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August 13/07 10:57 am - Fitz of Fury XC MTB Race

Posted by Editoress on 08/13/07

Fitz of Fury XC MTB Race - BNS MTB Cup Race #3 August 12th, Scotsburn NS
(Courtesy Bicycle Nova Scotia)

The 2nd Annual Fitz of Fury mtb race was held this past Sunday under sunny conditions on the demanding Fitzpatrick Mountain course in Scotsburn, NS. The race organizers, Pictou County Cycle, hosted a stellar event that was rewarded with the largest XC attendance of the season. The race course received a big thumbs-up from all the riders and the sunny weather capped off the event perfectly.

Record numbers of young racers attended the morning races and spectators witnessed young talents such as Abby Boutilier and Justin MacDonald take wins in the U-15 womens and mens classes respectively. PC Racing's Trent Cormier grabbed the U17 mens win and Cyclesmith's Luc Comeau took a convincing win in the U13 mens class.

The women's Expert/Elite 24 km race winner was Lisa McInnis of Halifax who used her blazing fast descending skills to build on the lead she created on the climb up the mountain. The remaining podium spots featured an epic battle between a greatly improved Enid Schaller and local hero Sherry Huybers with the latter finally locking down 2nd place.

A men's Elite race featured the strongest field seen on the Maritime XC circuit this season. A fortunate alignment of race schedules meant that several riders who regularly focus on road racing across North America were home in NS and ready to test their mtb legs. Opus rider, Ryan Taylor of PEI set a blistering pace from the gun of the 32km race while Garneau-Crocs rider Jamie Lamb and Opus' Terry Tomlin were in hot pursuit. The situation remained static until the end of the 3rd lap when Taylor began to fade and Lamb crossed the gap to take the lead. On the final lap Lamb attempted to use the long climb to pad his lead before the final 4km of descending. His 25 second gap on Tomlin over the top wasn't sufficient however to hold off the veteran rider who used some high speed descending to pass Lamb and take the win.

Many thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and Pictou County Cycle club members who made this event a great success!

Open Elite Men - 4 laps, 32 km
1. Terry Tomlin (Opus-Easton)1:52:54
2. Jamie Lamb (Garneau Optik-Crocs)at 0:50
3. Ryan Taylor (Opus- NRG)2:56
4. Garrett McLeod (AVCC)6:54
5. Martin Austin (Cyclesmith)15:05
6. Ed Rushton (Cyclesmith)17:15
7. Geoff O'Toole (West of Quebec Wheelers)22:39
Open Expert/Elite Women - 3 laps, 24 km
1. Lisa McInnis (Cyclesmith)2:04:32
2. Sherry Huybers (PC Racing)at 5:22
3. Enid Schaller (Cyclesmith)5:49
4. Kelly Foster (Cyclesmith)18:45
5. Meghan Read (Valley Stove and Cycle)30:25
Open Expert Men (19+) - 3 laps, 24 km
1. Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle)1:36:27
2. Randal Gray (Cyclesmith)at 0:47
3. Bruce Roberts (Hub Cycle)1:54
4. Andrew Peacock (Cyclesmith)4:55
5. Simon Myatt (Cyclesmith)6:05
6. Norman Adams (Independent)6:12
7. Troy Baillie (Hub Cycle)6:25
8. Randy Comeau (Cyclesmith)11:27
9. Bradley Cameron (Hub Cycle)13:17
DNF. Andrew Myatt (Cyclesmith)
DNF. Robert Klue (Cyclesmith)
Junior Expert Men - 3 laps, 24 km
1. Willem MacKenzie (Team PEI)1:52:22
Senior Sport Men - 3 laps, 24 km
1. Chris Price (Cyclesmith)1:42:37
2. Eric Cudmore (Independent)at 16:28
3. Greg Towndrow (Lunenburg Bike Barn)18:27
4. Donald MacQuarrie (Independent)31:28
Sport Women (15+) - 1 lap, 8 km
1. Heather Ross (Independent)48:06
2. Alanna Murray (TR Girls)at 6:44
Junior Sport Men - 2 laps, 16 km
1. Kyle Gallant (Independent)1:16:13
Master Sport Men (30-39) - 2 laps, 16 km
1. Mark Carson (PC Racing)1:13:50
2. Roddie MacLean (PC Racing)at 0:01
3. Gerard Forstad (Independent)0:54
4. Craig Lorge (PC Racing)3:12
5. Ryan Boudreau (Cyclesmith)8:00
Master Sport Men (40+) - 2 laps, 16 km
1. Dan Pottier (Valley Stove and Cycle)1:10:23
2. Stephen Weeks (PC Racing)at 0:07
3. Lawrence MacNeil (Bicycles Plus)6:00
4. Keith Godfrey (South East MTB)7:27
5. Charles Ozon (Independent)9:04
6. Eric Mossman (Valley Stove and Cycle)14:14
7. Frank Woodworth (Valley Stove and Cycle)14:38
8. Urs Ritter (Independent)16:48
9. Alan Miner (Independent)18:35
10. Steve Sample (Independent)20:21
11. Derek Ozon (Cyclesmith)21:43
12. Lonny Curry (Independent)25:47
DNF. Roy Rasmussen (Hub Cycle)
DNF. Eric Legere (PC Racing)
Beginner Men (17+) - 1 lap, 8 km
1. Bob McDonald (PC Racing)48:10
2. Ed Johnston (Independent)at 5:13
Under 17 Men - 2 laps, 16 km
1. Trent Cormier (PC Racing)1:08:36
2. Jordan Gibson (Sportwheels)at 4:10
3. Brandon Curry (Independent)14:55
4. Alex Baillie (Independent)47:27
Under 15 Women - 1 lap, 8 km
1. Abby Boutilier (Hub Cycle)51:18
2. Breigh Sample (Independent)at 0:43
3. Odette Comeau (Cyclesmith)0:44
4. Adar Grealy (PC Racing)15:21
5. MacKenzie Myatt (Cyclesmith)27:46
6. Jordan Holmes (PC Racing)31:13
Under 15 Men - 1 lap, 8 km
1. Justin MacDonald (PC Racing)33:18
2. Luc Lochead (PC Racing)at 0:48
3. Benn Boutilier (Hub Cycle)1:07
4. Brandon Miner (Independent)3:29
5. Tyler D'Arcy (Hub Cycle)4:52
6. Martin Main (Hub Cycle)5:11
7. Coburn Brown (Independent)5:48
8. Chad MacCarthy (PC Racing)5:49
9. Cody Avery (PC Racing)5:50
10. Lucas McCulloch (PC Racing)5:51
11. Colin Shaver (PC Racing)9:39
12. Ashley Creelman (Hub Cycle)10:40
13. Alex Woloshyn (Sportwheels)10:50
14. Patrick Stewart (PC Racing)12:29
Under 13 Men - 1 lap, 8 km
1. Luc Comeau (Cyclesmith)43:48
2. Brett Rogers (PC Racing)at 3:08
3. Jesse Hale (PC Racing)3:21
4. Ryan Lochead (PC Racing)8:54
5. Matthew Livingston (PC Racing)13:16
6. Iain Myatt (Cyclesmith)13:23
7. Garrett Johnston (Independent)13:24
8. Zachary Gate (Hub Cycle)1:01:10


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