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August 8/07 11:09 am - Ontario Cup DH #5

Posted by Editoress on 08/8/07

Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH #5 Heights of Horseshoe Resort (Barrie)
Courtesy Peter Appleton

For many the Civic holiday long weekend Aug 4/5/6 weekend means going to a cottage and relaxing on a beach somewhere. Well to be honest this weekend wasn't far off, over a month without rain turned the former Canada Cup DH course into a sandbox. Nonetheless most said they prefer this to a rain soaked mud pit and I'd have to agree. A brand new lower section aptly called "a lesson in high speed off camber" became the nemesis of many and it is quickly turned into a high and low line section, where those up top were gaining seconds over those in the low line. Luckily Team Commencal/ was there to put on their 2nd FREE DH clinic of 2007 to more than 20 riders who wanted to spruce up their skills and knock seconds off their race runs. Many thanks to Team Commencal/, especially Matt Zdriluk and Brian Serneels.

The women were the first down the course and Sheila took another win in her career, followed by Collingwood local and XC racer Stephanie Adams, Kristen Courtney took 3rd.

Junior Ex boys were screamin fast, pullin in times that would have had them taking the top 5 spots in senior expert and 3rd in Pro. Matt Zdriluk (Team Commencal/ continued his performances from the nationals in BC by posting the win in Jr EX and the 3rd fastest time of the day! He was followed by Kyle Griffiths in 2nd and Andrew Gotuaco narrowly behind in 3rd.

Finally the Pro Men made their way down the slopes, would anyone beat Zdriluks time? Yes! Justin Brown (Cycle Solutions) pulled out a screaming time of 1:42 putting him ahead of Drew Pautler (Sweet Pete's) by .600 seconds, Ondrej Neumann (Sweet Pete's) rolled in at 3rd.

Junior Expert Men
1. Matt Zdriluk (Team DropMachine/Commençal)1:44.7150
2. Kyle Griffiths (Ind)1:47.6092.893
3. Andrew Gotuaco (Ind)1:47.8693.153
4. Zach Koolen (Ind)1:48.2293.514
5. Robert Fraser (FH Racing)1:51.8127.096
6. Ari Paunonen (Ind)1:58.91514.199
7. Mikey Palangio (Ind)2:00.66115.946
8. Andrew Burns (Ind)2:03.15318.437
Senior Elite Men
1. Justin Brown (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)1:42.0260
2. Drew Pautler (Devinci - Québec)1:42.6290.603
3. Ondrej Neumann (Sweet Pete's)1:45.5123.487
4. Josh DeCloet (Team DropMachine/Commençal)1:46.0033.978
5. Brian Serneels (Team DropMachine/Commençal)1:47.3255.299
6. Joey Jenkins (Sweet Pete's)1:48.7536.728
7. Michael Towers (Sweet Pete's)1:50.2868.261
8. Jeff Faulds (Norco Factory Team)1:50.3568.33
9. Brandon Cassell (Ind)1:54.22912.203
10. Ben Reasbeck (Kamikaze Racing)1:55.64913.623
11. Chris Cousineau (Sweet Pete's)1:56.98814.963
12. Devon Long (Ind)1:58.32816.302
DNF. Hugh MacLachlan (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)
1. Sheila Morris (Ind)1:58.4510
2. Stephanie Adams (Kamikaze Racing : EMD Serono Cycle Logik Racing)2:15.32016.868
3. Kristen Courtney (Ind)2:21.09722.646
4. Aubrey Iwaniw (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Racing)2:57.50259.05
5. Kaitlin Michener (Arrow Racing)3:00.7901:02.339
6. Savannah Rogers (Ind)3:04.3881:05.937

For Full Results for other categories are HERE
For Series Overall Standings go HERE

Next up is O-Cup 4X #2 at Milton's Track 2000, Aug 18th and after that it is the prestigious Provincial DH Championships at Camp Fortune, anyone can race this event so I look forward to seeing you all at "the Dump".

I can't thank enough our amazing support staff, Lee Allen, Kris Somers (MC/DJ), Allan Hawley and his timing staff, Pro Patrol and Horseshoe staff (Kris and Rowley) and ofcourse the amazing volunteers and sponsors: Bike Store, Ventana and Foes ,, Norco Performance Bikes, Want Beverages, Commencal bikes, Kenda Tires, Titec Components, BMO, CIBC,, Privateer Racing, Hydro One, YODO bike, E-13, Atomlab, Azonic and Axis Racing Gear.

See you at Provincials
Peter Appleton


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