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August 8/07 9:46 am - Junior Track World Championships: Day 4

Posted by Editoress on 08/8/07

Junior World Championships Aquascalientes, Mexico

Monique Sullivan Wins the Bronze Medal in the Keirin
Report by the CCA
"It would not have taken much for Sullivan to win the Gold as she was getting dangerously close to the Australian rider who finished second. The difference between them was only a half-wheel. One could definitely say it was mission accomplished!" commented Vincent Jourdain - Canadian Team Coach present in Mexico.

Sullivan won her first round and finished second in the semi-finals, insuring herself a spot in the finals., Last year the young cyclist earned seventh in the same event at the World Junior Championships - so this year's result is vindication for the cyclist who previously placed fourth in the Sprint event.

Monday in the Sprint semi-finals, Sullivan lost her two matches against British rider Jess Varnish, who eventually won the Silver. However the Bronze was always within the grasp of the Albertan who confronted German athlete Charlene Delev; who won the first battle with Sullivan. The Canadian later responded in kind with a win herself. In the third and decisive match between Delev and Sullivan, Delev proved faster earning herself Silver while the Gold was won by fellow German Kristina Vogel.

"She was a little tired that day as it was the first time she'd ever reached an international final in this event and it stressed her somewhat. However Sullivan came back stronger this morning (Tuesday) in the Keirin and she felt very confident." added Jourdain, who was not surprised by her excellent result.

"Monique worked very hard to achieve this medal; the level of competition was very high at this Championship - two World Records were beaten in the 500m Sprints., To come back strong after her fourth place in the Sprint is quite an impressive performance." underlined Tanya Dubnicoff, Sullivan's personal trainer.

In men's racing Stéphane Cossette of Chicoutimi (QC) finished 13e in the Kilo and established a new Canadian Junior record of 1min 05,202s. In the Sprint, Cossette finished in 25th place, missing qualification by only one rank. Matthew Potma of Vancouver took tenth place in the 3000m Pursuit and 15th in the Scratch race.

Results from the Track on Day 4

Men's Sprint


Heat 1
Christian Lyte (GBr) beat Peter Mitchell (GBr) 2 - 1

Heat 2
Thierry Jollet (Fra) beat Paul Kanzler (Ger) 2 - 0

Rideoff for 5th - 8th
1 Andrea Guardini (Ita), 10.943
2 Jason Holloway (Aus)
3 Charlie Conord (Fra)
4 Juliusz Polak (Pol)

Bronze Medal Final
Race 1
Peter Mitchell (GBr) beat Paul Kanzler (Ger) 2 - 0

Gold Medal Final
Thierry Jollet (Fra) beat Christian Lyte (GBr) 2 - 1

Final Sprint Classification

1 Thierry Jollet (Fra)
2 Christian Lyte (GBr)
3 Peter Mitchell (GBr)
4 Paul Kanzler (Ger)
5 Andrea Guardini (Ita)
6 Jason Holloway (Aus)
7 Charlie Conord (Fra)
8 Juliusz Polak (Pol)
9 Kazuki Amagai (Jpn)
10 Ilya Okunev (Rus)
11 Vadim Berbenyuk (Rus)
12 Tomohiro Fukaya (Jpn)
13 Byron Davis (Aus)
14 Angel Pulgar (Ven)
15 Quentin Lafargue (Fra)
16 Edward Dawkins (NZl)
17 Philipp Thiele (Ger)
18 Takashi Sakamoto (Jpn)
19 David Espinoza (USA)
20 Mejia Jaramillo Marzuki (Col)

Men's 1000M TT

1 Thomas Palmer (Aus), 1:02.4
2 Edward Dawkins (NZl), 1:02.5
3 Daniel Rackwitz (Ger), 1:03.3
4 Quentin Lafargue (Fra), 1:03.4
5 David Daniell (GBr), 1:03.6
6 Angel Pulgar (Ven), 1:03.8
7 Konrad Dabkowski (Pol), 1:04.0
8 Matteo Pelucchi (Ita), 1:04.1
9 David Espinoza (USA), 1:04.4
10 James Langedyk (Aus), 1:04.6
11 Adrian Teklinski (Pol), 1:04.8
12 Shane Kline (USA), 1:04.9
13 Stephane Cossette (Can), 1:05.2
14 Tomohiro Fukaya (Jpn), 1:05.2
15 Mejia Jaramillo Marzuki (Col), 1.05.3
16 David Alonso Castillo (Esp) 1:05.4
17 Stefano Presello (Ita), 1:05.6
18 Sam Steele (NZl), 1:06.4
19 Hector Ivan Cruz (Mex), 1:09.3
DNS Jiri Bares (Cze)
DNS Thierry Jollet (Fra)
DNS Paul Kanzler (Ger)

Men's Madison

1 Russia, 12 points
2 Australia, 10
3 Colombia, 8
4 Germany, 7
5 Argentina, 6
6 France, 5
7 Belgium, 4
8 Italy, 3
9 Netherlands, 2
10 Mexico, 1
11 Czech Republic, 0

Women's Keirin

1 Victoria Baranova (Rus)
2 Josephine Butler (Aus)
3 Monique Sullivan (Can)
4 Charlene Delev (Ger)
5 Natasha Hansen (NZl)
6 Kristina Vogel (Ger)
7 Philippa Hindmarsh (Aus)
8 Serena Mensa (Ita)
9 Renata Dabrowska (Pol)
10 Huang Ting Ying (Tpe)
11 Marina Gandini (Ita)
12 Jess Varnish (GBr)

Women's Points Race

1 Josephine Tomic (Aus), 28 points
2 Jenny Rios (Mex), 13
3 Iraida Garcia (Cub), 12
4 Elise Van Hage (Ned), 12
5 Marta Tagliaferro (Ita), 10
6 Kelly Druyts (Bel), 9
7 Fiona Dutriaux (Fra), 8
8 Lauren Shirock (USA), 2
9 Anna Mosbach (Ger), 1
10 Monika Mixova (Cze), 1
10 Chiang Chia Wen (Tpe), -15
11 Chisako Harigai (Jpn), -20
DNF Lauren Ellis (NZl)
DNF Elizateva Asseserova (Rus)


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