.291
27. Simon Garstin* (BC) Mountain City Cycles4:25.282
28. Justin Brown (ON) Cycle Solutions4:25.283
29. Adam Mcconaghy (BC) Commencal/Drop Machine4:25.292
30. Emmanuel Daoust* (QC)4:25.801
31. James Jeannet* (QC) Team DHRacer4:26.298
32. Drew Pautler (ON) Primary Daredevil4:26.336
33. Tyler Paksi* (AB) ADHRA4:29.777
34. Nicholas Foster (QC) Orange/Mojo4:30.050
35. Yann Gauvin* (QC) Équipe du Québec - Marin bikes4:32.054
36. Arnaud Dulude (QC) martin swiss cycles4:32.718
37. Mitch Thornton (AB) Giant / Cyclepath Calgary4:34.116
38. Scott Halvorson* (BC) Team Squamish/Kona/MMR4:34.796
39. Stephen Buresy* (BC) Gericks Cycle4:35.700
40. Joey Jenkins (ON) Primary Daredevil4:36.114
41. Tyler Gorz* (BC) Team BC4:36.346
42. Justin Terwiel (BC) full boar4:36.860
43. Nick Quinn (AB) CC DH Team4:39.152
44. Maxime Fortin Faubert* (QC) FH RACING4:41.086
45. Robert McPhalen* (AB) Calgary Cycle4:41.444
46. Chris Fisher (BC)4:41.487
47. Vincent Tremblay* (QC) Équipe du Québec / Devinci4:42.912
48. Leighton Allsop* (BC) Transition Bikes4:43.252
49. Geoff Briggs* (AB) Calgary Cycle DH Team4:44.780
50. Darryl Bartlett (BC) Cove Scram Bikes4:49.341
51. Jeremy Allouche* (BC) Marin/ MMR4:54.013
52. Kevin Cooper (AB) Calgary Cycle4:54.047
53. Braeden Chapman* (BC)4:56.487
54. Harrison Gould* (BC) Kona MMR Sombrio5:17.544
55. Patrick Bisson (QC) Impact Designs.ca5:28.329
56. Quinn Lanzon* (QC) Primary Daredevil5:29.272
57. Fraser Britton (QC) Orange Mojo5:45.159
58. Cameron Loftus* (ON) FH RACING5:49.470
DNF. James Biluk (BC) Cove Bikes
DNF. Kyle Lockyer* (ON) Cycle Solutions
DNF. Jeff Beatty (BC) Orange Mojo
DNF. Derek Cowell (ON) PoisonFrog Promotion
DNS. Kevin Bartkowski (BC) Cove Scram Bikes
DNS. Alexander MacMillan* (AB) MCL-Racing-
DNS. Robbie Davidson (ON)
DNS. Justin Willoughby (AB) Calgary Cycle
DNS. Curtis Teichrib* (BC) Full Boar Bike Store


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