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August 9/07 12:26 pm - Western Canada Summer Games: Cycling Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 08/9/07

Western Canada Summer Games
Courtesy Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association

Cycling Day 1

Cycling got underway Wednesday at the Western Canada Summer Games with the Individual Time Trial event. The race was held on an urban circuit in the city of Sherwood Park, just to the east of Edmonton. Yesterday's winners were no surprises ˆ Julie Beveridge (Alberta) handily took the women's race while Cody Campbell (British Columbia) won the men's event.

The Western Canada Summer Games are bi-annual multi-sport event contested by provincial and territorial teams. Forty-six cyclists, from the four western provinces and the Yukon will compete in an Individual Time Trial, Road Race, and Cross-country.

The event is restricted to men under the age of 19 and women under the age of 21.

The racing continues today (Thursday) with the road race event, and concludes on Saturday with the cross-country.

More information may be found at

1. Julie Beveridge (Alberta)21:22.0
2. Lindsay Argue (Manitoba)22:42.2
3. Jessica Kisell (Alberta)22:51.1
4. Leah Kirchmann (Manitoba)22:55.9
5. Julia Garnet (Saskatchewan)23:01.2
6. Andrea Bunnin (Saskatchewan)23:18.9
7. Chelsea Bilsbarrow (British Columbia)23:34.7
8. Kylie Morin (Saskatchewan)23:37.8
9. Kyla Giesbrecht (British Columbia)24:10.6
10. Karlee Gendron (Manitoba)24:11.1
11. Kelly Hall (Alberta)24:19.6
12. Kjersten Lone (British Columbia)24:32.2
13. Krystyn Ong (Alberta)24:32.7
14. Lauren Hughes (British Columbia)24:36.2
15. Rachel Canning (British Columbia)24:45.2
16. Anna Schappert (Manitoba)25:10.9
17. Kendra Middleton (Alberta)25:26.3
18. Lindsay Cook (Manitoba)26:16.5
19. Kelsey Kabanak (Yukon)26:24.4
20. Kathleen Mcgarity (Saskatchewan)26:45.7
21. Kaitlyn Macdonald (Yukon)26:59.7
22. Kylie Gadsby (Yukon)28:03.2
23. Coralie Ullyett (Yukon)28:44.6
24. Stephanie Debray (Saskatchewan)32:48.3
1. Cody Campbell (British Columbia)30:23.8
2. Adrian Huemmer (Manitoba)30:40.4
3. David Larson (Alberta)30:52.8
4. Jannes Wessels (Saskatchewan)31:17.9
5. Owen Harrison (British Columbia)31:19.9
6. Justin Middleton (Alberta)31:36.4
7. Dustin Andrews (Alberta)31:42.4
8. Neal Gregory (Alberta)32:23.0
9. Geoff Clarkson (British Columbia)32:27.4
10. Paul Benson (Manitoba)32:38.0
11. James Winter (Saskatchewan)32:40.2
12. Jesse Reams (Yukon)32:41.5
13. Jason Doverspike (Manitoba)32:51.6
14. Troy Henry (Yukon)33:05.2
15. Michael Wrubleski (Saskatchewan)33:16.2
16. Stephan Cooley (Saskatchewan)33:20.1
17. Marshall Verbrugge (Manitoba)33:21.3
18. Sherwood Plant (Alberta)33:35.2
19. Evan Guthrie (British Columbia)33:41.4
20. Daniel Peters (Manitoba)33:45.0
21. Jason Cherney (Saskatchewan)34:02.6
22. Philip Cairns (British Columbia)35:42.0


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