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July 28/07 11:45 am - Alberta ITT Championships

Posted by Editoress on 07/28/07

Alberta Provincial TT Championships Canmore AB

Open Men
1. Bruce Copeland (Juventus/RVC/Kona)52:50.3
2. Shawn Goulet (Pedalhead Road Works)54:08.3
3. Trev Williams (Speed Theory Cycling)54:13.5
4. Kyle Marcotte (TRS Racing)55:12.6
5. Trevor Gunderson (Team H&R Block)55:47.7
6. Cyrus Kangarloo (Team H&R Block)55:47.9
7. Kevin Masters (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)56:16.1
8. Anthony Steenbergen (Team H&R Block)56:22.4
9. Jared Green (TRS Racing)56:30.2
10. Bob Veroba (bicisport)57:11.5
11. Jeff Bolstad (Team H&R Block)57:32.0
12. Spencer Smitheman (Team H&R Block)57:33.6
13. Graham Rudge (ERTC/redbike)57:57.8
14. Aaron Schooler (ERTC/redbike)58:15.0
15. Jesse James Collins (bicisport)58:36.7
16. Nicolas Andrichuk (Team H&R Block)58:44.7
17. Carson Bannon (TRS Racing)59:09.9
18. Geoff Johns (The Bike Shop)1:00:26.8
19. Manuel Fehlmann (Independent)1:03:27.0
DNF Shawn Taylor (Team H&R Block)
Category 3
1. Gideon Krishtalka (Team H&R Block)56:07.5
2. Dallas Morris (Team H&R Block)56:25.2
3. Frank Woolstencroft (TRS Racing)56:26.1
4. Don King (CMC/Bow Cycle)56:34.1
5. Brennan Bagdan (Pedalhead Road Works)58:19.5
6. Rod Tiedemann (Velocity)58:22.0
7. Kyle Anderson (ERTC/redbike)59:52.8
8. Rob Leeds (CMC/Bow Cycle)1:01:13.3
9. Bob Mckerrell (bicisport)1:04:11.5
Category 4
1. Jamie Marshall (Crankmasters)57:35.2
2. Adam Boyko (Team H&R Block)58:55.6
3. Alex Mccormick (Juventus)59:57.8
4. George Irwin (Juventus)1:00:01.5
5. Ryan Campbell (bicisport)1:00:08.6
6. Kyle Harris (Pedalhead Roadworks)1:00:11.6
7. Martin Day (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)1:00:26.8
8. Michael Patrick Mckay (Pedalhead Road Works)1:00:28.3
9. Scott Book (ERTC/redbike)1:00:54.4
10. Steven Reid (Pedalhead Road Works)1:01:42.9
11. Thomas Auer (Calgary Cycle)1:02:56.4
12. Larry Welsh (Independent)1:03:01.3
13. Mark Dumesnil (Pedalhead Road Works)1:03:12.4
14. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)1:04:03.9
15. Stephen Davis (Bow Cycle/Cyclemeisters)1:04:08.3
16. Darin Schacker (Juventus)1:04:59.0
17. Stephen Andrichuk (CMC/Bow Cycle)1:08:08.1
18. Paul Kozak (ERTC/redbike)1:10:02.2
19. Patrick Brick (Team Coastal)1:18:38.2
20. Bill Blonski (bicisport)1:18:52.2
Category 5
1. Hal Kuntze (TRS Racing)58:07.4
2. Ryan Murray (Speed Theory)59:12.3
3. Lorne Dmitruk (9th Street Cycle Logic)1:00:13.3
4. Shaw Alexander (Speed Theory)1:00:31.2
5. Steven Johnson (Independent)1:00:52.4
6. Shane Siegel (Pedalhead Road Works)1:02:45.2
7. Mark Toth (The Bike Shop)1:03:31.1
8. Spencer Hall (bicisport)1:03:58.6
9. Jim Yeske (Edmonton Masters CC)1:04:16.1
10. Jacek Kasprzyk (Crankmasters)1:05:03.5
11. Hendrik Van Jaarsveldt (Independent)1:06:02.1
12. Jason Buijs (Eurotech)1:06:22.2
13. Kim Liss (Independent)1:07:16.9
14. TJ Watson (bicisport)1:07:48.0
15. Gary Taylor (Crankmasters)1:07:49.2
16. Wes Zaniecki (Crankmasters)1:08:19.2
17. Warren Schmitz (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)1:08:37.0
18. Rob Barfuss (Headwinds)1:10:19.4
19. George Berry (Velocity)1:10:48.8
20. Richard Cairney (ERTC/redbike)1:11:33.7
21. Eric Wong (bicisport)1:11:34.8
22. Brayden Mcdougall (bicisport)1:12:01.1
23. Byron Noriega (Independent)1:13:34.0
24. Francisco Noriega (Independent)1:14:14.0
Women A
1. Annett Kamenz (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)1:00:20.9
2. Carrie Tuck (Team H&R Block)1:03:15.6
3. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy)1:04:25.4
4. Adrienne Tibbitts (Terrascape Racing)1:04:26.9
5. Amy Woodward (CMC/Bow Cycle)1:05:45.2
6. Dianna Kennedy (Team H&R Block)1:09:26.8
Women B
7. Sky Mitchell (Team H&R Block)1:09:45.4
8. Caitlin Devaney (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)1:12:04.0
9. Lindsay Herrick (Aerobic Power/ Fresh Start)1:12:22.8
10. Caitlin Pietras (Rundle Mountain CC)1:16:10.2
11. Aimee Willette (CMC/ Bow Cycle)1:16:32.6
12. Anastasia Stadnyk (bicisport)1:26:32.1
Master Men A
1. Chris Mcneil (Team H&R Block)55:37.0
2. Craig Debellefeuille (Synergy)58:49.8
3. Keith Bayly (Synergy)58:51.5
4. Dennis Bland (TRS Racing)58:58.8
5. Rob Brandrick (Independent)59:45.8
6. Jeff Neilson (Terrascape)1:00:29.2
7. Jason Nadeau (Independent)1:03:11.7
8. Harly Borlee (Team H&R Block)1:04:46.2
Master Men B
1. Gary Brown (Rundle Mountain CC)56:08.3
2. Phil Rayner (Headwinds CC)58:35.3
3. Zbigniew Szymanski (United Cycle)58:42.4
4. Kevin Rokosh (ERTC/redbike)59:09.0
5. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)1:00:00.4
6. Peter Toth (Juventus)1:00:03.7
7. David C. Watson (Velocity)1:00:57.9
8. Rob Reid (Rundle Mountain CC)1:02:44.9
9. Phil Williamson (Crankmasters)1:02:57.8
10. Stuart Black (Crankmasters)1:03:24.9
11. Carlos Salas (TRS Racing)1:04:42.9
12. Ken Germaine (9th street Cycle Logic)1:05:19.5
13. Michael Johns (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)1:05:32.0
14. Bill Quinney (The Bike Shop)1:06:15.3
15. Doug Urness (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)1:09:04.7
16. Paul Becher (Independent)1:10:03.8
DNF Robert Martens (Blizzard)
DNF Francois Belanger (Eurotech)
Master Men C
1. Ed Heacock (Edmonton Masters CC)58:56.6
2. James Janzen (Crankmasters)59:33.2
3. Wayne Long (United Cycle)1:00:14.5
4. Jack Funk (Deadgoat)1:01:52.5
5. Peter Farran (Crankmasters)1:02:12.0
6. Don Fox (Juventus)1:04:46.1
7. Michael Zelensky (Terrascape Racing)1:04:58.0
8. Jim Smith (CMC/Bow Cycle)1:07:19.0
9. Clive Burke (9th Street Cycle Logic)1:07:31.9
10. Don Mankewich (Alberta Randonneurs)1:07:27.8
11. Tom Keogh (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)1:10:40.4
12. Mike Healy (Speed Theory)1:10:58.0
13. David Kay (Grande Prairie Wheelers)1:11:46.7
14. Bruce Acton (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start)1:15:03.4
Master Men D
1. Peter Heppleston (Edmonton Masters CC)1:02:39.4
2. Patrick Hodgkinson (Crankmasters)1:22:11.3
Master Women A
1. Jill Kuntze (TRS Racing)1:08:03.2
Master Women B
1. Joanne Breau (bicisport)1:04:16.9
2. Carolyn Soules (Crankmasters)1:04:37.0
Master Women C
1. Karen Cameron (Calgary Crankmasters)1:14:24.0


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