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August 7/07 2:31 am - Cyclissimo Grand Prix (Ontario): Elite Women, Elite Men, Master 1 Men

Posted by Editoress on 08/7/07

Cyclissimo Grand Prix - Aurora, Ontario
Courtesy Doug Pogue

Presented by Cyclissimo Cycling Club
Proceeds to benefit the Yellow Brick House

Sunday August 5, 2007

Elite 1 & 2 Women Results - 99 km - Average Speed 34.2 km/h
1 Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RWE.12:53:31
2 Kathryn Rozitis (Zm Cycling Club) RWE.2at 0:03
3 Heather Logan (Independent) RWE.2
4 Natasha Elliott (The Cyclery) RWE.1both s.t.
5 Anne Guzman (Mazur Coaching) RWE.10:23
6 Ireen Wieditz (Terry Precision Cycling Team) RWE.22:07
7 Heather Davidson-Meyn (Mazurcoaching.Com) RWE.17:50
8 Jessica Spence (Mazurcoaching.Com) RWE.18:52
9 Kristen Lake (Sweet Pete's) RWE.228:01
DNF Carrie Cartmill (Jamis Racing) RWE.2
DNF Terri Gregotski (Fly Gurlz) RWE.2
DNF Diana Joness (Team R.A.C.E) RWE.2
DNF Allison Lampi (Euro-Sports.Ca / Foodery Cycli) RWE.2
DNF Rebecca Nelson (Mazurcoaching.Com) RWE.1
Elite 1 & 2 Men Results - 156.75 km - Average Speed 39.6 km/h
1 Derrick St. John (The Cyclery) RME.13:57:39
2 Nathan Chown (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.2
3 Andrew Randell (Symmetrics Cycling T) RME.1
4 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) RME.1
5 Thomas Foster (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif) RME.2
6 Alex Bhogal (Mazurcoaching.Com) RME.2
7 Zack Morris (Jet Fuel Coffee) RME.1
8 Brendan Matthias (Mazurcoaching.Com) RME.2all s.t.
9 Chris Freeland (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.2at 0:03
10 Craig Deveer (Team Expresscopy.Com) RME.10:46
11 Andrew Nichol (Mazurcoaching.Com) RME.15:24
12 Todd Scheske (Preferred Care) RME.16:07
13 Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.1
14 Jeffery Schiller (Independent) RME.1
15 Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RME.1
16 Thorben Wieditz (Italpasta-Transport Belmire) RME.1
17 Rob Rice (Sudbury Cycling Club) RME.1
18 Mathew Bell (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.2
19 Bryson Bowers (Jet Fuel Coffee) RME.1
20 Mark Pozniak (Team Race.Com) RME.1all s.t.
PUL Mark Batty (Team R.A.C.E) RME.2
PUL Ian Bickis (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.1
PUL Matthew Bonin (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.1
PUL David Cramer (Jet Fuel Coffee) RME.2
PUL Jamie Gilgen (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.2
PUL Andrew Hunt (St. Catharines Cycling Club) RME.2
PUL Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain Haywood) RME.2
PUL Marco Li (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.2
PUL Daniel Maggiacomo (Italpasta-Transport Belmire) RME.1
PUL Peter Mogg (The Hub Bicycle Club) RME.2
PUL Keith Moore (Team Spin 12) RME.1
PUL Ryan Nye (Preferred Care/Queen City Cycl) RME.2
PUL Keir Plaice (Emd Serono Cycle Logik Racing) RME.2
PUL Jonathan Prosser (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif) RME.2
PUL Bryan Rusche (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.1
PUL Jason Skalski (Preferred Care) RME.2
PUL Brandon Throop (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.2
PUL Jason Valenti (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.2
PUL Ed Veal (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.1
PUL Zachary Winn (Impala Bicycles) RME.2
PUL Josh Hall (Jet Fuel Coffee) RME.1
PUL Kevin Hazzard (Jet Fuel Coffee) RME.2
DNF Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RME.1
DNF Haydn Boucher (3 Rox Racing) RME.2
DNF Craig Browne (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.2
DNF Vince De Jong (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.2
DNF Michael Dekelver (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RME.2
DNF Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RME.1
DNF James Larmer (Sudbury Cycling Club) RME.2
DNF James Macdonald (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.1
DNF Ian Manning (Team Spin 12) RME.1
DNF Michael Mathis (Preferred Care/Queen City Cycl) RME.1
DNF Jerome Samson (Sweet Pete's) RME.2
DNF Andrew Watson (Team Race.Com) RME.2
DNF Mark Stables (Independent) RME.2
NP Andrew Bradbury (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RME.2
NP Michael Cowan (Independent) RME.2
NP Derrek Ivey (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's) RME.1
NP Matt Kings (Hamilton Cycling Club) RME.2
NP Sebastian Porten (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif) RME.2
NP Eric Robertson (Team R.A.C.E) RME.2
NP Chris Saunders (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.2
NP Justin Steeds (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif) RME.2
NP Ciro Viviano (Maple Leaf Cycling Club) RME.2
NP Blair Purvis (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RME.2
Master 1 Men Results - 123.75 km - Average Speed 37.8 km/h
1 Charlie Squires (London Honda Westhaven Homes) RMM.13:16:11
2 Craig Doucet (Jet Fuel Coffee) RMM.1
3 Neil Hendry (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RMM.1both s.t.
4 Paolo Dilecce (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1at 0:02
5 Paolo Eugeni (Hooters/Reynold Cycling Team) RMM.10:29
6 Gerard Yeates (Pedal Performance) RMM.1
7 Mark Polsinelli (Invita Racing) RMM.1
8 David Labancz (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RMM.1
9 Dan Staffo (Jw Dundees Premium Beers) RMM.1
10 Stefan Kramer (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.1
11 Gregory T. Cushing (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
12 James Layfield (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.1
13 W. Drew Robertson (Team Trek Store/Ride For Karen) RMM.1
14 Bruce Krip (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
15 Brian Lee (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.1
16 Stirling Mcarthur (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
17 Dan Dolan (Impala Bicycles) RMM.1
18 Robert Chiocca (Jamis Racing) RMM.1
19 Ivan Cernigoy (Su13.Us/Raceclean.Org) RMM.1
20 Jason Everaert (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.1
21 Garnett Abbey (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
22 Jon Barnes (Team Trek Store/Ride For Karen) RMM.1
23 Martin Derlacki (Midweek Cycling Club) RMM.1
24 Michael Renneboog (Silver Spokes Cycling Club) RMM.1
25 James Mcewen (Midweek Cycling Club) RMM.1
26 David Woolley (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.1
27 Robert D'Amico (Invita Racing) RMM.1
28 Christopher Paton (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1all s.t.
29 Miguel (mike) Novo (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.10:38
30 Cary Moretti (Project Freeride) RMM.1s.t.
31 Terrence Martineau (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RMM.10:40
32 Greg Cavanagh (Cyclepath Oakville) RMM.1s.t.
33 Matthew Berridge (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RMM.10:44
34 Michael M. Moore (Team Race.Com) RMM.1
35 Thomas Schmidt (Zm Cycling Club) RMM.1
36 Peter Kofman (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.1
37 Marten Mann (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.1
38 Adrian Jackson (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
39 Ed Campbell (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
40 Jeffrey Chow (Hooters/Reynold Cycling Team) RMM.1
41 Gord Woolley (Sound Solutions) RMM.1
42 Mark Hearn (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
43 Fred Perez (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.1
44 Chris Wood (Sound Solutions) RMM.1
45 Brent Aquino (Invita Racing) RMM.1
46 Carmine Caravaggio (Invita Racing) RMM.1all s.t.
47 Justin Rogers (Pedal Performance) RMM.10:50
48 Pavle Stanojevic (Jamis Racing) RMM.10:56
49 Joe Torchia (London Honda Westhaven Homes) RMM.1s.t.
50 Craig Mccarthy (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.11:19
51 James Blackburn (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.11:26
52 Bruno Grossi (Invita Racing) RMM.11:56
53 Roberto Zuech (Jamis Racing) RMM.12:05
54 Roy Zucchetto (Invita Racing) RMM.13:15
55 Mike Viel (Invita Racing) RMM.15:33
56 Martin Ray (Team Trek Store/Ride For Karen) RMM.16:13
57 Bob Tomsic (Pedal Performance) RMM.112:44
DNF Tony Abramavicius (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
DNF Fred Brewer (London Honda Westhaven Homes) RMM.1
DNF Matthew Chaffe (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.1
DNF Scott Coulas (Impala Bicycles) RMM.1
DNF Mark Davies (Project Freeride) RMM.1
DNF Erik Davis (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
DNF Patrick Dooling (Open Access/ Grg Road Racing) RMM.1
DNF Scott Dorfman (Qcc/Handlebars) RMM.1
DNF Francois Faust (Team R.A.C.E) RMM.1
DNF Michael Forsdike (London Honda Westhaven Homes) RMM.1
DNF Steve Heck (Team Trek Store/Ride For Karen) RMM.1
DNF Chris Kiziak (Sound Solutions) RMM.1
DNF Antonio Liokossis (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.1
DNF Kees Louws (London Centennial Wheelers) RMM.1
DNF Mauro Martini (Invita Racing) RMM.1
DNF Emanuel Martins (London Centennial Wheelers) RMM.1
DNF Stuart Mckay (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
DNF Bobby Mrvelj (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
DNF Ilija Petrovski (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
DNF John Pucic (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
DNF Roberto Vani (Jamis Racing) RMM.1
DNF Tom Villano (Team Trek Store/Ride For Karen) RMM.1
DNF Mark Teves (Abikes.Com) RMM.1
DNF Lorne Anderson (La Bicicletta / J. Lindeberg) RMM.1
DQ Piers Davidge (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
DQ Shane Lavell (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
DQ Peiro Zanetti (Invita Racing) RMM.1
DNS Steven Burget (Jw Dundee / Home Performance) RMM.1
NP Benedict Ayson (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
NP Kevin Davis (Wheels Of Bloor Ct) RMM.1
NP Malcolm Eade (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
NP Paul Hornak (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
NP Ian Mackellar (Cycle 4 Ms) RMM.1
NP John Mccormick (The Hub Bicycle Club) RMM.1
NP Edward Renkema (D'ornellas / Delta Graphics Rt) RMM.1
NP Steven Smith (Coach Chris.Ca / Ted Velikonja) RMM.1
NP Mike Steed (Pedal Performance) RMM.1
NP Richard Strong (King Street Cycles) RMM.1
NP Michael Thornton (Su13.Us/Raceclean.Org) RMM.1
NP Kirk Tobias (Team Trek Store/Ride For Karen) RMM.1
NP John Wiman (Project Freeride) RMM.1
NP Wayne Tomkins (Hooters/Reynold Cycling Team) RMM.1


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