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July 27/07 10:03 am - The International Tour de `Toona: Women Stage 4

Posted by Editoress on 07/27/07

The International Tour de `Toona Pennsylvania

Stage 4 (July 26th): Hollidaysburg Circuit, 96.6 km

1. Laura Van Gilder (UCI WPT Cheerwine)2:26:33
2. Alison Testroete (Team
3. Katharine Carroll (Aaron's Corporate)
4. Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton)
5. Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO)
6. Annette Bentler (Colavita/Sutter Home)
7. Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton)
8. Kristin Sanders (Aaron's Corporate)
9. Jennifer Stephenson (Team Ultralink)
10. Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders)
11. Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/Sutter Home)
12. Heather Labance (Advil Chapstick)
13. Stacy Marple (Team TIBCO)
14. Mara Abbott (Webcor Builders)
15. Chrissy Ruiter (UCI WPT Cheerwine)
16. Amber Rais (Webcor Builders)
17. Felicia Gomez (Aaron's Corporate)
18. Lauren Franges (TEAm Lipton)
19. Julie Beveridge (Bike Hugger)
20. Anne Samplonius (Team
21. Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders)
22. Erinne Willock (Team
23. Robin Farina (Bike Hugger)all s.t.
24. Alex Wrubleski (Colavita/Sutter Home)0:11
25. Catherine Cheatley (UCI WPT Cheerwine)
26. Carmen McNellis (Aaron's Corporate)
27. Leigh Hobson (UCI WPT Cheerwine)
28. Joelle Numainville (Team
29. Marisa Asplund (Team TIBCO)all s.t.
30. Nichole Wangsgard (Bike Hugger)0:24
31. Iona Wynter (Colavita/Sutter Home)
32. Marni Hambleton (ValueAct Capital Cycling)
33. Rachel Heal (Webcor Builders)all s.t.
34. Gina Grain (Team
35. Megan Guarnier (Bike Hugger)s.t.
36. Heather Sborz (Team Kenda Tire)0:33
37. Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci Breakaway Racing)0:36
38. Alison Powers (Colavita/Sutter Home)0:41
39. Brooke Ourada (UCI WPT Cheerwine)0:44
40. Kathleen Billington (TargetTraining Women)s.t.
41. Lyne Bessette (Equipe du Quebec)0:52
42. Helen Kelly (Webcor Builders)
43. Rebecca Larson (Aaron's Corporate)0:55
44. Betina Hold (UCI WPT Cheerwine)0:59
45. Elizabeth Frye (UCI WPT Cheerwine)1:04
46. Joanie Caron (Equipe du Quebec)1:17
47. Moriah MacGregor (ValueAct Capital Cycling)
48. Kele Murdin (Team Ultralink)
49. Rebecca Much (TargetTraining Women)all s.t.
50. Genevieve Gauthier (Bike Hugger)1:27
51. Julie Bellerose (Waste Management)1:33
52. Catherine Powers (Aaron's Corporate)1:53
53. Shontelle Gauthier (Team Ultralink)
54. Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/Sutter Home)2:01
55. Karol-Ann Canuel (Equipe du Quebec)2:06
56. Jessie MacLean (Verducci Breakaway Racing)
57. Laura Yoisten (Webcor Builders)2:26
58. Meredith Miller (TEAm Lipton)6:27
59. Lara Kroepsch (TEAm Lipton)
60. Anna Milkowski (Advil Chapstick)9:58
61. Victoria Bastide (Team TIBCO)
62. Catherine Hogan (Equipe du Quebec)
63. Jacquelyn Crowell (Verducci Breakaway Racing)
64. Maria Monica (Waste Management)
65. Laura Bowles (Advil Chapstick)
66. Elisa Gagnon (Advil Chapstick)
67. Melissa Holt (Team
68. Natalie Klemko (Advil Chapstick)all s.t.
69. Hannah Banks (ValueAct Capital Cycling)12:30
70. Suz Weldon (Bike Hugger)17:24
71. Beverly Harper (Webcor Builders)
72. Cecelia Pleva (Waste Management)
73. Sharon Allpress (ValueAct Capital Cycling)
74. Kirsten Robbins (Advil Chapstick)
75. Kristina Seley (Waste Management)all s.t.
76. Sarah Bamberger (UCI WPT Cheerwine)17:39
77. Kristin Keim (Team Kenda Tire)18:17
78. Olivia Dillon (Waste Management)
79. Julia Bradley (Verducci Breakaway Racing)
80. Amanda Lozano (TargetTraining Women)
81. Sarah Caravella (Aaron's Corporate)
82. Katie Lambden (Team TIBCO)
83. Liza Rachetto (Team TIBCO)
84. Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda Tire)all s.t.
85. Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Sutter Home)18:25
86. Andrea Myers (TargetTraining Women)20:47
DNF. Chamblee Abernethy (Team Kenda Tire)
DNF. Gina Kavesh (Bike Hugger)
DNF. Genevieve Gagnon (Team Ultralink)
DNF. Rachel Warner (TargetTraining Women)
1. Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton)9:24:14
2. Felicia Gomez (Aaron's Corporate)1:15
3. Christine Thorburn (Webcor Builders)3:12
4. Mara Abbott (Webcor Builders)
5. Amber Rais (Webcor Builders)
6. Katheryn Curi (Webcor Builders)all s.t.
7. Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton)3:20
8. Lauren Franges (TEAm Lipton)
9. Chrissy Ruiter (UCI WPT Cheerwine)both s.t.
10. Alison Powers (Colavita/Sutter Home)3:46
11. Annette Bentler (Colavita/Sutter Home)3:47
12. Alex Wrubleski (Colavita/Sutter Home)3:58
13. Alison Testroete (Team
14. Kristin Sanders (Aaron's Corporate)4:28
15. Erinne Willock (Team
16. Lyne Bessette (Equipe du Quebec)4:38
17. Laura Van Gilder (UCI WPT Cheerwine)4:41
18. Rachel Heal (Webcor Builders)4:53
19. Julie Beveridge (Bike Hugger)4:55
20. Leigh Hobson (UCI WPT Cheerwine)4:57
21. Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/Sutter Home)5:06
22. Stacy Marple (Team TIBCO)5:13
23. Marisa Asplund (Team TIBCO)s.t.
24. Betina Hold (UCI WPT Cheerwine)7:31
25. Genevieve Gauthier (Bike Hugger)7:38
26. Katharine Carroll (Aaron's Corporate)8:24
27. Heather Labance (Advil Chapstick)8:29
28. Anne Samplonius (Team
29. Catherine Cheatley (UCI WPT Cheerwine)9:38
30. Carmen McNellis (Aaron's Corporate)12:05
31. Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO)12:13
32. Iona Wynter (Colavita/Sutter Home)15:15
33. Brooke Ourada (UCI WPT Cheerwine)15:26
34. Heather Sborz (Team Kenda Tire)15:37
35. Kathleen Billington (TargetTraining Women)16:13
36. Rebecca Much (TargetTraining Women)18:23
37. Robin Farina (Bike Hugger)18:46
38. Victoria Bastide (Team TIBCO)19:41
39. Meredith Miller (TEAm Lipton)20:50
40. Gina Grain (Team
41. Joelle Numainville (Team
42. Jacquelyn Crowell (Verducci Breakaway Racing)23:22
43. Megan Guarnier (Bike Hugger)23:57
44. Rebecca Larson (Aaron's Corporate)26:25
45. Jennifer Stephenson (Team Ultralink)27:00
46. Catherine Powers (Aaron's Corporate)27:19
47. Marni Hambleton (ValueAct Capital Cycling)27:27
48. Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci Breakaway Racing)27:43
49. Kele Murdin (Team Ultralink)28:17
50. Moriah MacGregor (ValueAct Capital Cycling)28:20
51. Karol-Ann Canuel (Equipe du Quebec)s.t.
52. Elizabeth Frye (UCI WPT Cheerwine)30:05
53. Nichole Wangsgard (Bike Hugger)31:27
54. Suz Weldon (Bike Hugger)31:31
55. Kirsten Robbins (Advil Chapstick)32:30
56. Maria Monica (Waste Management)32:39
57. Shontelle Gauthier (Team Ultralink)32:43
58. Helen Kelly (Webcor Builders)34:56
59. Melissa Holt (Team
60. Jessie MacLean (Verducci Breakaway Racing)35:33
61. Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/Sutter Home)35:53
62. Laura Bowles (Advil Chapstick)36:00
63. Julie Bellerose (Waste Management)36:25
64. Beverly Harper (Webcor Builders)37:55
65. Sarah Bamberger (UCI WPT Cheerwine)38:25
66. Joanie Caron (Equipe du Quebec)38:31
67. Laura Yoisten (Webcor Builders)38:58
68. Elisa Gagnon (Advil Chapstick)39:23
69. Hannah Banks (ValueAct Capital Cycling)39:33
70. Natalie Klemko (Advil Chapstick)42:20
71. Catherine Hogan (Equipe du Quebec)42:32
72. Kristina Seley (Waste Management)43:26
73. Lara Kroepsch (TEAm Lipton)45:07
74. Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda Tire)45:11
75. Anna Milkowski (Advil Chapstick)45:23
76. Sharon Allpress (ValueAct Capital Cycling)46:13
77. Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Sutter Home)49:58
78. Katie Lambden (Team TIBCO)50:41
79. Liza Rachetto (Team TIBCO)54:31
80. Julia Bradley (Verducci Breakaway Racing)55:34
81. Cecelia Pleva (Waste Management)56:34
82. Amanda Lozano (TargetTraining Women)58:54
83. Sarah Caravella (Aaron's Corporate)59:47
84. Andrea Myers (TargetTraining Women)1:00:56
85. Kristin Keim (Team Kenda Tire)1:13:47
86. Olivia Dillon (Waste Management)1:20:04


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