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July 23/07 7:35 am - Fresh Air Experience 4th Annual Stage Race (Sask Cup #4)

Posted by Editoress on 07/23/07

Sask Cup #4 - Fresh Air Experience 4th Annual Stage Race July 21-22, Prince Albert SK

The road race/stage 1 was held in Waskesui, stage 2/hill climb and stage 3 the criterium were held in Prince Albert.

General Classification

Cat 2/3
1. Chris McGarity (NBR)4:02:25
2. Ben Rempel (Cycledelia)4:02:25
3. Nathan Underwood (Cycledelia)4:02:38
4. James Spooner (Cycledelia)4:02:50
5. Pedro Peralta Elgueta (RCC)4:03:01
5. Dave Bitschy (Offrd)4:03:01
7. Frank Matus (Horizon)4:03:02
8. William Urton (One Day)4:03:04
9. Brad Clifford (RCC)4:03:09
10. Stephen Cooley (Cycledelia)4:03:16
11. Neil Clarke (BCW)4:06:25
12. Bruce Gordon (Cycledelia)
13. Brock Campbell (Cycledelia)
14. Scott Cranston (Cycledelia)
DNF. Mark Bouthillette (Cycledelia)
DNF. Corey Borolien (Cycledelia)
DNF. Kevin Williams (Cycledelia)
DNF. Blair Chapman (Cycledelia)
DNF. Curtis Leschyshyn (One Day)
DNF. Paul Kowalzik (RnR)
DNF. Jason Cherney (Lumsden)
Category 4
1. Cuylar Conly (Cycledelia)2:58:13
2. Markel Chernenkoff (Cycledelia)2:58:34
3. Andrew Schietzsch 2:58:55
4. Cornelius Kluge (Cycledelia)2:58:56
5. Rick Vircaus (RCC)2:59:12
6. Garth Patterson (Cycledelia)2:59:14
7. Jim Large (MJ Pavers)2:59:16
8. Robert Myrchak (MJ Pavers)3:05:56
9. Chris Christie (Horizon )3:11:43
10. Phil Anderson (RCC)3:15:52
DNF. Peter Steckhan (Cycledelia)
Category 5
1. Kristian Miller (RCC)2:32:15
2. Mike Powers (BCW)2:32:46
3. Shane MacNaughton (RCC)2:32:49
4. Rachael Edwards (S'toon Triath)2:32:57
5. Michael McGarity (BCW)2:33:07
6. Abby Miller 2:33:26
7. Lincoln Lu (NBR)2:34:35
8. Gabrielle Edwards (S'toon Triath)2:34:39
9. Andre Coutu (BCW)2:43:51
10. Luke Paterson (NBR)2:45:55
11. Peter Miller (Cycledelia)3:10:06
DNF. Todd Peterson (One Day)
DNF. Stephanie Debray (NBR)
DNF. Karl Harasyn (RNR)
DNF. Arnold Boldt (MJ Pavers)
DNF. Corey Funk (One Day)
DNF. Julian Peppler (One Day)
1. Julia Garnet (BCW)2:50:36
2. Susan Clarke (BCW)2:51:59
3. Wilma Van Niekerk (MJ Pavers)3:21:02
4. Kathleen McGarity (BCW)3:39:39
DNF. Dana Muma (Cycledelia)
DNF. Andrea Grzesina (NBR)
DNF. Kylie Morin (Cycledelia)

Full Results


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