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August 5/07 4:25 am - Canadians at Junior Worlds Day 1

Posted by Editor on 08/5/07

Junior Worlds - Mexico

Canadian results from the first day of track competition.

Cycling B.C. sent the following comments from Canadian Pursuiter Matt Potma:

I rode my pursuit yesterday. I was feeling pretty good at the time; did some fast 1.5k efforts the day before.

The wind was somewhat mild, about 10-15kph, tailwind through the first banking. I went out slow (relatively speaking), pulling about 23s laps at first. A lot of riders were blowing, and I was afraid that would happen to me as well. It all went quite fast, before I knew it, there were only 3 laps left (1km) and I was still comfortable. I opened it up a lot, brought my laps down to 22s, the last being a 21.4. My kilos were 1:13, 1:09, 1:06. Far from ideal, but still rode a short 3:28. The time placed me 10th overall and I had the 2nd fastest final kilo of the day!

Scratch Race is tonight, no qualifying rounds, just straight to the final of 20 riders. I looked over the starting list and the only name I recognized from the top few riders in the pursuit was Travis Meyer.

I'm feeling good, I have a decent top end power and think a good result is quite attainable tonight.

Men's PursuitQualifying
1Travis MeyerAUS3:19.733
2Evgeny KovalevRUS3:22.297
3Leigh HowardAUS3:22.729
4Jerome CousinFRA3:23.571
5Fabian SchaarGER3:24.851
6Alex CullNZL3:25.242
7Paolo LocatelliITA3:25.329
8Viktor ShmalkoRUS3:26.453
9Shane ArchboldNZL3:27.201
10Matthew PotmaCAN3:28.444
11Luca PiriniITA3:28.857
12Piotr KasperkiewiczPOL3:29.171
13Michael ReidleGER3:29.442
14Albert Torres BarceloESP3:29.493
15Luis Mas BonetESP3:30.422
16Petr KaltofenCZE3:32.508
17Salazar Castane Hugo SebastianCOL3:33.630
18Arthur VanoverbergheBEL3:34.047
19Ricardo VelardeMEX3:37.367
20Roy PietersNED3:37.522
21Jakub NovakCZE3:38.164
22Marijn De KockNED3:39.099
23Uri MartinsMEX3:39.529
24Juan BrecciarolliARG3:41.134
25Diego Jose Flores De LeonGUA3:42.785
26Londy Morales AqunoGUA3:44.090
DNFAvila Vanegas Edwin AlcibiadesCOL
GoldTravis MeyerAUS03:23.8
SilverEvgeny KovalevRUS03:29.9
BronzeLeigh HowardAUS03:23.4
4Jerome CousinFRA03:24.2
Women's Sprint200M Qualifier
1Monique SullivanCAN11.523
2Kristina VogelGER11.578
3Victoria BaranovaRUS11.604
4Natasha HansenNZL11.614
5Jess VarnishGBR11.687
6Charlene DelevGER11.697
7Josephine ButlerAUS11.73
8Sabine BretschneiderGER11.771
9Huang Ting YingTPE11.772
10Renata DabrowskaPOL11.79
11Yennifer CesarVEN11.873
12Philippa HindmarshAUS11.929
13Marina GandiniITA11.93
14Lizandra RamirezCUB11.979
15Elena MelnichenkoRUS12.317
16Szu Ping LinTPE12.499
17Estefany Mariso Tinajero CobosMEX12.718
18Caroline LealMEX12.983
19Maricarmen MartinezMEX13.845
1/16 Final(Top 5 from Qualifying skip)
Heat 1
1Charlene DelevGER12.843
2Maricarmen MartinezMEX
Heat 2
1Josephine ButlerAUS12.752
2Caroline LealMEX
Heat 3
1Sabine BretschneiderGER12.43
2Estefany Mariso Tinajero CobosMEX
Heat 4
1Huang Ting YingTPE13.567
2Szu Ping LinTPE
Heat 5
1Renata DabrowskaPOL12.793
2Elena MelnichenkoRUS
Heat 6
1Lizandra RamirezCUB12.212
2Yennifer CesarVEN
Heat 7
1Marina GandiniITA13.001
2Philippa HindmarshAUS


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