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August 5/07 3:28 am - Tour de Dieppe Crit & GC

Posted by Editor on 08/5/07

Tour de Dieppe
Courtesy Luc Arseneau

Criterium Results and GC

1Derek Goodwin (Sea Level)1:01:45
2Terry Tomlin (Pedros Atlantic)1:01:46
3Geoff MacDonald (Edmonton Road and Track Club)1:01:46
4Jeff Currie (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:46
5Lorenzo Caterini (Pedros Atlantic)1:01:46
6Francois Gazzano (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:46
7Shaughn Smith (Bike Works)1:01:46
8Daniel Leger (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:46
9Michael LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:46
10Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:46
11Jean Leger (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:52
12Scott Clark (Pedros Atlantic)1:01:53
13Ian Dennis (Mike's Bike Shop)1:01:53
14James Atwood (Sea Level)1:03:21
15LeBlanc Derick (Mike's Bike Shop)1:03:30
16Kris Barr (Pedros Atlantic)1:03:31
17Pablo Vergara (Mike's Bike Shop)1:03:48
18Boudreau Patrice (Mike's Bike Shop)1:03:58
19Fenton Cunningham (Sea Level)1:08:37
20Jim Currie (Hub Cycle)DNS
21Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop)DNS
1Lorenzo Caterini (Pedros Atlantic)1:04:27
2Geoff MacDonald (Edmonton Road and Track Club)at 0:01
3Terry Tomlin (Pedros Atlantic)0:04
4Derek Goodwin (Sea Level)0:06
5Shaughn Smith (Bike Works)0:09
6Jeff Currie (Mike's Bike Shop)0:11
7Charles Cormier (Mike's Bike Shop)0:12
8Michael LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)0:13
9Daniel Leger (Mike's Bike Shop)0:18
10Scott Clark (Pedros Atlantic)0:23
11Ian Dennis (Mike's Bike Shop)0:24
12Jean Leger (Mike's Bike Shop)0:28
13Kris Barr (Pedros Atlantic)1:55
14James Atwood (Sea Level)1:59
15Derick LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)2:04
16Pablo Vergara (Mike's Bike Shop)2:19
17Boudreau Patrice (Mike's Bike Shop)2:48
18Fenton Cunningham (Sea Level)7:37
19Francois Gazzano (Mike's Bike Shop)--
20Jim Currie (Hub Cycle)--
21Paul Goobie (Mike's Bike Shop)--
1Terry Tomlin25 points
2Lorenzo Catarini19
3Geoff MacDonald13
4Derek Goodwin10
5Micheal LeBlanc6
6Jeff Currie5
7Shaughn Smith3
8Charles Cormier3
9Kris Barr2
10Francois Gazzono1
1Kelly Murray (Radical Edge F'ton)42:41
2Sacha LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)43:32
3Melanie Bordage (Mike's Bike Shop)43:32
4Michelle Chase (Mike's Bike Shop)43:32
5Laura Homenick (Mike's Bike Shop)43:32
6Zuzana Ecerova (Mike's Bike Shop)43:32
1Kelly Murray Radical Edge F'ton)45:40
2Sacha LeBlanc (Mike's Bike Shop)at 0:59
3Zuzana Ecerova (Mike's Bike Shop)1:05
4Laura Homenick (Mike's Bike Shop)1:09
5Melanie Bordage (Mike's Bike Shop)1:11
6Michelle Chase (Mike's Bike Shop)1:14
1Kelly Murray30 points
2Sacha LeBlanc18
3Melanie Bordage8
4Zuzana Ecerova7
5Laura Homonick7
6Michelle Chasse4


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